October 08, 2018

A lot to catch up on! A double date, chiropractor, homecoming, and spontaneous 5K race

You know how some weekends are super laid back, without plans on the calendar, and you can just chill? And then other weekends are packed full and you feel like you need another weekend to recover from that weekend?

Yeah, the latter was my weekend.

On Friday, I was in SO. MUCH. PAIN. from this compressed nerve in my neck. I'd been up most of the night crying in agony... and I'm not exaggerating. I've given birth twice and I've broken my jaw completely through in five places, going through two reconstructive surgeries... and this pain in my hand is WORSE than any of those. It only flares up that badly at night. It literally feels like my whole arm is on fire, and someone is smashing my fingers with a hammer.

It comes on like contractions during labor, and if you were to just listen to the audio of my nighttime, you would probably think that you're hearing a woman in labor. The worst of it lasts from 10-20 minutes, and it happens about 3-5 times per night.

So, Friday morning, I was miserable. I was willing to do anything at all for relief, so I ended up calling a chiropractor to get in ASAP. I have never been a fan of chiropractors, because my sister told me about a couple of patients she's had that became paralyzed from chiropractic adjustments (she's an occupational therapist). But I was desperate to have a night of sleep without the pain.

I explained the situation to the receptionist and she had me go in at 10:30. After talking to the doctor for literally an hour (including x-rays), he did adjust me. It was funny, because I'm a super skeptic; but as soon as he examined me, before taking x-rays or anything, he said my right hip was out of alignment. I didn't mention my hip at ALL during the visit, but I have always had issues with it and I frequently ask Jerry to push on it hard.

When he mentioned that about my hip, I actually started believing that he knew what he was doing. I let him adjust me--my hips, back (that weird spot where I have always had pain), and neck. I was super nervous about my neck, but it actually didn't bother me at all. I left there with super high hopes of it having miraculously cured my compressed nerve.

I didn't have any numbness throughout the day, but I did wake up twice during the night with that excruciating pain again. I told Jerry that I'm never going to a chiropractor again, but he convinced me to go a couple more times. I have another appointment for Wednesday. I also made an appointment for a massage. I am hoping that massage will help, too--although I expect will hurt like a bitch!

Shortly after the kids got home from school, Jerry and I headed up to Detroit to meet up with Eric and Maris, a couple that we've known for a long time but rarely spend time with. I had four tickets to see Kevin Hart's show "The Irresponsible Tour" at the Little Caesar's Arena, the new arena where the Red Wings play.

We went out to dinner first at a little bar nearby and then walked to the arena. Our tickets got us into the VIP lounge before the show as well as the after-party when the show was over--so cool! We stood out horribly, but we had fun pretending we were "VIP's" for a while ;)

The show as amazing--I love Kevin Hart! The opening comedians were fantastic, too. Jerry and I actually saw the show earlier this year in Canada, but we had the opportunity to go again, and since we'd loved it the first time, we were excited to go.

I'm super old and was ridiculously tired after the show, but we went to the after-party for a little bit, just to say we did. (Jerry and Eric geeked out over a couple of Lions players that were there.)

We got home close to 1:00, and I had to set the alarm for 6:00 for a cross country meet in the morning. I was up all night because of the hand pain, and then went to cross country in the morning, where it rained. My hand was totally numb, and I couldn't pin the kids' bibs on their shirts because I couldn't feel my fingers. It's such an odd feeling!

After cross country, it was time for Noah's first homecoming dance! While he was in school on Thursday, I went out and bought his clothes for the dance, and I'd say I did a pretty good job. He loved what I chose! I had to convince him that Converse shoes were totally okay to wear. I was so excited to find them at Salvation Army for $5--and they were purple, and in his size! It was a sign.

I picked up his corsage from the florist, and then Jerry and I took him to his friends' house (Ellie and Cadie are twins that he is good friends with). His girlfriend, Amber, was there as well; and some of the other friends in his "group". It cracks me up that he is the only boy in his group of friends!

We stayed and took pictures for a little while before we drove Noah and Amber to meet the others at Ruby Tuesday.

While Noah was eating with his friends, Jerry and I had dinner and then went to look for a clock for our living room (we bought one, and then later found out it doesn't work--bummer!). After Noah was done eating, we picked up him and Amber and drove them to the school for the dance. Amber's mom picked them up and brought them home. I was so tired that I actually fell asleep before 12.

Yesterday morning, I got up early again because it was the day of the Melanoma 5K Walk. I had signed up in honor of my friend Sarah, who died in 2014 after a long battle with melanoma. As I mentioned, I hate asking for money, even if it's for a good cause--so thank you SO much to those of you that donated!

Many many thanks to: Jen Grimes, Kristina, Gina Kenney, Megan Bell, Megan Mele, Lacey Baker, Music Watson, Tracy Marsh, Erin Sutton, "Runs for Cookies Reader", Susan Snyder, Allyson Cathey, Kaitlin O'Rinn, Tricia Neuburger, Cathy Bailey, Carol Hanscom, Rachel Coles, Barrie Nelson, Megan Dunn, Angie B, Vanessa Plante, Rebecca Smith, Tammy Buckner, Ann Lightfoot, Karuna Demla, Jennifer Bracht, Meredith Rodriguez, Les and Sue, Pamela Holmes, and Thomas Graf.

I admit, when I woke up and it was raining, I was so tempted to go back to bed... but knowing that so many of you had donated to our team, I wasn't going to miss it for anything! I drove up to Kensington Metropark (about 65 minutes away). I was kind of excited to see the park, because I'd never been there before and I heard it's a really nice one. It didn't disappoint (I'll have to go back with the family one day when it's not so rainy).

