June 11, 2012

Computer frustration

What a tiring weekend! I didn't even really do much over the weekend, but I was SO TIRED. On Saturday morning, I went for a short bike ride with the kids--and by short, I mean distance. We were going so slow that I could have walked faster than we were riding! When we got home, Eli asked if his friend Everett could come over, so I said sure. Sometimes having extra kids over actually makes it easier on me--because my kids aren't wining about being "soooo bored" all the time.

Noah went to a birthday party in the afternoon, and when I went to pick him up, I realized just how tired I was. I normally don't have thoughts of napping during the day, but I couldn't wait to go to bed. Luckily, my parents decided to keep the kids overnight. So I dropped them off, then went home and I went to bed super early. I had been planning to go to my friend Alicia's house for a get-together, but I was just too tired.

Sunday, I didn't do much of anything either. Last night, I was watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, and Chris Powell (love him, by the way!!) suggested doing a "couch potato workout" during commercial breaks--15 sit-ups, 15 push-ups, and 15 squats. I hadn't done ANY ab work since having my lower body lift, so when he said that, I just decided to do it. I started with the sit-ups, and cranked out 15 Army-style sit-ups pretty easily. I surprised myself! What was even more surprising, was that I didn't have any abdominal pain or pinching or anything like that. I'm not sure why, but I really expected it to hurt.

Then I did push-ups. I started with Army-style, but could only do ONE, lol. So I switched to doing them on my knees, and I barely was able to finish 15. Then the squats were easy. I actually really like squats. This morning, the only part of me that was slightly sore from that quick little workout were my armpits... haha!

Since I don't really have a run schedule right now, I want to take it easy this week because of my knee. My knee usually starts to hurt between miles two and three, so I decided to run three miles this morning. I went slow and easy. Right on cue, my knee started to hurt shortly after 2 miles in. If it got bad, I was planning to stop and walk, but it didn't get to that point.
I made an usual breakfast (for me, anyway). It reminded me of Camp Shane, a weight loss camp that I was a counselor at in 2002. They used to give us English muffins topped with jam and cottage cheese for breakfast. So I made an English muffin and topped it with cottage cheese and Trader Joe's Fig Butter...
With black tea (I'm quitting coffee again). It was really good! I love the TJ's Fig Butter--it tastes just like the inside of a Fig Newton.

Yesterday, I had an issue with my computer that turned me into a madwoman. For some reason, all of my USB ports on my Dell laptop stopped working. I didn't realize how often I used those ports until they stopped working! I need them to upload my Garmin Forerunner info, pictures from my iPhone, to charge my iPod, to save pictures to my external hard drive, and a whole lot more.

Nothing would fix it! I tried restarting, reinstalling drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes... I Googled my problem and tried all of the fixes, and NOTHING was working. That's why my post yesterday didn't have any photos--I was too pissed off. I took pictures of my pantry and fridge for the post (on my iPhone) but couldn't get those pictures to my computer.

This morning after my run, I sprawled out on the floor with my laptop, determined to figure it out. I was about to reset everything to the factory settings (and losing a whole shit-ton of stuff in the process) when I tried one last thing--unplugging everything and taking the battery out of my computer. I waited about 15 minutes, put the battery back in, and it worked! I was totally relieved. But for those few hours, I really thought I was going to lose it. I wanted to tear my hair out and throw my fucking Dell out the window. I will never buy another Dell! Mine is on borrowed time as it is, but I cannot afford a new computer for a while, so this one really needs to last.

Oh, I almost forgot... I took a new picture of my toe. Some of you have asked how my toe was doing now, and it looks so gross!!
I don't know if I'm going to lose the nail or not, but it certainly doesn't look promising. I popped the blood blister under my nail shortly after the marathon, and that definitely helped with the pain. Now it doesn't hurt, but it feels very weird. And it's definitely not pretty.

Since I don't want to leave you with that ugly picture of my foot in your head, I'll leave you with a picture of Estelle sleeping on Jerry's lunchbox...


  1. Hey Katie, I was wondering where you went to get fitted for shoes? Are there specific stores for that or will Footlocker do the same thing? I live in West Michigan and thought if there was a specific store you recommend I could take a day trip to get fitted. I feel weird getting fitted for shoes since I am so overweight... but I'm sure it'll help. Thanks!

