March 12, 2014

Mimosas and a movie

I left off my last post with how much I was looking forward to spending the day with Jerry today, because he'd worked 17 days in a row. Our plans weren't too exciting--Weight Watchers meeting, visiting Mark, going to lunch at Panera--but it's been so long since we were able to go do anything together, and I was excited!

At 5:30 this morning, the phone rang... and at 5:30, there is only ONE call that we ever get. This winter, I've learned to hate that call: the kids' school, to say school is canceled due to "inclement weather".

I was so bummed. I wouldn't have minded bringing the kids with us, even though it would have been nice to spend time alone; but if the roads were bad enough to cancel school, it meant we weren't going to be going anywhere, with or without the kids.

I couldn't go back to sleep after that, of course. Jerry and I talked about what we could do today, but our options were limited. At around 9:00, he said, "Man, it feels SO much later than 9:00! I was going to suggest an afternoon beer until I looked at the clock." That gave me the idea to have mimosas! Jerry braved the snow storm to drive a couple of blocks to the corner store, where he bought sparkling wine and orange juice ;)

We made a couple of mimosas and found a movie on Netflix to watch, and had a very relaxing morning.

Something about a snow day puts me in the mood to bake, so I decided to make a loaf of Italian herb bread. I've made it dozens of times before, but it had been a while. With the exception of chocolate chip cookies, I'm a terrible baker. And I'm not sure what went wrong today, but when I took the "bread" out of the bread maker, it looked like this:

Hahaha, yep, that was my bread. I cut a slice, just to see if it tasted better than it looked, and it did not. It was extremely dense and had a strange taste. I think I may have used too much flour. So it went in the trash.

This afternoon, we had an appointment with the cable company for them to come reconnect our cable! We went without it for about six months. I wish I could say that we got used to not having cable, and I was happier without it, but I missed my shows. Jerry missed his sports. We missed watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with the kids. So we decided to reconnect the cable. It sounds pathetic, but I think what I missed most was watching new Lifetime movies on Saturday nights!

I'm not sure yet if the snow storm we had today made the total for Detroit set the record for highest recorded snowfall, but if not, it was VERY close. We got a ton of snow, but the wind was worse. There were a few times where I thought the house was going to blow over. I glanced out into the backyard, and saw that the wind completely tore apart our shed. The entire side of it was ripped open, and I was just waiting for the rest of it to come off the bottom part and fly into the neighbor's yard.

That whole open part on the right was supposed to be facing left, connected to the edge in front. The hinges in the front center broke, and the wind pushed the whole front sideways. We've always hated that shed, so I think Jerry was secretly happy to see that there really is no fixing it (he tried). We're going to start building a garage this spring if the snow and ice ever melt, but I'm not sure what we'll do with the stuff in there until then.

So anyway, even though the day didn't go exactly at all as planned, it ended up being fun in a carefree sort of way. I stayed in my pajamas all day, and the kids were actually very well-behaved. I'm kind of expecting tomorrow to be another snow day, but I hope not! My kids are going to be in school through the end of June if they have any more.


  1. That really stinks about your plans. I love mimosas! Last time I had one was Thanksgiving two years ago. I always forget about them! We thankfully didn't get any snow, but we had a small thunderstorm and awful wind here.
    I just got a bread machine last weekend and made my first loaf of bread last night! I don't know how I've lived without it.

  2. According to the Ann Arbor News, this snow put Ann Arbor over the top for a new record. I don't know about Detroit but it's possible. I will just be glad when it's over!

  3. We did not break the record for Detroit yet. Clickondetroit says 3 more inches.

  4. Quick! Go tear that loaf of bread apart & make sure the agitator/thing that moves around at the bottom of the bread maker isn't in it. If it gets loose & comes off in the bread, the loaf is dense & not very tasty BUT if you throw the agitator away with the loaf, you either have to replace it or every loaf of bread you try to make will be ruined.

  5. I couldn't go without cable. I love Lifetime and Hallmark. I'm currently addicted to the series "When Calls the Heart" on Hallmark. It's on Saturday nights. Check it out! :)

  6. This is so unreal! I can't believe other states are still snowed in. Meanwhile, down here in north Florida, we're covered in pollen about a mile thick.

  7. Mimosas sound really good right now! We haven't had cable in over 3 years and I guess since it's been that long, We have gotten used to it. We do have netflix so that helps

  8. Sorry...all I got from this post was Mimosas. I quit paying attention after that. Mmmmmm....Mimosas!

  9. NEVER bake after mimosas! Measurements tend to get a bit "off"! Loving the Runners World this month! I opened it and said, "hey! I know her!!" Congrats!

  10. Next time put the bread outside for the birds and squirrels! I've been doing that a lot this winter and they are very appreciative. I found a bunch of grains in my pantry that were getting rather old so I spread them out on our deck and they feasted for days! I also put out bread crusts and old crackers and old fruit and veg for the deer.


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