July 03, 2013


My days are so screwed up! Since I started my Wednesday Weigh-ins in 2009, there have only been a couple of times where I either forgot to weigh in or I was out of town or something and wasn't able to. Today, I had a busy morning, and was sure it was Thursday for whatever reason. Anyway, I was 133 yesterday, so I'll just count that as my weight this week.

I didn't run yesterday, because my knee was feeling funny, so I think that may have thrown me off. Usually my rest day is on Wednesday, so today felt like Thursday. But whatever, it doesn't matter!

This morning, Eli had a dermatologist appointment at 8:00, so I got up early and showered to get ready to take him. Eli totally cracks me up! Last week, he asked me if I could make an appointment for him to "get his mole cut off". I had taken him to the dermatologist several months ago to get it checked out, and the doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about.

But the mole is on his back, just above his butt, where the waistband of his pants sits. His pants rub against it sometimes, which is a little irritating to him, so I mentioned (a long time ago) that we could get it removed if he wanted. Fast forward to last week, when he asked about getting it cut off.

I asked him why, and he was very interested in the part about getting stitches. I guess his friend at school had stitches, and Eli thought it was cool, and he wanted stitches, too. I explained to him that stitches kind of hurt, but he still wanted them. I told him all about how the doctor would remove the mole, and he'd have to get a shot to numb it, and all the details--still, he asked if he could get it removed.

I figured he'd forget about it over the weekend, but he reminded me every day for four days to make the appointment. They fit him in this morning at 8:00, and he was so excited. Last night, he kept asking me, "How many more hours?" like we were going to Disney World or something!

I bet that doctor had never seen such a cooperative seven-year old patient ;)  He laid very still, didn't make a single peep when she gave him the numbing shot, and was very happy to get three stitches out of the deal.

Eli has always been a pretty unique kid, but this whole thing was pretty funny, even for him. On the way home, I asked if the shot hurt, and he said "Yes, I kind of felt like I was crying inside my eyes, but I wanted to be brave."

When I got home, the mail carrier dropped off a package at my house, and I remembered that my sister had sent me one of those peanut butter cookies! After we had talked about it before, she bought one for herself, and said it was definitely worth the PointsPlus. I told her to go ahead and mail me one. I hoped it would hold up in the mail, and it was still perfect when it got here.

It was well-worth the PointsPlus! The cookies were really moist, and the peanut butter frosting was awesome. I'm actually glad those cookies are safely up in the Upper Peninsula, so I don't have access to them ;)

Jerry put in his two-week notice at work. I've been wanting to write about this for over a month now, but I didn't want to say anything until after he put in his notice. There was nothing wrong with his current job (he's been there for almost 11 years, and it's been great), but he had a really good opportunity come up, and decided to go for it. He did a couple of interviews, took a bunch of tests, and was finally offered the job.

It's super scary to be making a big change like this at this point in our lives, but it should be a good thing. He'll still be working a swing shift, and the job is pretty similar to what he does now. He'll be making more money at the new job, though, and that's why he ended up going for it. The only real downside is that it's a farther drive to and from work. Anyway, I'm really happy for him--he's excited and nervous to start, but mostly excited.

We were supposed to go out in the boat tonight to watch the fireworks, as we've done several years in a row, but the weather has been so crappy lately that we decided to just stay home. I was fine with that decision, because I don't really love going out on the boat. We did manage to see a little bit of the sun today, which was nice!


  1. What a brave boy! That cookie looks good, and I don't even like peanut butter, but I would eat that cookie! Congrats to Jerry on his new job, how exciting!

  2. My kids get super excited about anything that has to do with the dentist or doctor. I mean, they want to go to the doctor if they bump their head. It's crazy! Congrats on the new job for Jerry!

  3. That is so funny about the stitches. :D Congrats on the new job opportunity for Jerry. I hope it works out great for your whole family. Change can be exciting!

  4. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    What a brave boy! If you want some sun/heat come to the Pacific Northwest. Its toastier than we like! !

  5. Congrats to Eli and Jerry - a big day for both of them! Can you share where exactly in the UP those cookies are located? I get up there occasionally and may want to check them out for myself:)

  6. Haha, hilarious story. He must have really wanted that thing off. Congrats to Jerry!

  7. Hey Katie!

    I just read this and thought of you...

  8. AnonymousJuly 04, 2013

    Good luck to Jerry! That Eli's story is so funny. Such a brave boy !

  9. That cookie looks so tastey! It makes me want to take a trip to the U.P. Also, what a brave boy you have! I love that he is able to see a trip to the doctor as an adventure.

  10. Oops, I missed yesterday's blog--a rare occurrence in my life! We have a big party at our house every Fourth, so my schedule was all messed up yesterday and I didn't even get on my computer. So my comment (asking where Jerry's going to be working now) on today's blog should be ignored. Good Luck to Jerry in his new job. It is sure stressful to change jobs, especially after almost 11 years, he is brave, but for more money? You gotta do it!!

  11. What a big kid! Most adults freak out more than that!

  12. What a brave one! I cried at the idea of shots my whole childhood lol! I want some of that bravery lol! That cookie looks so damn good, peanut butter is my favorite :) A friend of mine is in the UP right now, I should tell her to be on the lookout! Congratulations to your husband and his new career change. I share in the stress and worry that comes with a new job but it sounds like all the ducks are in a row!


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