March 07, 2014

Double digits... outside!

When I had lunch with Jessica the other day at Panera, she mentioned that she and Courtney were going to be running eight miles on Friday morning, if I wanted to join them. I hadn't run outside more than a couple of times this horrible winter, and I can't even remember the last time I did a long run outside! It sounded perfect. 

So this morning, I got the kids off to school, and then I drove over to Jessica's, where we were planning to meet. Jessica said we were going to do "at least eight miles". I was only scheduled for four miles today, but I'll take outdoors and company over a short, lonely treadmill run any day!

I wasn't really sure of the route, which was actually kind of nice. I just followed Jessica's direction. There was still quite a bit of ice on the path, which was a bummer--a couple of times, we were practically tip-toeing across a patch of ice, so our pace was anything-but consistent. But none of us was concerned about pace today, anyway--we just wanted to enjoy the beautiful 20-something degree weather and sunshine!

I was surprised at how tough the run felt, even though we were going pretty slow. My legs have gotten used to the treadmill, and I felt kind of clumsy and awkward on the street. I thought we were only going to do eight miles, but then Jessica said it would be closer to nine by the time we got back to her house.

When we were close to being done, we saw that it would actually be 9.3, so we decided to just run around the block a couple of times, and hit 10. That was my first double digit long run in a long time! My legs felt really heavy for the last mile, I think I'll probably be sore tomorrow, because my body just isn't used to being outside lately.

Did I say it was 20-something? I guess it was colder than I thought!
I felt SO good about being outside running! The temp actually got up to 40 later in the day, so some more snow melted. At this rate, we should have clear roads by late June. ;)

Jessica's birthday was yesterday, and her husband got her a carrot cake from Monica's, my favorite bakery. She sent me a text yesterday asking me if I want her to save me a piece. When I learned it was from Monica's, I just couldn't say no! I burned 1,035 calories on the run, so I was really looking forward to enjoying it after lunch.

I made a really good sandwich for lunch--French bread, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. 

And after lunch, I thoroughly enjoyed the piece of carrot cake that Jessica gave me--enough that I didn't even think to take a picture of it. But honestly, it was the BEST carrot cake I've ever had. Jessica knows me well enough to only give me a small slice, and I weighed it to see how many PointsPlus it had. It was 3 ounces, which ended up being 8 PP. Not bad at all!

This afternoon, I went to visit Mark. I wanted to bring him a copy of Runner's World, to show him my picture in there, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I stopped at seven different spots on the way to the nursing home, and didn't find it. Finally, I used my phone to search for Barnes & Noble to see if one was nearby, and I went about 15 minutes out of the way to go there. Thankfully, they had about 15 copies of the April issue. I bought six copies to give away. 

Mark had asked me for chips and cheese popcorn the last time I saw him, so I brought him a few big bags of those. He was really happy to see me, and I just can't get over how much better he looks now than he did in December. He seems completely back to his old self, with the exception of not being able to walk without assistance.

I showed him the Runner's World pictures, and I said, "Do you recognize her? Do you know who that is?" And he said, "Yeah, that's YOU!" When I pointed to my "before" photo and asked the same thing, he said no. He seemed pretty shocked when I said it was also me, from four years ago. He said he doesn't remember me looking like that. He wanted to keep the magazine there, so I marked the page for him.

I wasn't feeling very well, so I only stayed for about an hour, and then I headed home. The whole day went by so fast! I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm going to have a glass of wine with Jerry and then go to bed early. Typical Friday night ;)


  1. I am typing this as I savor 51 meticulously counted reese's pieces on this Friday night. We are party animals!

  2. I also found the magazine at a Barnes & Noble today! I met up with an old friend in the Livonia area and she took me to a huge B & N there and there it was!

  3. Try some balsamic vinegar on that sandwich and then grill it in a panini press if you have one or just weighed down in a frying pan. Heaven.

  4. Good job on the double digits!! Also, that sandwich looks amazing!!


  5. Congratulations on the double digits!!!


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