July 02, 2021

Friday Night Photos

Ahh, Friday! This has been a very long week. There is something about Friday night that makes me want to put on my pajamas early, make a good snack, and watch a couple of cheesy scary movies. Not sure I'll actually do that, but it sounds good!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the camera roll this week...

Poor Joey. He has a hotspot on his back (right by his shoulder blade) and it wouldn't heal because he kept using his hind leg to scratch it. He can't reach it with his mouth, so a "cone of shame" wouldn't help. I had to get creative with a way to keep him from scratching it, and this is what I came up with--haha! I took a men's t-shirt and altered it a bit with scissors to fit Joey. Now, if he tries scratching, he can't hurt his hotspot. (It's working well! The spot is finally healing.)

Jerry took this photo when he got home from work at 6:30 AM. Big Mama was patiently waiting for someone to put nuts in the squirrel lunchbox. (I have to take the nuts out every night because raccoons get into them if I leave them in there.)

Eli ordered a new fishing rod and it came in a very long box. The cats were immediately drawn to it, of course! Duck was the only one who crawled through the whole tunnel, though.

Speaking of Duck... I have to explain his routine. So, I've already mentioned that Duck is my baby, and I treat him as such. He's a total mama's boy. He likes to sleep on the couch in my bedroom, and I somehow got into this routine of spreading a blanket out on the couch cushions and placing the little folding table over over it (so he could sleep on the couch but under the table--a little hideout). Every night, he'd come into my room and I'd "make his bed"--then he'd crawl under the table and sleep there all night.

Last week, we had a LOUD thunderstorm--I've literally never heard thunder that loud before. All five pets came running into my bedroom. Duck is terrified of anything that moves or makes noise (he's the very definition of "scaredy cat"). I made his bed for him, but he was still scared. So, I made a fort (see photo) by draping the blanket over the couch and little table--that way, he could still sleep in his little nook, but now it's a fort.

I did it for him again the next night and he loved it! Jerry was off work the next night and he knew that I make Duck's bed for him every night. He made it the way he'd seen me do it for so long--spreading the blanket out on the couch cushions and putting the table over it--while Duck sat on the arm of the couch, watching him. When Jerry was done, he turned to walk away. Duck looked at Jerry, then at his bed, and then back at Jerry, like, "Where's my fort?" Hahaha, so Jerry made the fort and Duck went inside to sleep. Now he wants a fort every night!

I was going to order another fitted sheet from Brooklinen (ever since I tried their percale sheets, I'm obsessed--and I only have one fitted percale sheet, so when I wash the bedding, I have to wait for it to be done washing/drying. It would be nice to be able to swap it out with a second sheet when washing bedding.)

Anyway, I had an idea while looking at the sheets: I have a brand new top sheet that came in my set, so I figured I could try turning it into a fitted sheet. (We use a duvet cover over a comforter, so we don't use a top sheet.) I took it out to the garage after carefully measuring the sheet on my bed. I haven't done the sewing yet, but hopefully it'll work out!

This picture is from about a month ago, but I missed it somehow. This is from when Jerry and I were getting rid of the starling nest under the roof. (He also took down that satellite that's been up there for nearly 20 years--we'd tried satellite TV and only lasted two days before going back to cable.) I don't even remember taking this picture, but I like it!

Eli has been fishing a lot lately and he had a friend come over today. They took out the fishing kayaks that we got the boys for Christmas and went fishing across the street. I can't believe how grown up he is! (He's on the right, his friend is on the left.)

Can you believe these are the KITTENS? They're enormous now. I love how photogenic they are against an orange background.

This is definitely my kind of squirrel--finding a place to lie down in the shade and eat, haha.

I saw these while grocery shopping at Kroger and I had to buy some! They are Skittles that are all colored gray (in honor of Pride Month--"Only one rainbow matters during Pride"). Whenever my family eats Skittles (which is pretty much only after Halloween when the kids' candy is running low) we talk about whether they actually have different flavors or if they are all flavored the same (and we just think they are flavored differently because of the colors). I think that they have different flavors! But I thought this would be a fun thing to try--the Skittles are all gray, so we won't know which is which. (And even when we eat them, we won't know for sure! But we can at least try to notice a difference.)

I finally have apples growing on my apple tree--I've gotten about 3-5 each year for the past few years, but right now I have a couple dozen! (Not to be confused with my Asian pear tree--sadly, it still doesn't produce fruit. I need a second tree to cross-pollinate and that's just something I'm procrastinating.)

Anyway, I was admiring my apples from the living room window, when I saw one of the squirrels go pick an apple from my tree! She grabbed it and ran all the way up the utility pole with it in her mouth and then she sat and ate it. I thought she looked so cute! The next morning, I found an apple core on the front porch, hahaha.

The ultimate showdown: Duckling versus Estelle. They sat like this for a solid four minutes. Estelle was the first to turn away, which surprised me!

And finally, this is the table that I found on Facebook Marketplace (which, coincidentally, was listed by my cousin). I wanted a table for the garage that we could use to play board games, and this one looked perfect because of the little cabinet and shelf underneath. Now I just need to find some high-top stools.

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. The cat fort is the best. Have a great holiday!

  2. I agree with Nita, the cat fort is superlative - just awesome!

  3. This is a great photo week! Love the cat fort and the cat showdown.


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