April 12, 2012

Nothing a little alcohol can't cure

After the Garmin issue yesterday, I made sure to charge my Garmin for a long time when I got home. Today I was scheduled for a four-mile easy run, but decided to just run three because I'm racing the 10K on Saturday (which is 1.2 miles longer than I'm scheduled for).

I procrastinated all morning. Finally, when Jerry woke up this afternoon, I decided to go run the three miles. I got dressed and put on my Garmin. Turned it on, and immediately saw the "low battery" warning and then it died. I knew that something was really wrong with it, because this has never happened before. Tried to power it on again, and same thing.

I tried doing some sort of reset, where you hold two buttons down for 10 seconds (I'd had to do that once before a long time ago after the screen froze). That didn't do anything. I tried charging it again. Nothing. The Garmin is five years old, so I wasn't hopeful. I read some stuff online, and most people said that they ended up buying a new one.

Despite the fact that I have no extra money right now, I started researching the Forerunners. I really like the 305 version, but it's outdated and they don't make it anymore. It's expensive to buy it on Amazon, so I thought maybe I'd be better off getting a newer model.

After reading about all the others, I really didn't want a different one. I wanted the 305! I don't want a touch screen, I don't want a tiny screen that is hard to see, and I don't want a wireless connection to the computer. The only one that appealed to me was the brand new 910xt--but at $450? No, thanks.

So I cried and pouted instead. Jerry was trying to be helpful, but I was really irritated by him. He has no clue about anything related to the Forerunner, so I didn't want his input about what one to get. He started reading on his computer some tips to hopefully fix it, and I told him to go for it--just to get him out of my hair and let me read reviews in peace. He even drove to my mom's to get some rubbing alcohol to clean the sensors with.

He used a Q-tip to clean the sensors on the back of the Garmin, and then he put it back on the charger. About 20 minutes later, I turned it on to prove that he was wrong--but it worked!! It was charged and good to go! I was SO happy. I really have a great husband, and I feel bad that I was irritated with him. He'll never let me forget this now

So I took the Garmin out for a run, which I was happy to do at this point. The little guy apparently likes alcohol after a long hard run just like I do ;)

My run was NOT good. About a mile and a half in, my knee started hurting really badly. I slowed down my pace, but by 2.5 miles, I was gasping in pain. I got back to my house at three miles, and after I showered, I put on my knee brace and took a couple of Motrin. I'm going to rest it all day tomorrow.

Saturday, I am registered for a 10K race. I've already promised Jessica I won't be "racing" it--I will just run very easy and treat it like an easy training run. We have to run 18 miles on Monday, so I want to be in the best shape possible before then. I don't want to screw up my knee at all during the race. Also, running hard really takes its toll on my energy level (I learned that lesson after the 5K I raced last month).

I'm writing all of this because I don't want to get caught up in the moment and try to PR on Saturday. I ran this same 10K last year in 55:05, so it's tempting to go for 54:xx... but I WON'T. I'm going to try and run 10 minute miles or slower. I will enjoy the scenery and maybe chat with people. My friend Stacie is going with me, and I don't know if she'll want to run together or do her own thing. But either way, I'm going to run SLOWLY.

Yesterday, Jerry and I took the kids to the Detroit Zoo like we'd planned. I was in a pretty bad mood all day, so we probably should have postponed the zoo. Shortly after we got there, I asked the boys (the kids and Jerry) to pose for a picture, and they refused--well, Eli refused--then Jerry mocked Eli by refusing as well. I got so fed up that I just didn't want to hang around them. I told them to do the zoo on their own, and I could enjoy it by myself. (Immature of me, yes...)
They cooperated for Jerry to get a picture, of course!
 So I did--I walked around the zoo alone for a couple of hours before meeting back up with them to leave. It certainly wasn't the "family day" I envisioned. But the boys were crabby from the start and I just didn't want to listen to it anymore. Please tell me I'm not the only one to overreact the way I did...?

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. The kids love that place because they like to eat tons of chips and salsa. Jerry and I barely ate half of a bowl when the kids demolished the first bowl. Then they finished ours. Then they ate a third bowl that the server brought out. After three and a half bowls, our food came (much to the relief of our server, I'm sure).

I was very hungry! I had run almost 10 miles that morning, then walked about another 3 miles at the zoo. I got flautas and ate all three of them. But I wasn't even full. I left there feeling comfortable, which is unusual--usually I'm stuffed from eating that much.

Anyway, I'm SO relieved that the Garmin is working. Now if only my knee will quit buggin', I'll be good to go for Monday's 18-miler!


