April 24, 2012


I'm getting kind of sick of the routine of waking up, getting the kids ready for school, and then heading out the door to go run. I found myself thinking about it on the way to the state park this morning--why do I do this when I dislike it so much? But then I thought about how we all have things to do that we don't really enjoy, but are necessary for one reason or another: work, paying bills, doing household chores, etc.

Over the past couple of years, exercise (specifically running) has become one of those things. And I think that's good! I do it because it's good for my body, it makes me feel proud and accomplished, it gives me goals to work toward, and it helps me maintain my weight loss. It actually makes me feel good that I've gotten to the point where exercise isn't really an option anymore. I do it because I know I have to, just like the other things I mentioned.

So anyway, I had 5 miles on the schedule today. Jessica and I met at the state park, and we decided to do the 9:1 run/walk again. We both are really enjoying the 9:1 runs, and I think it's helping my knee a lot. It's amazing how fast 5 miles flies by when you get used to doing 10+ mile runs! I felt like we just started when the run was already halfway over. Love that!
That's a 10:05/mi pace including our walk breaks. I'm convinced I could even hit my sub-2:00 half-marathon doing the 9:1 thing, if I train for it!

My knee was hurting a little from miles 3-5, but I think that's because of our faster pace. We'll have to slow it down, especially on our 20-mile run Friday. On Friday, my only goal is to make it through 20 miles without dying. I'm nervous about it, especially after our 18-miler last week. But it marks the beginning of three weeks of tapering--which I'm definitely looking forward to!

I have a new food obsession. Okay, since you're all dying to hear it, I'm sure, I'll tell you ;)  For my nighttime treat, I've been making a carb-bowl (for lack of a better term!)  Basically, I've been combining 15 grams each of all sorts of different things: pretzels, goldfish, Chocolate Rice Chex cereal, Cinnabon cereal, Peanut Butter Puffins cereal, animal crackers, Teddy Grahams, etc.

Fifteen grams equals approximately 50-60 calories of each of these, so if I want to have about 300 calories for a snack, I'll pick 6 things and combine them all in a bowl. I don't use nuts or dried fruit (because the calories from those add up fast, and you don't get much). I love the variety, the sweet and salty combo, the crunch factor, all of it. It's been a perfect snack lately. And yes, I realize it's all simple carbs, but I love my carbs! Usually I choose some sort of dessert for my nighttime treat, but I've really been into this carb bowl lately.

That Cinnabon cereal is actually really good--it reminds me of those cinnamon twist things that you can buy at Taco Bell (if they still have them, I haven't been to Taco Bell in years).

Well, Eli is being very needy right now, so I'd better go take care of him. The school called right after I finished my run and asked me to go pick him up, because he said he was feeling sick--stomachache and headache. I know he's fine, because he's already whining about being bored!


  1. Bagels! LOVE bagels! French toast bagels with coffee cake crumbs on them from Shop Rite are AMAZING!!!

  2. Hi Katie! Great job on your run! Question: which training guide are you and Jessica using? (apologies if you've told your readers this already - I am new to your blog!).

    1. No problem! We're following Hal Higdon's Novice Marathon plan. I love his training plans!

  3. Oh I love Hal Higdon too!! Before my daughter Olivia (5 years old) was born, I was a "non-runner who ran marathons". I hate running, but every time I finished a race I was so SHOCKED that I actually did it, it inspired me to try another one! :) Though I have gotten waaaaay out of shape, your site is SO inspiring! I have started running again and have lost 4 pounds! The first training book I ever used to train for my first marathon was "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" by David Whitsett. Though you are HARDLY a "non-runner" you might find the stories interesting. Thank you again for your inspiration!

  4. Good luck on Friday. I'll say a little prayer for you! You are such an inspiration to me!

  5. Your carb bowl sounds fantastic, but I am afraid I might binge with food like that even in the house. Any ideas on how to avoid binging on a delicious box of Puffins cereal?

  6. Carb bowl sounds fun!

    I know what you mean about exercise not being an option..that's how I feel, too. It's non-negotiable, and I don't even think about NOT doing it anymore..it's only a matter of WHEN I am going to do it.And I am SO happy that I feel that way, because I never did before!


  7. I ran 7 miles the other night and thought to myself that saying "I ran 7 miles" sounds pretty insane. But I can't ever imagine saying "I ran 20 miles". Good luck I hope the weather is nice for you! Have you considered another form of exercise to spice things up a bit?

  8. I'm super curious about how this run/walk thing plays out. Your pace is my goal pace. I'm at 11 min/mile right now. Walking would slow down that overall pace. So you must run the .9 segments really fast! My longest run ever was sunday at 6.25 miles and my knees have been bugging me since :(

  9. I try to do the same thing Katie - consider it un-negotiable. I say to myself, "It works!"

    When I read one of the blogs recommended in the fitterati awards, I found her take on exercise interesting.


    You definitely already know what works for you. But maybe at some point, what works for you will evolve into something else.

  10. The Carb Bowl sounds great! I'd be afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop after one bowl though!

  11. My favorite snack is a Gala/Fugi apple sliced up with 2 Tbs of peanut butter to dip them in, hands down. Of course back in the day my answer would have been a lot more complicated and lengthy. The exercise thing is no joke. I don't know why but I have been hating it this week, I just don't want to do it, but I do because I know I don't want to gradually go back to how I was.

  12. Just a heads up- Japan has a TERRIBLE cereal selection. Your carb bowls sound like heaven to me right now!! Lately I'm in an apple and peanut butter mood. You're doing so great on your runs. Tomorrow i have to run 8 miles. Dreading it!!

  13. I hope that I can someday get to where you are. Where being healthy and active is just something that you have to do. A while back someone gave me the advice to treat your workouts like it's your job. Then there's no excuses. Haven't quite figured that one out yet though. :)

  14. Yum, that carb bowl sounds amazing!

    I also wanted to thank you for adding me to your blog list, I've received so many wonderful supportive readers because of you! Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing the love!

  15. I have fallen off and have yet to get back on. I'm embarrassed to say. I haven even wrote in my blog ...I keep reading you though....and it gives me that itch. I have to get back on track ... thanks for blogging

  16. I'm so glad you found a way to run the long distances without hurting your knee!! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your first marathon! It really takes some dedication to run one!! I think that is why I like reading your blog so much - when I feel my dedication faltering - I can grab a little from you and I'm good to go again! I've NEVER stuck with something so well before - I'm heading into my 5th month! Thanks for the little "boost" I get from you every day!

  17. Hi Katie! I have a question about using a Garmin. I am sooooo not technically inclined. I always say I'm not smart enough for my "smart" phone! :) However, your detailed running logs are so inspiring. Is the Garmin user-friendly for a non-techy like me? Thanks in advance!

  18. Love the carb bowl thing.!


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