October 23, 2018

25 Fun Race Signs to Cheer for Runners

Like I mentioned yesterday, Jerry and I went to the Detroit Marathon to cheer on Dave as he ran his first half-marathon. On the way there, we stopped and bought a few poster boards to write signs to hold during the race.

I'm terrible at coming up with ideas for signs! But I know that I love to see them during races--especially the funny ones. Inspirational signs are nice, but I love a sign that can make me laugh when I'm chugging along in a race.

Anyway, as I was searching through sign ideas on Google, I saved some that I thought were great. Here are 25 of my favorites :)

Share your favorite race signs in a comment, if you'd like! If you're going to be cheering on a runner, I wrote a post about some ideas that may be helpful: How to Support Your Runner.


  1. I also really love "pain is just french for bread" cause French is my mother-tongue.

  2. I really like "WORST PARADE EVER!"

  3. Oh I love it! I didn't even know it was a thing. I goggled pictures on Google and found many more that I love. Like "Just keep running... walking... moving..." and "Pick a cute butt and follow it". Made me want to run. Not the cute butt thing, but the many images of people happy to move (or to stand and cheer).

  4. I know that these are supposed to be funny, but some of these would make me feel really bad about myself like "You're the slowest runner yet". Just something to think about.

    1. I think that one is funny because it's true... even if you're an elite runner in the front of the pack! No matter where you are in the race, when you pass any given point, you're technically the slowest runner until the person behind you passes by.

  5. I loved when you posted your cheer sign, "remember when you thought you couldn't do this?"! I loved it so much I used it to cheer at a half marathon in 2014, and I had people posing for pics with it or tearing up!

  6. Some of these are not very encouraging. ha! I think something more uplifting would make me happier than the "SO MUCH MORE TO GO" message. My favorite to do is "Chuck Norris Never Ran a Marathon!" We've also done "Smile if you're not wearing underwear!"


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