  1. Oh man, you put that your hubby was right in writing. Don't tell him! LOL I totally would've reacted the same way at the zoo. I don't have kids but yeah, that sounded like me. HA!

    Rest that knee and glad your Garmin is resurrected!

  2. I really want the same Garmin you have. I know it's "outdated" and all that jazz but I am so sick of running watches with separate GPS link up things that I have to find a way to carry. And the Garmin price on Amazon doesn't bother me. If I meet my goal of 10% of my weight lost by Memorial Day I am treating myself with my allowance money.

  3. Ummm... I have 3 kids and sometimes I need a little "time out" too. :) Glad the Garmin is working again. Whew......... Those buggers are spendy.

  4. I'm so glad Jerry was able to fix your watch! It's funny, I've been in the market for a new Garmin. I have the 410 which is great, but it always feels SO bulky on my wrist (I'd die with the 305 - HAHA!). That and I HATE The bezel. I was researching Garmin's yesterday and almost bought the 210, but then I realized you can't display calories burned which is a BIG deal to me. Screw pace, distance, heart rate. Nothing pushes me like seeing the calories burned increase. :) I'm really bummed that none of the smaller form Forerunners (210 or 110) can display calories. MAJOR FAIL GARMIN. This weekend I'm going to go check out the Soleus. They are an Austin, TX company so of course it's pretty popular here, but it would be hard to not have a Garmin.

    And for what it's worth I think you are perfectly justified for having some alone time at the zoo. You guys still ate together at the restaurant and were able to hang out there. :)

  5. Hey, remember when I fixed your Garmin Forerunner 305 with rubbing alcohol? You're awesome.

    1. Jerry, you crack me up. You are awesome!

  6. Thanks for sharing the tip about the Garmin and alcohol! I don't like to run without my watch either - I'm a numbers person too, and it just feels wrong when I can't track a run!

    Just in case you needed another opinion about a new running watch...I really like my Forerunner 405. I think it is a smaller screen than yours, but I can see everything just fine, and I like the smaller size on my wrist. I also like using the heartrate monitor with it just to see how much I am exerting myself sometimes.

    I am sidelined with a stress fracture for 6 weeks, so I am running vicariously through you (even though my distances are shorter)! Keep up the great blogging!

  7. I would have done the same thing at the zoo!!!! I'm glad your Garmin is working now!

  8. Way to go Jerry!!

    Earlier this week my girls had their friends over and it was nonstop loudness.. I knew they were just being kids having fun, but every so often the high pitched scream appeared and I had no choice but to lock myself in my bedroom and read. I felt kinda bad isolating myself, but at the end of the day I was still sane!

    Good luck Saturday!! If I was running the 10k we could run together. You'd go slow!!!

  9. Don't you hate it when your husband fixes stuff when you can't! But at the same time very relieved to not have to spend money. I was all set to call the dishwasher repairman, but was putting it off to not spend the money. I came home and it was fixed. When I asked him what he did, all he had done was turn off the power and then turn it back on. ==lakegirl76

  10. So happy that the Garmin came back to life! Whew!

    And now I'm definitely in the mood for Mexican food! ;)

  11. Oh man I hate days like "zoo days" LOL! I get them all the time unfortunately. :/ I don't even have kids though hahaha! Then it'll be having to lock myself in a room before I make the front page news!!! Hope your knee feels better!

  12. I love that you shared your experience at the zoo. It's always nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one who just snaps and needs to walk away sometimes. Better to handle it that way than to pout and snap all afternoon at them (which is how I probably would have handled it.)

    Good luck on your 10K. I have a 5K Saturday. I still haven't quite finished the C25K program (w7d2 completed yesterday) and I don't think I've quite got the full 3 miles in me yet, but I'm hoping to run at least the first 2 and then walk a bit and then run the last bit and across the finish line.

  13. I know it's irrelevant now, but here is a great review of the forerunner 210 with feature and size comparison to other models. http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/12/garmin-forerunner-210-in-depth-review.html

  14. Wow--you got some great pictures, considering you were all cranky pots at the zoo!
    Your story of Jerry coming to the rescue, reminds me of my hubby. I am going to the Public School Offices tomorrow to get all signed up for substitute teaching since I am officially "hired." I had to get together my transcript, my teaching certificate, my birth certificate, social security card, the e-mail they sent me, my driver's license and a cancelled check. They will do my paperwork and take my picture for my ID badge. Gosh--this is really happening. It's kinda scary. At least I don't have to worry about actually doing any substituting until school starts in August.

