July 27, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #35

My mind just can't seem to comprehend that today is Tuesday. Yesterday, I was sure it was Sunday. And today feels like a Sunday as well! I think going on vacation last week messed me all up. Our trip was Monday through Friday, but it all felt like a long weekend.

Anyway, it's Transformation Tuesday! I only have a couple to share today (so please send me some!) but they are good ones...

I am typically what I call a black thumb, I kill everything I plant. But my husband and I bought a new house this spring and I really wanted to try a little garden, as well as fill the custom planters the previous owner left. We planted 4 tomato plants & 1 pepper plant along with lots of flowers. Surprisingly, I haven't killed much yet (although there have been a few casualties). These pics are exactly 2 months apart (May 16-July 16) and I'm blown away at the growth. We've even harvested our first tomato which was somehow a giant fusion of 3 separate tomatoes!

- Christie, Amateur gardener

I am working on a "Phase 1" Kitchen reno, trying to keep the budget low and just use paint and smaller updates to get our kitchen to match our style. To start, we painted the cabinets using a sprayer, replaced the hardware, faucet and some lighting. The best best best project ever was painting the countertops. We had granite before, but it wasn't our style so we used a marble countertop kit from Home Depot to paint the countertops. It gets sealed with an Epoxy, but for $180, no one can tell that they aren't real marble! 

We are going to continue a few more steps to include replacing the floors and adding a new top to the island with legs to extend it out for more seating. We are trying to do the whole project for under $3000, so fingers crossed! 

We are tracking our reno at our blog sprucebaltimore.com, feel free to stop by!

- Melissa

Melissa, I am super impressed. I have a "black thumb" as well--it's really pathetic! I think I need to just have someone come over and help me, because I have no idea where to start. But that's so exciting that your garden has really flourished! Definitely something to take pride in :)

Christie, holy cow! Your kitchen reno is STUNNING. It looks so elegant. And the countertops are crazy impressive. I hope you had an easier time with epoxy than I did! Hahaha (here is that nightmare of a story). It's amazing that you did that with paint. (I just have to say that the nerd in me really loves that you took your before and after photos from the same angle--I always love when they match up like that). Great job on the kitchen!

Thanks again for sending the transformations! As you know, I love this series. But to continue it, I need more submissions to post--so please send them. To submit a transformation, just email me a before photo and an after photo to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Be sure to include your name and a description of the transformation! Thanks, Friends :)

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  1. Those countertops look AMAZING!! I’m so impressed.


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