June 08, 2012


What a crappy run today.

My plan was to run 10 miles, so I knew I was going to have to head out the second Jerry got home at 6:30 this morning in order to get home quickly so he could go to sleep. I woke up at 5:45 without an alarm, and finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:00 to dress and be ready to go at 6:30.

As soon as Jerry walked in the door, I left for the State Park. I would rather have gone to the Metropark, but it's a lot farther away than the State Park, so I settled. As soon as I parked, I started running an out-and-back route. Almost immediately, my stomach felt a little "off". I started debating in my head whether I really wanted to do the full 10.

The devil on my shoulder was telling me:
"You're not technically training for anything right now, so you don't HAVE to run 10."
"You have a knee injury. You should rest it anyway."
"You could always do 10 tomorrow, when you're feeling better."
"Your stomach feels crappy. What if you get runner's trots out here?"
"Just turn around now, a 3-mile run is fine."

And then the angel on my other shoulder was countering with:
"A few weeks ago, you would have called 10 miles a short run."
"Your knee will be fine--just take walk breaks if it gets painful."
"You don't want to run tomorrow; you're already dressed and out here running right now."
"If I turn around now, I will feel like I have to run 10 tomorrow."
"Worst case scenario, I can call Jerry to pick me up if things get horrible... just get to the turn-around point."

By mile 2.5, my knee was hurting. I walked the last tenth of the third mile, and then the last tenth of each mile after that (the 9:1 ratio). I had to go through a few intersections, and I kept praying that the light would be red so I could get a short break. Despite my walk breaks at the end of each mile, my knee was hurting just a minute or two later. After about 7 miles, I started to feel a hot spot on my foot turning into a blister--stupid new shoes! I never got blisters with my Adrenaline's. I stopped at a bench to tighten the laces and hope that would stop my foot from rubbing against the side of the shoe. When I got back to the car, I was so relieved to be done!

I didn't have time to do anything except drive right home to let Jerry go to bed. When I got home, I stretched and rolled out my IT band. Then I took an ice cold shower--I didn't even turn the hot water on a smidge. It was all cold water coming out, and I could barely breathe at how shockingly cold it was. I was hoping it would wake me up a little and make me feel refreshed or something. (In retrospect--what the fuck, Katie?!)

I had to take the kids to the doctor for their annual check-ups. I quickly made a German Chocolate Cake protein shake (I just realized I didn't put the recipe up on my recipes blog--I'll add another shakes page, hopefully before this post goes live today). It felt like we were waiting forever at the doctor, and I developed a bad headache. The kids were driving me crazy, in the little room while we were waiting. Finally, the doctor came in and checked them out. Noah had to get a vaccine, and they both had to get a finger poke, but everything was good.

On the way home, we had to stop and get a couple of birthday gifts. Noah is going to a pool party tomorrow, and Eli was invited to a little girl's birthday party in a couple of weeks--a Justin Bieber party, hahaha. He was not happy about picking out a gift for a girl ;)

I stopped at a local bread shop before coming home, and I bought some soup for lunch--tomato basil. I got Jerry a sandwich. After my surgery, Renee brought me some of their soup and it was amazing! I have been craving it ever since, so I used the 1000-ish 801 calories I burned today as an excuse to get some--along with bread, of course. And the chips that came with Jerry's sandwich.

By the time I got home, my headache was killing me. I took some Motrin, but nothing really helped. I was extremely tired, too, and I started to worry that I was getting sick. And then it hit me...

I didn't have coffee this morning. The last time I had a headache like this was when I gave up coffee in October. Then I started drinking it again last week, and I drank it every day since. Until today. I was so busy this morning that I didn't have any. So I was completely exhausted and headachey all day. I must just be extra sensitive to coffee or something! And for those of you that asked, decaf doesn't bother me at all. If I went out for coffee with a friend, I would just get decaf and it was fine. At home, I drank green tea. I think I'm going to switch back to green tea instead of coffee--my stomach will thank me for it. But I was loving how energetic I got with the coffee!

I've been hooked on the show Unwrapped on The Food Network. My kids love the show too. We watched an episode this afternoon about movie theater treats. I really need to stop watching that show! I always want to go out and buy whatever they feature on the show. Today it was the Cookie Dough Bites that got me. I even went to Kroger to get some (hey, I did run 10 miles today!) but they didn't have any :(  I know I saw them at Target before, so I will probably pick some up next time I'm there. Do any of you get suckered into buying crap you see on The Food Network? 


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Hi Katie,

    Totally off topic but we just went for fat free frozen yogurt and they had a peanut butter flavour! I thought of you instantly - i added a few reeces peanut butter cup pieces, a bit of peanut butter sauce, and a bit of hot fugdge. It was SO amazing! I'm for sure going back there. It's called Kiwi Kraze and I'm pretty sure they are the only location but I totally thought of you as I ate my treat!!!!

    1. That sounds AMAZING!!! I wish that we had yogurt shops around here. I'm so jealous when I hear of all these great fro-yo flavors. Glad you enjoyed! :)

  2. I quit watching the Food Network when I began to realize that I watch it like some guys watch porn. No good. It gets me too hungry and craving all the wrong things.

    Way to get that 10 in. You're amazing. I am so proud of you for pushing through!

  3. I find the Food Network inspiring and want to make everything they do. That's how I end up with odds and ends that I only use for one recipe.

  4. You should really think about taking it easy between now and your doctor visit. Like you said, you aren't training for anything right now. You don't need toprove anything to anyone. Are you just going to keep pushing yourself through the pain until you give yourself a worse injury?

    1. You're absolutely right--and the walk breaks usually help, so I thought I would be fine. But today, the breaks didn't help, so I have to rethink my next plan.

