July 09, 2019

Transformation Tuesday #6

Yikes--I didn't realize that my last post was a whole week ago. I've been super busy getting ready for cross country season. Like I said, I'm coaching the team by myself this year, and I'm super nervous--so I've been working hard on getting stuff ready for that. Tomorrow is our first practice, so I'll definitely write a "real" blog post tomorrow.

But today... I have another installment of Transformation Tuesday! Thank you so much for sending in your before and after photos. It's awesome to see even the simplest of things transformed.

I am still hoping to do a special Transformation Tuesday post about before and after animal rescues, and I have a few submissions that are ready... so if you have one, please send them my way and I'll get it posted as soon as I can. And as always, to keep Transformation Tuesday going, I need before and after photos of anything that you have transformed--big or little! I'll share instructions on how to do that at the bottom of this post.

For now, though, here we go...

This is the little house that my husband and I bought 2.5 years ago. We have completely transformed the house, inside and out. Last summer we tore out the bushes and rocks that were older than I am and planted some beautiful plants. We also pressure washed the siding and repainted the cinderblock and steps!

- Trina, Indiana, Amateur Gardener

Tired of not having grass on the side of our front yard, we opted for shade tolerant plants and mulch over much of that side. A tree was removed and others cut so that there could be some sun, and put in the path to the back yard.

- Traci, Texas, NON-avid gardener

Did you know poodles fade over time? Here is Pegasus at four months versus 5 years old!

- Jenny, mom to a faded poodle :)

I donated a 21-inch ponytail (and a check) to Wigs for Kids!

- Martine, Southern California, Heart of Gold (okay, I may have added the "heart of gold" part, but I met Martine via my blog and she truly is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met!)

This side of our house has always bothered me. My brother told me what plants to purchase and I dug out the bed, planted and mulched!

- Elizabeth, Massachusetts, Outdoor Lover

My middle son has always shared a room with one of his brothers, so for his last birthday we cleared out a room we were using as an office/storage and gave him a bedroom.

- Stacey, Ontario Canada, HockeyMom x3  (Find her blog at The Hockey Mom Chronicles)

This was my attempt to wrangle cords. I turned what looked like spaghetti into a something more manageable and that didn't raise my anxiety up a notch every time I looked in that corner!

- Helen, Minnesota

These are fantastic photos--thank you all so much for sharing! I am especially inspired by the cord untangling... It's something that I always notice in my house and I think to myself, "I need to make a solution for those cords..." but I never get around to it. I really want to do it now after seeing these pictures.

Friends, please keep the pictures coming! Here is how to submit them:

1) Email one "before" photo and one "after" photo, of anything you'd like, to: transformations (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.

Please keep the photos separate rather than collaging them, and refrain from altering the photos with filters, graphics, etc. If necessary, I may crop or resize the photos simply to fit uniformly into the post, but I will try to keep them as original as possible. Also, if there is someone in the photo, just make sure it's cool with them that I share it here.

2) You may include a link to your personal blog or social media page if you'd like (no business or promotional pages--this will be at my discretion). Please include the following:

-One or two sentence description of the transformation

-First Name; Location; A few words of who you are (i.e. "New DIY'er" or "Cat Lover", etc). If you want me to leave out name/location, just let me know.

3) I will post whenever I get enough submissions to do so--it could be one week or it could be several. I'll send you an email to let you know beforehand, though.

Thanks for sharing!

(Here are the previous Transformation Tuesday posts)


  1. I just love this series!! I always look forward to Tuesday hoping there's a new transformation post! Great job to everyone!

  2. Great pics = motivation!

  3. I love seeing the transformations. They make me want to start another project!


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