When I'd registered, I planned to do the 5K walk, not the run. I assumed all of "Sarah's Stars" would be walking together, so obviously I didn't want to be the random one that did the run. But once I got there, I realized that everyone sort of did their own thing (except Sarah's mom and kids, who walked together). When I saw Sarah's daughter, I couldn't believe how much she looked like Sarah--it was uncanny! And she's almost the same age Sarah was when we became friends.

Anyway, it was cold and raining. I hadn't thought to bring a long-sleeved shirt with me, because it had just been 80 degrees on Saturday. About five minutes before the race started, I asked at registration if I could switch to the run instead of the walk. They gave me a bib, and a few minutes later, I was at the starting line.

I didn't feel at all prepared. I wasn't wearing my running tights, but yoga pants instead (which meant my thighs would be all over the place, haha). I also didn't have my Garmin 😱I'd only run a race without my watch one time, and I hated it--I'd sworn I'd never do it again. All I was thinking was that I was cold and wet and if I ran, I would be done sooner.

The rain was just drizzling, and it was in the low 50's, so it was actually perfect running weather. I didn't intend to treat it as a "race", but rather just a regular run. It felt SO odd without my Garmin. I had absolutely no clue what pace I was running. There was a woman just in front of me that I kept pace with for the first half of the race. She was going just a tad bit slower than I would've liked, but I didn't want to feel like an idiot by passing her, only to get way too winded and then have her blow by me.

It was an out and back run, so when we got to the turn around point and the woman stopped for water, I kept going and was able to pick up the pace just a touch. There was a young boy who kept sprinting and then walking, over and over again. He cut me off several times, and it drove me crazy. It gave me the idea that Renee and I should talk to our cross country kids about "runners etiquette" during a race.

It's so funny that I was totally ready for the 5K to be over during that last mile. I've run marathons! But this 5K felt so difficult and long because I have gotten so out of shape over the last couple of years. I was desperate to look at my Garmin, and I kept forgetting it wasn't there.

When I was almost to the end, I saw a woman waiting for her friend on the side of the trail. I thought, "She looks like she could be in my age group... she should get moving!" ;) After that thought, I realized I hadn't seen many women who looked my age ahead of me. I never, ever expected an age group award, but I thought it'd be funny if I actually got one.

Finally, I could hear the music from the finish line, and I was so grateful it was almost over. I wasn't racing my best, but I was definitely pushing myself. My face felt like it was on fire--something that used to happen after all of my runs when I was a beginner.

I really enjoyed that race! Not necessarily the race itself, but more so the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the people. Other than Sarah's Stars, there were other teams of people showing support for loved ones with melanoma, or who they'd lost to melanoma. There were lots of clever sayings on shirts about moles or staying out of the sun. I was really glad I'd taken part in it.

Just now, as I was looking up the race results, I saw that I actually DID finish first place in my age group! Hahaha. My pace was 11:04/mile, so clearly the field wasn't very competitive. But fun for a last-minute 5K :)


  1. Congratulations on finishing strong!
    I wondered if your sleep position affects your hand pain. I have mostly carpal tunnel, but it's compounded by moderate nerve compression in my neck and I have to sleep with both shoulders flat on the bed. I am naturally a side sleeper, so it is hard to sleep that way, but it does help my hand.

  2. Wow what a weekend.....I too had a crazy one and I am much older than you so it took me until this am to feel like myself again...(I am just not 21 any more...ha!)

    That pain sounds awful...I so hope you get some relief soon!!

  3. Um what? Noah is going to Homecoming? And has a girlfriend?! Wow, he's so grown up!! I just remember him being so small when I first started reading your blog! Great job on the race! Sounds like such a great run!! You had a super fun and busy sounding weekend!

  4. Great job on the race! And my goodness, Noah is so grown up and so handsome! The shoes are awesome! :)

  5. Congrats on your race!

    People keep mentioning Chiropractor to me for my neck nerve issue also.. but they scare the daylights out of me.

  6. I was a super skeptic of chiropractic care, too, before going but my midwife sent me. And then I became a convert.

    I am curious why you said you would never go again after he magically deduced you had hip issues AND you had no numbness all day and only two episodes at night? That sounds like a marked improvement to me if not a total cure. NOTHING can cure pain like that in a single visit! (A steroid shot might remove the pain for a time but it wouldn't treat it forever.) Give chiro a chance.

    Abby, loyal patient of chiro but no other stake in it

  7. Way to go!! You are amazing. After such a full weekend RUNNING instead of walking that 5k says a lot about your mental strength. You are tough in the best possible way.

  8. Congratulations on your race. I hope you are getting some relief. Way to go on Noah's outfit! Love it!

  9. Have your pain been evaluated by a physician yet? Sounds like that would be a great place to start to get a handle on it, and the appropriate treatment plan started.

    1. I saw my primary care doctor, and now I'm waiting on an appointment with a neurologist. Couldn't get in right away.

  10. I love your sons look, you did a great job! Congrats on the first place in your run. I love the yellow shirts! So cute.

  11. My father in law had a compressed nerve in his neck. He started with numbness in his hands and later his feet. It began to impact his life when he could no longer button clothing, cut his food, etc. He had to have surgery or risk the numbness becoming permanent. I'm glad you have an appointment with a neurologist. Don't cancel it!

  12. I completely understand the pain you're going through because I have a pinched nerve in my neck between c6/c7. I had had to sleep in a recliner for 95% of the time since mid August. I saw a neurosurgeon and he has order pt and scheduled surgery. I pray yours isn't as bad but hope you get relief soon.


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