November 13, 2018

The amazing transformation that a little bold paint can do!

I don't have time to write a real post right now, but I just thought I'd share some of the things that I've been working on lately. It's been SO fun seeing what a drastic difference a little paint makes!

Again, I am terrible about taking "before" photos. I always forget to! So, this is all I have of the table and chairs. Two of the chairs aren't seen in this photo because I was likely standing on them to paint the ceiling ;) (And we all know why that's a stupid idea)

table and chairs "before" makeover

After two coats of oil-based primer...

table and chairs primed for paint

Have you ever tried painting furniture inside of the house when you have a dog and two cats? Well, don't. It's horrible! (It's way too cold to paint outside right now. We even have snow!) It doesn't matter what I do, I am constantly picking pet hair (namely, Joey's) out of the paint. And Joey has permanent paint patches on his tail from coming into contact with wet paint!

When I woke up a few days ago, I was determined to paint the table and chairs, but I had no idea what color I was going to do. I was thinking just white, but I'm not really a "paint everything white" kind of girl. So, I went with my very favorite color: orange.

table and chairs painted orange

I bought that table and chairs set for $10 at a garage sale YEARS ago. After Noah took a meat mallet to our large, gorgeous solid oak table, I decided to buy something cheap. And I liked this set! But it wasn't very nice looking. I am IN LOVE with the orange paint on it, though! The floors will be dark gray and the walls light gray, so I think this will look really good with it. It looks awesome next to my blue cabinets.

And we are in the process of replacing the interior doors, which is very exciting. I'll explain the doors situation in another post. But for now, here is my pantry door. Like usual, I didn't take a "before" photo, but you can see the door to the left of it (which is the utility room) and that's basically what it looked like (only it didn't have the air grille on it).

kitchen doors "before" makeover

And once again, I was just feeling that the room needed some orange in that spot! ;)

painted orange pantry door

I'm going to paint the other door orange as well--right now, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the air return grille. I may do a DIY decorative cover for it, but that's MUCH more expensive than just painting the grille I have. I also have to cut a cat door into it, because that's where the litter box is.

We only bought door "slabs", which are basically doors without the hardware or any pilot holes or the frame. So, Jerry and I spent the weekend measuring and hanging doors and drilling holes for the doorknobs. I can't believe what a difference a $35 door slab makes!

I'm excited to post about our next big DIY adventure in this whole renovation, but I want to wait until after we actually do it. Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll get talked out of it! hahaha.

But things are coming along, albeit very slowly. Until this weekend, I'd done nearly everything myself. And now I'm at the point where I reeeeally want my house back, so I recruited Jerry's help. (He was more than happy to help before, but I genuinely enjoyed doing it myself.)

Anyway, I'll try and update about the intermittent fasting tomorrow. I'm still going strong... and I even switched to black coffee this week! ;)


  1. You kitchen is so cute! I love the colors! We are in the process of re-doing our kitchen and can't wait for it to be done too. I feel your pain! I can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. I love to see your DIY updates. I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough for orange paint, but I love it!

  3. I LOVE THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All these years I thought I was just following a "weight loss" blog, but little did I know... it's a home renovation blog!!! I can't wait to see the rest of what you are doing...So excited!!!

  4. I used to have the same style of chairs and I also painted them orange! Although your's turned out much better then mine did. I lost patience after having to prime them and didn't take my time on the final coats. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  5. Love, LOVE, LOVE your color choices!!!!

  6. Love the orange! Can't wait to see the after pictures.

  7. Its looking as good as new. Your colour choice is excellent and the work done is marvellous.


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