October 13, 2014

Motivational Monday #82

When this post goes live, I will be in NYC (!), so I'm obviously preparing it ahead of time. So if you emailed a Motivational Monday submission after Sunday evening, I will get to it next week.

This week, I am most proud of the fact that I stayed 100% on track with Weight Watchers. I've been eating really well, and while it's been hard to get back to counting, I am SO determined to be back at my goal weight by the time I go to Portland in March. This week of traveling is going to be difficult, but I am hoping that I have good things to report when I get back :)

Anyway, here are some motivating moments this week:

I have to start by apologizing to Kim--last week, I posted this photo and forgot to include the story! In May 2004 at 285 pounds, Kim had gastric bypass surgery and lost 120 pounds. Unfortunately, the weight crept back on, and she found herself back up to 239 pounds this past February. She signed up for a 5K in April, and finished in 42:53. That motivated her to set a goal to finish under 40 minutes. She had a couple of teasers, where she finished in 40:08 and 40:04--so close to her goal. Finally, on September 27, she crushed her goal, finishing her 5K race in 36:33! Kim is continually inspired by her friend's baby who passed away last year. They wear their Team Liam shirts to promote the 5K held in his honor (and raise funds for families in similar situations as that of Liam's).

Tiina completed her first half Ironman distance triathlon--70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running! The temperature of the open water swim dropped over 20 degrees overnight (it was 73 degrees at packet pick-up, and the morning of the race, it was 52). There were several people that dropped out of the race due to the swim, but Tiina tried to focus on getting through it, and she did. Her hands and feet were completely numb going into the biking, and she admits she was very close to calling it quits, but she pushed through the mental barrier and finished the race strong in 7:25:37!

Kathryn just completed the Twin Cities Ultra Looney Challenge--which consisted of the Twin Cities 5K and 10K last Saturday, followed by the full marathon on Sunday (a total of 35.5 miles)! She said it was a great experience from start to finish, between the perfect weather and fantastic spectators. Even more impressive is that Kathryn lost 100 pounds and started running just 4 years ago, and now she's a three-time marathoner!

Gigi completed her first full marathon at the Glass City Marathon last weekend! She trained for months, but was still terrified at the thought of run/walking 26.2 miles. She expected to finish in 7 hours, but secretly hoped to finish in 6:30. She stuck to her 1:1 ratio of running and walking, and crossed the finish line in 6 hours with a big smile on her face! She felt great--walking up and down stairs afterward, and even able to sit on and get off of the toilet without help (haha! I remember how hard that was to do after my first marathon). (Gigi's race report)

Congratulations, everyone! You have every reason to be proud :)


  1. Fantastic stories. Congratulations, everyone!


  2. I want to hit the "Like" button for everyone! Great work -- you're all so motivational.

  3. Anybody that runs or even runs/walks a marathon (or any distance) has my admiration! Way to go one and all!

  4. Well done everyone, such great achievements. I've got my first half marathon next February reading all of this is motivating me even more to get out and train.

  5. So so so proud for everyone here! Way to go ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Just wondered if you ever heard of Momentum Jewelry? Saw a bracelet wrap that reminded me of you... It said: Run hard Eat Cupcakes. Too cute!


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