July 02, 2019

Transformation Tuesday #5

Transformation Tuesday #5

Finally! Another installment of Transformation Tuesday. As I've said six million times, I love this series and I'm so excited each time I get to post one :)  Also, I can't post them unless I get submissions, so please please please send me your before and after shots of whatever you'd like!

(I'm putting together a post that is specifically for before and after rescue pets, so consider those as well.) You can find the information at the bottom of this post on how to submit the photos.

So here are this week's Transformation Tuesday before and after photos! Enjoy :)

Before and after of a chair I got at a garage sale for $2! I sanded it and used a primer I had, and the yellow paint was free from a Glidden promotion several years ago.


wooden chair "before"

wooden chair "after" painting

Last year, we turned our formal living room into a library for our many books (and some toys and memorabilia!). It's been amazing to have this space. We made it technology-free and my kids love to hang out in here too!

- Vanessa, Georgia, Book Lover

formal living room before turning into a library

formal living room turned into a library

Here is a before and after I cleaned up and organized the disaster of our hallway!

- Felicia, Michigan, Master Organizer

hallway before organizing

hallway after organizing

My version of “Joanna Gaines-ing” my dining room!

- Amy, Ohio

dining room "before" makeover

dining room "after" makeover

This is the exterior of my home remodel!

- Susan, Cleveland, greyhound lover

home exterior before remodel

home exterior after remodel

Amazing transformations, as usual. Thank you so much to Jan, Vanessa, Felicia, Amy, and Susan for sharing your before and after photos!

Friends, please keep the pictures coming! Here is how to submit them:

1) Email one "before" photo and one "after" photo, of anything you'd like, to: transformations (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.

Please keep the photos separate rather than collaging them, and refrain from using filters or Photoshop on the photos (filters tend to invalidate the "wow" factor). If necessary, I may crop or resize the photos simply to fit uniformly into the post, but I will try to keep them as original as possible. Also, if there is someone in the photo, just make sure it's cool with them that I share it here.

2) You may include a link to your personal blog or social media page if you'd like (no business or promotional pages--this will be at my discretion). Please include the following:

-One or two sentence description of the transformation

-First Name; Location; A few words of who you are (i.e. "New DIY'er" or "Cat Lover", etc). If you want me to leave out name/location, just let me know.

3) I will post whenever I get enough submissions to do so--it could be one week or it could be several. I'll send you an email to let you know beforehand, though.

Thanks for sharing!

(Here are the previous Transformation Tuesday posts)


  1. OMG! Such great transformations! I WANT that library in my home!

  2. I want the library too! I love the dining room and house transformations too!

  3. That library!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

  4. Great Transformation Tuesdays as always! Katie, I am hoping you will get back to posting Weigh In Wednesdays as well!


  6. Love that yellow chair!


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