  5. My gym in Chicago used to play the Food Network :P and the Travel Channel, which has shows like Man vs. Food and No Reservations. I prepared by having dinner ready before I hit the gym - go home and eat right away, no tempting!

  6. you may or may not want to know this, but Walgreens. They have tons of different kids of candy, probably even the cookie dough bites. I love the charleston chews. I love the blog!

  7. My 12 yr old is a HUGE cookie dough fan - will eat it in any way - ice cream, candy, blizzards, etc.. He got a box of those cookie dough bites and 1/2 way through stopped eating them, said they didn't taste very good, and never went back. So, maybe that will help you not want to try them. Take it from a 12 yr. old - they really aren't very good! ha! Hope that helps you!

  8. YUM cookie dough! I love Food Network as long as it's not cooking shows. I think I'm the only person on this planet who doesn't like them, I think they're boring! But I love the fun shows about where foods come from, the history of something, or whatever. I love Unwrapped and I get a kick out of Man Vs Food. Sometimes they have specials about food at Disney parks and I love those because I love Disney! Their statistics are crazy!

  9. FairchildJune 08, 2012

    I just had some of that candy the other day and it's actually pretty nasty, not worth the calories IMO. Real cookie dough or the ice cream is MUCH better! I really worry about you and your knee. I wish you would rest it more. Love your blog!

  10. Hi Katie,

    First time commenter, but your ice shower story inspired me to mention how helpful I find ice baths to be after 10+ mile runs. Seriously, they're like taking 10 ibuprofen!

    For me, I could never willingly climb into a tub of ice water, so how I do it is: get a bowl of ice cubes from the freezer, set that next to the tub, get into the empty tub, turn the cold tap on full blast, when it fills to my waist, I dump the ice over my legs and sit for 10-15 minutes. I wrap a dry towel around my neck to stay warm. Google can tell you more, of course.

    Take care!

  11. Yeah, I have to agree, the Cookie Dough Bites are not worth it. I've had them before... and I'd much rather have real cookie dough or cookie dough ice cream. They were way too processed!

  12. There were chips that came with my sandwich?! To quote Ross Gellar :"MY SANDWICH!" What kinda chips were they? Doesn't matter, you ran 10 miles, I didn't. Great job on pushing past the pain and the little devil Katie on your shoulder. Olive Juice.

    FYI: all my deleted comments were my attempts to correct my horrible spelling because of this stupid phone.

  13. Unwrapped is the ONLY FN show that gives me bad cravings. One time there was an episode about Little Debbie and Hostess snack cakes -- my roommates and I went out immediately after the show and spent $15 on junk food. SO BAD.

  14. One of my favorite shows is diners, Drive-ins and dives. Total food porn. I never act though:-)

  15. I LOVE watching all those shows--like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I just love watching food being made, and then eaten. But...I get so hungry when I watch those shows, I try not to watch them now. I enjoy Rachel Ray, now that I'm home recuperating I get to watch her every morning. She makes a lot of tasty looking things and I always plan to try them, but usually never get around to it. I also own tons of cookbooks and cooking magazine, but rarely make anything new out of them either. Rachel has been making some light stuff here and there, I think she fights her weight just like the rest of us!

    Sometimes when I get super hungry for chips, cookies and candy, I also think, "If I ran like Katie, I could indulge sometimes." But all I do is walk and it burns so few calories, no indulgences are really possible, but don't tell anybody, cause I do indulge way too often.

    That's crazy about the caffeine. I know my sister-in-law, who is hooked on Diet Coke, says she gets headaches when she gives it up. That is one thing that never bothered me. I used to drink Pepsi all the time, and when I gave it up, I didn't have any "caffeine" problem. I have never drunk coffee, but do occasionally have some tea. But that's about all the caffeine I ever get. Now my drink of choice is Diet Squirt, no caffeine, so other than diet soda supposedly being BAD for you, I can see no harm in drinking it. So I drink it. Way too much of it. Now that I'm home all the time, I'm constantly drinking that stuff. I know I should drink more water, like hubby. He was a big beer drinker, but pretty much gave it up about 6 years ago, although he will have a beer or two about once a week when we go out, other than that he's drinking water all the time. Does it count if we know what we should be eating and drinking and think about it a lot, even if we never do it? I suppose not. I used to have a poster that said, "The Smallest Good Deed is Greater than the Biggest Good Intention." I need to remember that and follow through on my intentions.

    Good job on the run--now you can rest today!

  16. Thanks for your run down on the angel/devil on your shoulder. Sometimes, I feel like the only one struggling mentally and I'm not nearly as much a runner as you are! As for the food network, I'm sucked in to almost all of the shows, but I don't think I've been suckered into buying anything. ;-)

  17. I get sucked into thinking that a long run will allow me to eat whatever I want for the day! But there has to be a balance, if I don't eat enough extra calories I'll be starving and spend the whole next day filling an unfillable void.

    Bad runs stink but they come along so rarely now that when they do happen (once I finish) I'm relieved to know I've bought several weeks of good runs.

  18. I am right there with you on the coffee. I didn't even start drinking the stuff until about 6 years ago and it pisses me off that I got so quickly "addicted" to it. I will forgo coffee on the weekends sometimes and don't even realize that i'm in a funk or being a bitch until my poor husband asks if I'm "off my coffee". I've weaned myself off of other caffeinated drinks recently because I felt like between the diet coke, unsweet tea and the coffee I was getting too much. I'm thinking about starting that w coffee too but not really sure if I want to go cold turkey!

  19. It saddens me that your combo of run/walk is still faster than my run!

    When you go to these parks what kind of surface are you running on? I'm having knee troubles too, but they hurt after I run. I run on pavement and I'm wondering if that is an issue, but then I would think that pavement is the most accessible surface for most runners. I guess I need to research areas around me that might be some other surface.


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