March 31, 2014

Motivational Monday #58

Happy Motivational Monday! I am getting SO excited for my Ragnar this weekend. I leave for San Diego in just three more days! I started packing yesterday, and got all of my running clothes ready for my three legs of the relay. This trip really couldn't have come at a better time. I'm ready for some stress-free time with friends!

This week is off to a rough start as far as my eating goes. After the race yesterday, I had a reuben when we went out to lunch. My sister is in town for a couple of days, so I went for a run with her this morning, but then we took the boys out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Definitely not great choices, but I haven't been bingeing, so I can at least be proud of that this week!

I won't be doing a Motivational Monday next week, because I'll be in San Diego until Tuesday. But if you have something you want to submit, just send it to my email, and I'll save it for the following week. Here are some motivational stories for today--enjoy!

Ali just completed her first half-marathon! She had been planning to run her first half at the end of April, but her boss/friend suggested that she do a local one a month earlier than planned, and she agreed. Her longest run was only up to 6 miles when she agreed to the race, so she changed her training to include a 7-, 8-, and 10-miler before the big day. She had to walk a little more than she would have liked during the race itself, but she was SO proud to have crossed that finish line!

Sam is very proud this week that she managed to stay on track in a very difficult situation--she was visiting her parents, which meant being surrounded by temptation and good cooking. She enjoyed the food in moderation, and she even managed to lose a pound while she was there. She's lost a total of 30 pounds since August 2013!

Julie (in black in the photo) completed her second half-marathon over the weekend, just a couple of weeks after her first! She even placed fourth in her age group, with a finish time of 1:53:19!

Stacy ran her second official 5K on Saturday, a superhero-themed fundraiser for a three-year old boy, Jack, battling cancer. Her main reason behind the race was to support Jack and his family, so she didn't consider the race course when she registered, and was a little surprised to see that she had to run up a mountain halfway through! Her goal had been 33 minutes, she finished in 36:50--still a time to be proud of, considering the challenging course!

Meg just ran her first double-digit run! She completed 10 miles in preparation for her first half-marathon at the end of May. She never thought she'd be so excited to run on purpose ;) (Meg's blog) I have to say, I wish I looked this cute after a run!

Rachel (along with her husband, Gerrad; friend, Maura; and Maura's boyfriend, Billy) completed her first 5K race this weekend! She never imagined she'd be able to run that far. She says she was the slow kid in gym class, who always dreaded the mile run because she was embarrassed that people were going to laugh at her weight or how red her face was. After having lost her sister, who was in hospice care, last month, Rachel decided to put her insecurities behind her and find joy in running. When it felt tough, she thought of her sister's struggles, and she pushed on. Her sister was a big inspiration to her! (Rachel's race report)

Katie (wearing glasses in the photo) ran her first 5K race! She was hoping for a time under 40:00, and she ended up crossing the finish line in 36:30! She had fun at the race, and the proceeds from the race went to the Kent Center--a program for adults with special needs. She said she received lots of thank you hugs from the residents :)

Last Saturday, Julie Anna and her mom ran their third 5K together--the Bacon Chase! She credits their awesome 26:02 finish time to a finish line with all-you-can-eat bacon ;) They finished a full five minutes faster than their previous PR, and refueled with about 10 pieces of bacon when they were done.

Don't forget to read more motivational stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post!


  1. Thanks so much for including me in this post! Good luck on your Ragnar :-)!

  2. Great job, everyone! I love how the whole family got in on the superhero costumes!

  3. I love Motivational Monday! Thanks for including me!!

  4. Bacon! I'd get it myself but I don't have thumbs!

  5. Wow - all of you are great inspiration! I decided to run inside today, as we got a new batch of snow and ice last night... (no, that is not an April Fool's Day joke)! Reading all these successes helps keep me moving for the week.

  6. Thanks for including me! =)

  7. Thank you for including me this week! Love Motivational Monday!!


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