July 27, 2013

Change of plans

Well, we didn't end up going to Cedar Point today. Jerry and I were both thinking that today was the 28th, and the tickets his employer gave us are good from July 28-Aug. 3. We made our plans to go on Saturday, the 28th--and then last night, we realized that the 28th was Sunday!

It probably worked out for the best, though, because it was storming on and off today. We decided to go on Thursday instead. My mom has a bunch of hotel points saved up, so she is going to let us use them to stay the night down there on Thursday night. I think the kids are more excited about staying at a hotel than they are about Cedar Point ;)

I had six miles on the schedule today, and after the issues with my stomach during the past few runs, I wasn't feeling very optimistic. I decided to head out right when I woke up, before I ate breakfast, so that maybe my stomach would feel better. I always used to prefer running on an empty stomach, but when I was marathon training last year, I made a habit of eating first. My body has always felt best when I run before breakfast, though.

It was a great morning for a run--completely overcast, on the verge of raining, and just 68 degrees. Instead of doing an out-and-back run, I decided to just run around the neighborhoods around my house. I was afraid of going too far from home, in case my stomach gave me trouble again.

Running on Saturday mornings is actually really nice! I didn't come across a single soul outside this morning; it was almost eery, the way it was so overcast and the streets were empty. It made for nice running, though.

At first, I was planning to keep my heart rate in Zone 1, for an easy run, but I was getting irritated from looking at my Garmin to see that my heart rate was constantly in Zone 2. After a couple of miles, I just decided to screw what the heart rate monitor said, and just run however my legs felt like running. It was definitely more enjoyable after that.

Thankfully, my stomach didn't act up today! I think my anxiety level was lower, because Jerry was off work. I wasn't feeling the "This is the greatest run ever!" attitude, but I felt much better than I have the past few runs. If tomorrow's weather is anything like today's, I'm actually looking forward to my 10-miler in the morning.

When I finished the run, I sat on the porch with a huge bottle of ice water and Jerry sat with his coffee. It was so nice outside that I didn't even want to go in the house. Eli brought his blanket out there and sat with us :)

I was definitely ready to eat breakfast after that, but Jerry and I realized we had to weigh in at Weight Watchers today. It was 9:00 already, and Weight Watchers was only open until 10. I quickly showered and got dressed, then we all went to WW. My weight was exactly the same as last month. I'm still under my WW goal, so I'm good to go for another month.

When I got home, I finally got to eat breakfast (an English muffin with Nutella--yum!). Since we'd been planning on being at Cedar Point today, we didn't have any plans all day. I organized some boxes in my bedroom closet, and Jerry mowed the grass. We just had a really relaxing afternoon, which was nice, but boring.

For dinner, I made sloppy joes, but instead of using buns, I made a quick dough out of Bisquick, and made the sloppy joes into "pockets". (For the crust, I just mixed 2 cups of Bisquick + 1/2 cup boiling water, which made enough dough for four pockets). They turned out really good!

After dinner, I was dying for something sweet. I had been planning to save my activity PointsPlus for a treat tomorrow after my 10-miler, but I just wanted something today. So we ended up getting ice cream at McDonald's, and I got a dipped cone. They are SO good, and well-worth the 7 PP!

I didn't even save enough PointsPlus for a glass of wine tonight, and I always have wine! But I was ravenous today, probably because I ran right when I woke up. I've noticed that when I run first thing in the morning, I feel like I can eat everything in sight all day; but when I run late-morning or early afternoon, my appetite is pretty in-control all day. Interesting!


  1. Glad you had a great day.... even with the change of plans ! Our son would be the same way.... more excited about the hotel room than the planned acivity : )

    Never knew McDonalds had dipped cones ... will check this out for sure today - thanks !

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    Looks like a good day - even though it didn't work out as planned. Sometimes those unexpected uneeventful days are great - and much needed!

    I live somewhat close to Cedar Point as well but haven't made the trip out there yet. Enjoy on Thursday!

  3. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    I HAVE to run on an empty stomach in the mornings. If not, I have to make a pit stop in the trees to go to the bathroom. It's not pretty, haha.

  4. I love the dipped cones at MCD's! I never thought of using bisquick for sloppy joes-definitely going to try this :) I think the kiddos will love it!

  5. Just found your blog and loving it! I also have to run on an empty stomach, and since it's Ramadan now, I typically run on a very empty stomach :)

    1. wow have not walked on the treadmill duing Ramdans.
      But dont you feel thirsty after your run?

  6. wow that icecream looks so yum.
    I have been reading your Faq's. I have a q. Did you ever ever get bored of all the foods? Its not that I want to eat Kfc. Its just that I feel like..omg I cant eat chicken wrap again. Or pasta again.{See all good foods. But feel sort of bored}
    Thanks :)

    1. I didn't give up any foods. A lot of people think they have to give up fried chicken (or whatever else you love), but it can be worked into your diet.

  7. My appetite works the same way-- I work out in the AM and I am hungry, truly hungry all day. I work out in the evening and I am good!
    I haven't given up all my favorites either, I had a Krispy Kreme donut on Saturday and it was wonderful. Just 1 though :)

  8. Yay Cedar Point! I live about 20 mins from there, so we try to go every year. Usually, tho, it ends up being every other year. I got some really good discount tickets online this year, so we're going Aug. 10 and I'm really excited! Even without roller coasters (we're not fans of the big ones) there are so many rides to go on, and so much to do that you'll all have such a great time!

  9. OMG! I'm so addicted to McD's dipped cones! They are *so* yummy. I have been good and haven't had one in weeks. Seeing this photo makes me want one right now! lol

  10. I am intrigued by your sloppy joe pockets- how long did you bake them and at what temp? Thanks!

    1. I (think I) baked them at 350 for about 15 minutes, but I could be totally wrong. Sorry, I can't remember. But I just watched the crust and when it looked done (slightly golden), I took them out.


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