July 13, 2013

Nine years

Tired doesn't even begin to describe my mood today. Noah and his friends were up until 2:30 in the morning! The living room is right next to my bedroom, so I couldn't sleep for anything. I figured they would all probably sleep in pretty late, but they were up (and wide awake) at 6:30 this morning.

Jerry sat with the kids, and I went to the local bakery to pick up doughnuts for them for breakfast. This bakery has the most amazing doughnuts (my favorite is a peanut butter cream-filled one). The kids said they wanted doughnuts with frosting in the middle, so that's what I bought them (none for me or Jerry).

When I gave them to the boys, they each ate about half, and then said that the doughnuts had too much frosting and they didn't want the rest. I couldn't even understand those words! ;)

The boys' parents came to pick them up at 10:00, and as much fun as they all had, I was relieved to have a semi-quiet house again. Sleepovers are exhausting! My mom said it could be worse, if I had girls. She said that she hated when my sister and I would have sleepovers, because there was so much drama and cattiness that someone always left in tears. Thankfully, the boys at Noah's party all got along very well.

I figured Noah would be super tired today, and possibly fall asleep before dinner, so we decided to go out for a birthday lunch instead of dinner. He chose Chili's, so Jerry and I took both the kids there. On the way, Eli asked me what it was that I ordered last time (when it was just Eli and me that went). I told him it was the Margarita Grilled Chicken, and he said that's what he wanted. I was surprised, but happy that he liked it that much.

Jerry ordered that, too, after I had raved about it before. The boys wanted the pretzel appetizer and the chips and salsa. Jerry and I split one of the pretzel sticks, and I only ate two chips. The pretzels are amazingly good, but I wanted to save my PointsPlus for my meal. I am still amazed at how good that Margarita Chicken dish is, and it's only 14 PP for the whole dish.

I feel kind of bad that we didn't do more for Noah's (actual) birthday today, but Jerry and I were both so exhausted from his sleepover party, that we had a pretty lazy afternoon. We played MarioKart on the Wii with the boys for a little while, and we played a couple of board games that Noah got for his birthday. I love that he's at the age now where he's into the more "adult" board games; I was never a big fan of Candyland or Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh! ;)

It's so strange to think that Noah is nine years old, and going into the fourth grade! When I was pregnant, everyone always told me to enjoy every moment while he's young, because kids grow up so fast. That is a huge understatement. Time has flown by since the day he was born.

Fourth grade was a very tough year for me. That's when my weight ballooned, and kids started to tease me about it. One boy, Richard, gave me the nickname Shamu, and called me that all year. I became very self-conscious, and aware that I was different from the other kids. Because of my experience, I'm really worried about Noah going through teasing like that; there is no reason for me to think that he will, but I just had such a bad experience in fourth grade, that I worry about it. Of course, I'm not letting on to him that I'm nervous.

Anyway, my first-born is now nine years old--next year he'll be double digits, and I can't even think about that right now ;)

He gets his shyness from me; he was a little
embarrassed to be the center of attention while
we sang Happy Birthday to him.


  1. Happy Birthday, Noah! My oldest turns 9 in a few months and I have no clue how that even happened... she was just a baby yesterday =)

  2. Love your blog! Congrats on your fabulous weight loss honey! Have a wonderful weekend! Kori xoxo


  3. so sweet! sounds like a fun and laid back birthday for your little guy. time flies, that's for sure! yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my twin daughters' birth/death - and it feels in some ways like yesterday and in some ways like a lifetime ago. I have learned to enjoy the moments and live each day without expectations. each day brings its own joys and frustrations - and each stage of parenthood is also beautiful...



  4. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    That picture of Noah and the cake is SO adorable! I realize I don't know you guys personally at all, but I have been reading your blog for a long time, and it seems like Noah has so many of your personality traits and Eli has so many of Jerry's. I am sure the reverse is true in other ways, too. Sounds like a chill night at home with his family is just what he needed after that crazy night with his friends! Happy birthday Noah!

  5. Happy Birthday to Noah! :) Glad you survived the sleepover even if you are a bit tired. Those were my favorite as a kid and I remember staying up late many time and pissing a set or two of parents off. ;)

  6. Bonnie R.July 14, 2013

    I'm so happy the boys had a good time. My baby girl is almost 19 and I remember the drama at her sleepovers. OMG you should count your blessings that you have boys! I hope you have a wonderful week. I am heading into work for the day...Ugh!

  7. Your little Noah is gorgeous and growing up way too fast! Glad you survived the birthday party and enjoyed dinner at Chili's with him. I don't care much for those black beans, that's why I get the chicken fajitas when we go there. Sorry about the late night with the party and then such an early morning. I bet those little boys went home and napped!

    I started gaining weight in the third grade. I remember trying to cinch the belt on the dress Mom had made for me a little tighter to try and look thinner. Wait....I remember getting weighed in second grade....and worrying about how they announced your numbers loudly in the hallway for all to hear. I remember I weighed 66 lbs. Isn't it funny, 55 years later I still remember that? I never got morbidly obese, however, until after I got married. Then I stayed that way for about 40 years.

    I think it's great that your boys seem to have escaped that obesity tendency that some of us inherited. My two biological grandchildren are very very thin. But I'm glad, because I know they might have weight problems later, due to bad genes (inherited from me, mostly).

  8. Aww Happy Birthday to him! I know what you mean about time flying by. I can't believe my oldest will be 10 in January. I hated sleepovers as a kid, and never wanted anyone to spend the night at my house, and I never wanted to at theirs. I guess it's the introvert in me. Hanging out with someone for a few hours is fine, but at night and losing sleep. UGH My kids have only had their cousin over. We don't really have anywhere for kids to sleep in our house and honestly I don't like being responsible for other people's kids. My daughter went to one sleepover, and constantly wants to now. I wish she were like me and didn't want to.

  9. Noah's pic with his cake is adorable! Good job on the cake too btw! Our kids do grow up too fast! Take lots of pictures every single day. Ten years from now, you'll be glad you did! My babies are 23, 19 and 16. =)

  10. That is some cake! Good for you avoiding the morning donuts. Those sounded a little too tempting.

  11. It's crazy how fast the years go by when the kids are growing up. I remember the first double digit birthday, then it was drivers training, then graduation and now my youngest graduates college in December.
    As my kids got older, it seems that there was extra kids in the house more then there wasn't. It was always crazy and noisy around here. My kids both say that they really liked those times and have good memories of having their friends over. I always felt that when they were in my house, I knew what they were doing and could keep an eye on things. Hang in there and put up with it because it doesn't last forever and your kids will have good memories of growing up.

  12. Happy Birthday, Noah!!!!

    My oldest turns 10 on Wednesday, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by.

  13. Awww...what an adorable picture of him!! Happy birthday, Noah!!


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