  2. My running instructor was a pace bunny for the Women's Half Marathon in Niagara Falls, Canada a couple of weeks ago. As part of the swag bag, they gave out stick on toe nails. She thought that was hilarious!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I just had to tell you I have a sugery date! :) I'll be having a 360 circumfrontial body lift as well as a breast lift done on August 22nd. I'm so excited. After losing 135 lbs. in 16 months (from healthy eating and exercise) I have a lot of lose skin to deal with. Makes it hard to run, and fit in clothes without feeling bad about myself. Thank you once again for all of your honesty and sincere posts about your plastic surgery experience. I have spent countless hours going through and reading every single post. Thank you!! ------- Chris Newmark

  4. I'm totally lazy about cataloging photos on my desktop. If I really need a photo on my desktop from my iPhone, I email it to myself. I haven't patience for the sync!

  5. I thought about you after my Zumba class tonight, I was wondering what other exercise you do to strength train?

  6. I love Extreme Makeover Weight Loss and Chris Powell, he is awesome! Both of my big toe nails look worse than that. Finally new nails are growing in. I have to keep them super short or they die :(. Thank goodness for nail polish!

  7. Oh my gosh, I HATE when computers crap out and I can't figure it out. Usually the whole battery thing works for "minor" stuff. I got all excited when you mentioned Extreme makeover! I just got done watching it on my DVR. I LOVE Chirs Powell and have read his book. I think I may like that show better than the biggest loser because it's over the course of a year and they are doing it at home. Obviously they have his help in the beginning but still. I hope your toe heals up, yikes!

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    I was going to suggest you email the photo to yourself too!! I do that all the time because I can never seem to find my cable when I need it and if your iPhone is connected to wifi then it's free too - that also means that your email address is acting like an 'online' storage facility too so if (heaven forbid) your hard drive broke then you have all your photos stored in you email account, that also works if you are wanting to post and you're not at home too.
    Good luck with your computer - when I first started using computers I was lulled into the misconception that they were created to help us - years down the line I know better!!

  9. When my kids' laptops freeze I do the battery thing. They have Acers.

  10. HISSSSSSSSSS!!! Dell can go eff themselves. (Sorry) We were on the phone with them until 1am last night (this morning) after 90 minutes. We bought a premium extended warranty with them (like we had before and had no trouble getting it fixed) and "Dave"- very obviously NOT his real name- made us jump through flaming hoops just to ship out a friggin' box for us to send it in for repair. We had to send pics of the laptop physically pulling apart and that there was no damage from being dropped or something before they would agree to it. The Mr works in computers and told them everything he'd done which threw him off b/c they're used to dealing with people with no clue & then when they have a pro as a customer, it shows how UNprofessional and ill equipped they are to do their jobs without a manual. They refused to put the manager on the phone and then after they agreed to send out the box the manager "Bob" (REALLY? This is the most creative they can come up with? Bob and Dave?) got on the phone at 12:49am. Needless to say we will never in our lifetime buy a Dell again. This thing is only 3 years old. Piece of crap. Sorry for the rant! HA!

    Your talk of naps has me thinking I'm sneaking one in later...or now. Love the lunch guard pic of kitty!

  11. When you need to get pics from your phone to your computer - email them to yourself. :)

  12. Poor toe! And nothing makes me frustrated faster than computer issues. I lose my damn mind sometimes if something's not working! I used to have issues with my Dell laptop too. The only way I could afford my Macbook that I have now was I used to work for Apple and got a great discount. Whenever it dies, I'll have no clue what to do!

  13. About your knee... I hurt my knee in college during an ice skating fall and it has hurt running ever since. The only time it didn't hurt was when I was faithfully doing lower body weight training. I did a 2 hour class once per week (and couldn't walk the next day every single time!)-- but I didn't have knee pain! I did it before I ran my first marathon and was fine afterwards. Knee pain returned when I ran a half marathon after my first daughter was born and I hadn't been weight training for about 8 months and didn't train for the half-marathon. Maybe that will help you out!!

  14. Nothing worse than computer frustrations! Glad you got it working again without damaging the computer or injuring yourself. :)

    Love the picture of Estelle on the lunchbox..cats are so funny!

  15. A SUPER easy to share pics btwn your iPhone and laptop/desktop is Dropbox. It's free for both the laptop/desktop app and the iPhone app, and you can upload pics from your iPhone, and then they show up in your dropbox on your computer. This is how I share pics between without having to hassle with syncing! :)

  16. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Katie!!! Dropbox. Check it out, there is an app for you phone so you can transfer photos with a couple taps. Plus you can access from anywhere that has internet. (I'm just a fan of it I swear)

    I love your blog!!!

  17. I have a few things you can try to fix the USB issue. I actually work for Dell. :-) I'll shoot you an email with the info.

    1. Oops apparently I skipped a whole paragraph and saw that you fixed it. Lol never mind. :-)


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