September 03, 2014


The kids' first day of school was yesterday, and so far, it feels kind of strange. Noah is now in middle school (!!), so our routine is definitely different than it used to be in the spring, when the kids went to the same school at the same time. Noah has to get up at 6:00, and out the door at 6:45. Eli has to be out the door at 7:45, so there's a whole hour gap between their bus arrivals.

Yesterday and today, I walked Noah to the bus stop, and then realized I had the perfect amount of time to squeeze in a three-mile run between taking the kids to the bus stops. So I ran three miles (Jerry was home with Eli) and then got Eli and walked him to the bus stop. I kind of like having that gap in there, because rather than sit around and twiddle my thumbs for 45 minutes before taking Eli to the bus, I can get in a run. Then after dropping off Eli, I can shower and start my day.

I was actually pretty excited to run today, because I got a new pair of shoes from Altra Running to try out. They sent a pair to all of the bloggers who are doing the Runner's World Half & Festival next month, because they are a sponsor of the race. I am a huge nerd for pretty much everything to do with running... except for shoes. I don't know diddly squat about shoes! I'm partial to my Brooks Adrenalines, because I've never had an issue with them--I just wish they came in prettier colors for wide feet!

Anyway, the Altra One Squared shoes that they sent look very different from your typical running shoe. But I was giddy when I opened the box, because I couldn't believe how light they were. And then I walked around the house in them, and I wanted to sleep with them on my feet--that's how comfy they are! The toe box is ginormous, making it look like I have duck feet, but I love that I can spread out my toes.

I was excited to take them for a quick spin, and planned to just run a mile around the neighborhood. The shoes have a zero drop platform (I had no idea what this meant, but learned that it means your heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground), and Altra recommends just doing short runs at first while you get used to them.

They definitely felt different than what I was used to, but they were really comfortable. I didn't have any problems, so instead of just doing a mile, I ended up doing three.

57 degrees this morning! Without the humidity, it would feel like fall

Today was my first day trying the shoes, so I can't say if I'm going to switch completely over when it's time for new shoes, but it's nice to have another option. Other shoes I tried on at the store just aren't wide enough for my big feet.

I mentioned the tomato and basil bruschetta yesterday, and I still have this ridiculous craving for tomatoes--it's SO strange. I go through phases where I crave a certain food, and I eat it all the time for a while, but I've never craved tomatoes in my life. Yet, this morning, I made an English muffin with diced tomato, and eggs with cheese.

Then for lunch, I wanted the bruschetta again. So I chopped two Roma tomatoes, and added some olive oil, basil, salt, and pepper. Then I sliced the bread and toasted it, and rubbed a little garlic on it before topping it with the tomato mixture. It was SO good. I think I actually moaned when I took a bite.

The tomato thing is weird, but at least it's a healthy craving ;)

I was happy to see that the scale was back down three pounds this morning, so I knew that most of what I gained on vacation was water weight. I haven't been very hungry yesterday or today, so I wonder if that's my body's way of making up for the extra calories on vacation? Since starting intuitive eating, I've really enjoyed paying so much attention to my body and how it feels, and what I'm craving, and all that. I just find it so interesting.

After taking the entire summer off of races (other than a few easy 5K's), I think I'm ready to start training again. I'm running the 5K and 10K next month at the Runner's World Half & Festival (I have coupon codes for those, if any of you are thinking of running it), but other than those two races, I don't have anything on the schedule. I was feeling kind of nostalgic looking through my old training log from when I was training for my first half marathon, and it made me want to do Hal Higdon's half training again.

The Monroe Half (my hometown race that I did last year) is on November 9th. So starting on Monday, I think I'll pick up Hal Higdon's plan on week 5, and run the race in November. I'm not going to be trying to PR, but I feel ready to follow some sort of structured plan again after taking some time away from that, and his plans were my go-to when I was a beginner. (I may be running the race with my friend Adam, depending on if he's keeping up with his training).

One of the things I miss about being a beginner is that feeling of accomplishment over a new distance. I remember feeling awesome after my first 5-, 8-, and 10-mile runs, because it was such a big deal. One day, those distances didn't seem so big, and now they've become typical, if that makes any sense. I think by following the plan, and not always doing more than necessary just because I can, I may feel that build-up of excitement as the distance increases again. And who knows, maybe I'll work on trying for a PR in the spring!


  1. You need to make some fresh pesto, and then spread a little bit of that on the toasted bread and then put the tomato brushetta mixture on top. Lastly take a little bit of fresh grated parmesan cheese and sprinkle it on top of that. It's SOOOO good.

  2. I agree ... I miss that part from being a "new runner" ... the accomplishment of reaching certain distances. :)

  3. I can relate to that feeling! I did my first half last Dec and I am currently training for my second one next month. The biggest difference with training is the lack of excitement reaching NEW distances - there's no better feeling then accomplishing miles you never thought you could for the first time!

  4. Those shoes are more of a minimalist type of shoe. I've been running as a minimalist for years now and recommend it with warnings. you have to make sure you are running correctly and that you are not heal striking. If you run incorrectly in them you will end up injured and very angry lol. But if you run correctly, leading with a midfoot strike, you can avoid injuries for a lifetime.

  5. Hi! So...I used to read your blog a long while ago and somewhere along the way of computer updates and all that I lost track of it. I just found it again last week while doing a search for tummy tuck experiences. I am so glad I found it again! I lost 60lbs nearly 5 years ago through running and Sparkpeople. After an injury about two years into running, I all but quit. And I let my eating go to crap. My weight crept up from 127 to nearly 160. Since January I've brought that number down to 140. I hated running for so long after my injury but I'm getting that loving feeling again from it. And thanks to motivation from you I ditched my way of Paleo eating (which is what I had been doing for 2 years and it wasn't freaking working for me!) and went back to Sparkpeople and counting calories. I added carbs back in and let me tell you my energy is back and I feel fantastic and my runs and workouts are so much better! I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck in exactly two weeks and your posts have really eased my mind about it. Thanks so much for sharing what you do!

  6. I totally know what you mean with the goals and excitement with running. I totally screwed myself up by not running much and now I'm having to retrain myself so I think mabye they will be exciting again lol.

    I have a wide toe box too but I don't think I can do the zero drop. I had to put the inserts back in my shoes because my heel is bothering me.


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