December 30, 2013

Everyday Runners

I completely dropped the ball on Motivational Monday this week! I didn't get any submissions to post today, likely because I forgot to post a reminder yesterday. I know this time of year is super busy for everyone anyway, so I'm going to skip today's MM post. But I did post on Facebook, so you can read about everyone's accomplishments there (and share your own)!

Today, I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers in Toledo (it's kind of far, but they had morning hours, and my regular WW center did not). Thankfully, my weight was still under goal, even though I haven't been tracking. I've really enjoyed letting go of the planning and tracking, and I've stayed binge-free. My weight has been staying pretty steady--not gaining or losing--and I'm good with that :)

Tonight I have some of my childhood friends coming over for drinks, games, and just chatting about the good old days. I'm trying to get my house cleaned and ready, so I'm going to have to keep this short. But, if you're interested, Matt from the Runner Academy podcast has started an additional podcast called Everyday Runners. The Runner Academy podcasts tend to focus on elite runners, coaches, runners that do, say 365 marathons in a year, etc. Everyday Runners is a new podcast to focus on people like most of us... just normal, "everyday" runners.

I met Matt a couple of times: first, the day before the Detroit Marathon last year, when Rik and I had lunch with him; and then again when I discovered he was in my RRCA coaching class. A couple of weeks ago, Matt interviewed me for the podcast, and the episode with my interview went live on the second episode of Everyday Runners today. I haven't listened to it, because I was kicking myself after the interview for sounding so flustered! Maybe (hopefully) it doesn't sound as bad as I am imagining in my head ;)  Regardless, you're welcome to listen to it, and it can be found here.

I'm really excited about the Everyday Runners podcast! I love to listen to stories of how people got into the sport, and hear how far they've come since they started running. It's fun to hear on the Runner Academy podcast about the elite runners, and runners who do things I would never imagine doing, but I think most people can really relate to Everyday Runners.

I'm assuming most of you won't be sitting down to read my post tomorrow evening (being New Year's Eve and all--hope you have fun plans!), so I want to wish you a safe and happy New Year!


  1. I am listening to it right now. For some reason I didn't expect your voice to sound like this. I don't know why. Fun!

  2. You sound great!

  3. Katie, you sound great! I love knowing what your voice sounds like - now I can imagine you talking as I read your blog every day! I really like that podcast, and I think it will be really encouraging and relatable to new runners like me :)

  4. You sound great Katie! I also imagined your voice different but that always happens when you're reading someone haha

  5. Really nice podcast, you sound great! I am going to follow for Everyday Runners for sure. I am almost halfway through my first Couch to 5k and welcome any tips, tricks, and motivation that I can get to get through this! It's hard to keep up the determination when it is so cold outside (I don't own a dreadmill!). Happy New Year and thank you for changing my year! :)

  6. You did great in the interview. Super composed and very interesting. Great job! :)

  7. Loved the podcast! I'm excited to have another podcast to listen to while I run. :)

  8. Ahh I'll have to find this podcast!

  9. Very cool! I will have to listen to the podcast when I get back from vacation. I remember meeting him at RRCA too and thought he was quite funny :)

  10. You did great Katie! I've heard from many saying how they were inspired by your story! Thanks for sharing it and for helping make the launch of this new podcast successful!

  11. You sound great! Calm, cool and even rehearsed. Thanks for sharing the link - I downloaded it and was waiting for a good time to listen. I listened yesterday while running inside and it was a perfect time. I wanted to do 3-5ish miles but am getting so tired of treadmill runs and was afraid of slipping and sliding outside on our snow/ice. Anyway, I put it on as I started my run and by mile 1.5 i was not feeling up for finishing. I almost stopped but told myself that I had to run at least until you were done talking - thank you! I made myself finish (which wasn't hard) by listening to your story and got to 4.5 miles. You literally inspired me to continue my workout.

  12. some people think
    people from Michigan
    have an accent
    I don't think so
    I'm from Michigan, too ;)


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