    Last year just after school let out for the year, the School Administration Building burnt down. To the ground. A disgruntled employee started the fire. So they had to find new offices. I wasn't sure where I needed to go to find their new temporary building, from the address, so tonight after his bowling, in the dark, hubby drove around and found the new place for me, then when he got home, drew me a map, so that I could find it tomorrow. He's a honey. We're lucky girls!

  15. I am so happy that your Garmin is working! I hate it when they are right when we want them to just zip it! ; ) Good job Jerry! Anywho, I have been looking at Garmin 305's on ebay and their are some pretty good deals, just in case you ever end up having to actually replace yours. Oh and you are not alone when it comes to being fed up with attitude from the fam, sometimes I have to tell the kids to just get out of my face until they can get over thier attitude's because it is SOOO irritating! I had one of those days today! Have a good Friday. : )

  16. I assure you mama, you're not the only one. Today the kids broke the mirrored closet door - after I had already told them 3 times today - and thousands of times in the past, to get out of their room. They have a HUGE playroom and backyard - yet they insist on playing in the back of the house. I was so livid I couldn't even look at them, let alone listen to their voices. Mama was in time out for a couple hours, lol!

  17. Nina has the 405cx with heart rate monitor, she got for $190 from amazon. She loves it and it works really well. I have the 410 and love it also. If you have any questions just ask Nina or I and we would be more than happy to help. Or just have Jerry talk to me at work.

  18. Katie-
    I am so glad to hear (read) that you are NORMAL :) when it comes to intolerance of men/boys childish behavior. My family (3 teens and hubby) acts about the same for picture time which is so frustrating. They must have forgotten that I have a signed media release on file for all pics taken by ME...lol...since they always cover their face and threaten "Don't put this on FB."
    Glad the Garmin decided to behave, and good luck with the big mileage coming up.

  19. I am so happy that you got your garmin to work, I know how frustrating it can be not to have those type of things work.
    Enjoy your training run on Saturday. I am hoping for no rain!

  20. Awe! I am sorry that your day at the zoo wasn't what you envision, seemed liek a page right out of my life sometimes thought. Glad your Garmin began working again, I can't run without mine either. Best of luck on your 10k!

  21. Oh my gosh I would have done the same thing. Seemed like you had a nice time at dinner so that is fun!! Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  22. So glad you got your Garmin to work! Woohoo! Seems like you are going out to eat much more these days after long runs and w the fam. I hope I can eventually get to that point- I always blow my diet (and budget!) when I go out to eat. I bet the kids love it! Good luck Sat!

  23. Sometimes parents need time-outs, too :) It's a good lesson for the kids to learn, too, that it's okay to give yourself a cooling-off period when you get that upset. Even on the days when I just absolutely LOSE IT with the kids (and sometimes for the tiniest, dumbest reason ever), and I find myself just screaming at them... once we're all calmed down and I apologize for losing my patience and my temper, they always forgive me and tell me it's okay and that of course they still love me and think I'm a great mom :) Sometimes parents have tantrums, too ;)

  24. I was out of control cranky yesterday too!!! I could not figure out why, I had hit a TRX class and took the kids paddleboating. then BAM I was a raging Bitch! No one could say anything right without pissing me off!!! I finally went to bed earlier than normal to save my family and myself from how cranky i was!

  25. Katie, I started to read your blog for running inspiration, but I find myself coming back to read about you and your family. I am newly married and it is still hard realize that I am not going to have a "perfect marriage" where we are cute and lovey all the time! You sound like you have a great marriage with a great husband but you are, as we all are, human. Thank you for sharing!

  26. ICE YOUR KNEE!!!!
    Sorry the zoo wasn't pleasant! My kids went to the zoo last friday with my in-laws and husband. I got my hair did and went to Yoga! Try that next time! ;)

  27. hello there I wanted to let you know I injured my knee in a car accident and was very scared I would not be able to run again. I was wrong. I can and do run BUT not at the same speed yet still. SLOW down. I think this will help a lot Who cares the time I think if you take your time and really listen to your knee you will be ok. I have not ran a Marathon BUT did run a 1/2 last summer. Hope this information helps
    Have a great race tomorrow (:

  28. Yep, like many of the other commentors, I definitely over-react! I don't have children, but even child-less relationships are tricky lol I love Paul, but sometimes he pisses me off haha I act like a child, then feel stupid & apologise lol

    Love that you love Mexican, cos I love it too!

  29. I have done similar things with my kids and husband. They'll just be getting on my nerves so bad I want to pummel all of them, so the only thing that works is to have some space from them. :) I hope your knee is better!


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