December 09, 2013

Motivational Monday #44

Happy Motivational Monday! This week isn't off to the greatest start for me. Yesterday, while Eli and I were out for a walk, he started complaining that his throat was hurting. Last night, he start coughing. And then at around 11:00 pm, he threw up. Needless to say, he's sick.

I kept him home from school today, and I started feeling sick as well. I was going to do my long run (eight miles) on the treadmill, but I only made it through two miles before I really thought I was going to throw up. I've been feeling really lousy all day. I just hope it doesn't last long!

But this week, I am proud of myself for getting in extra activity wherever I could. I took quite a few walks, and did the Wii Fit a few times, on top of my usual runs. It makes me feel a little less lazy while we have this cold spell in Michigan!

Let's see some of your accomplishments this week...

Over the last three years, Laura has lost 123 pounds, going from 258 to 133! She reached her goal weight, and is now working on maintenance. She started running about a year ago, and ran her first half-marathon in May! (Laura's blog)

Carmen (on left) ran the Reindeer Romp 5K in Atlanta! It was 40 degrees for the race, which is unusually cold there. She hadn't run in about a year, due to pregnancy, and she was super proud to cross the finish line in 37:51!

Nearly 10 years ago, Melissa was newly engaged and had just moved to Colorado with her fiancé. He was an avid rock climber, but Melissa was terrified of it. He asked her if she would climb the Third Flatiron with him before they got married, and she agreed... but immediately started having doubts. She put off that promise for NINE years after their wedding! Her husband, again, asked if she would climb with him, and she finally made up her mind to do it--if only to prove to herself that she could. And she did! She climbed up 1,800 feet above the ground, and put that fear behind her. (Melissa's blog post about the rock climb)

June just finished a semester of ballet in a three days per week, university-level course after losing 52 pounds! This was particularly a big accomplishment for her because she studied ballet as a child and teen. When she went to college, she was turned away for from ballet for being "20 pounds too heavy". She feels very proud to be back in "ballet shape" 38 years later!

In September, Nicole shared that she had completed her first 10K race, and hoped to do a half-marathon in the future. Well, she is now an official half-marathoner! She injured her ankle during training, and was worried she wouldn't be able to finish, knowing that she would have to walk a lot of it. But she didn't let that stop her, and she finished the course in just under three hours. She was thrilled when she crossed that finish line! It was a race for women only, and she said the girl power was very strong, and the women were so determined to finish. It was a very positive atmosphere! (Nicole's race report)

On Saturday, Shirlie completed the Jingle Bell Run 5K!  This was her fifth month in a row of completing a 5K race, but she still doubts herself during the race, especially when she sees other runners passing her by. When she was halfway through, she could see people crossing the finish line, and it was discouraging; but she reminded herself that a year ago, she would have been at home, sitting on the couch, and not out running a 5K! She's lost 100 pounds, and didn't become active until she was 51 years old! When she was closing in on the finish line, she looked over to the halfway point, and saw an overweight person walking alone. Shirlie gave a thumbs up and a smile to help encourage the walker. She crossed the finish line with a new PR of 38:57! She's just started training for a half-marathon in April.

You can check out more motivational stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post! Make sure you write you own, to help motivate others :)  Remember, MM doesn't have to include finishing races or losing 100 pounds--every little accomplishment should be something to celebrate!


  1. Andrea GellenDecember 09, 2013

    I meant to post this a while back when you said you were looking for crock pot recipes, but forgot to--- I make your cabbage and ground turkey casserole in the crock pot and it comes out great! I've made it in the oven too, but the cabbage is much mushier in the crock pot, which I like. I have a huge crock pot (maybe 8 quart?) so I use the biggest head of cabbage I can find.

  2. Have you done a 2 year update on your plastic surgery? I am curious if the scar has changed any. Keep up the amazing work, such an inspiration!

  3. I love this! All of the different accomplishments are so amazing. I don't have a favorite. Love them all!

  4. I love how, especially this week, many of the accomplishments had to do with other area's of fitness or strength. nice job everyone!

  5. Oh that rock climb makes me nauseous! WTG on doing that!!


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