September 14, 2017

Salvation Army Finds!

I've been saving up my weekly "allowance" for a few months now, and I have hardly spent any of it. Each time I got dressed, I was wishing I had some more t-shirts, so I decided to spend some of my allowance at Salvation Army on "new" clothes. I really wanted some graphic/novelty tees, but they are getting hard to find! I also wanted some jeans. I had a full punchcard for 35% off my total order, so I was feeling shop-happy.

Anyway, I found some good stuff! Not many novelty tees (actually, I think only one), but I got some other comfy tees and a few nice pairs of jeans. I got two pairs of 7 for all mankind brand jeans (marked at $179 on their website!)--I paid $6.99 for one and $8.99 for the other.

I wish I had written down how much I paid for everything, but I cut the tags and threw everything in the washer when I got home, so I don't remember. I bought some other stuff (not for me) along with it, so the total bill was more than the clothes. I think I spent somewhere around $75 for everything I got. The prices at Salvation Army have gone up a LOT in the last couple of years! But still much, much cheaper than buying things brand new. I even got a pair of designer jeans with the tags still on them!

One thing that I got was for Eli, and I am still so surprised that I found it. When I was a kid, I had a pillow that looked like a Dalmatian. I loved it, and my mom ended up putting it in the attic in case I had kids one day. She took it down for Eli when he was just a toddler, and it's probably his favorite possession (other than his fishing lures). He loves it! As you can imagine, it's gotten a lot of wear over the last 30 years!

I was super shocked, then, when I saw a brand new one on top of a pile of stuffed animals. I just HAD to buy it! It was $5.

He doesn't want to replace his, but I couldn't help myself. I've not seen another of those in 30 years!

As for my clothes... (sorry these are bad mirror selfies, but I didn't have anyone here to take pics). These jeans weren't new, but I love this shirt I bought! It was regularly $2.99, and marked half off. Then, I got 35% more off!

I love shirts with open shoulders, because my shoulders are my favorite part of my body (so odd, I know). I'm self-conscious of my upper arms, but I love these shirts with open shoulders because I can show my shoulders without showing my upper arms. Anyway, now that I see the picture, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the shirt. Haha! The jeans are Maurices, and I like how they fit!

Silver brand jeans! I was so excited to find these in my size and the particular cut that I like (Tuesday). Silver jeans are my favorite, because I don't have much of a butt or a waist to hold up my pants, and the Tuesday-fit Silver jeans actually fit me well. These were my most expensive purchase--they were regularly $28(!) but I got 35% off of that. And I think this top is really cute. Again, $2.99, then half off, and then 35% off.

These are black stretchy skinny jeans, and I was totally unsure if I could pull them off (like, wear them in public; not literally pull them off of my legs, although that was a little troublesome too! haha). And the shirt is the only novelty tee I bought--it says Happy Camper and has a very cute camper with a smile on the front.

These are a SUPER comfy pair of 7 For All Mankind brand jeans. They have a mid-rise, which I love. These actually still had the new tags still on them! I got them for $6.99. On the store's website, they are $179. I love this long-sleeved knit tee, too, but once I got it home I noticed a couple of small tears in it. So, I spent some time sewing them up. It was worth it, because I really like the shirt and it's very soft and comfy.

These are the other pair of 7 for all mankind jeans I bought. The waist is lower, but I couldn't help but buy them at $8.99. (I don't know why they were marked higher than the other pair that was brand new!). The tee is nothing special, just something I picked up and liked.

This striped tee is my favorite out of all of them! I think the color looks good on me. And it was brand new with the tags still on it. It was marked at $2.99, and I got 35% off. The jeans are American Eagle--I really was hoping to find a lighter colored pair of jeans (all the ones I have are dark), so I was happy to find these. They are super comfy, too.

This is hard to see well, but it's a very nice (and heavy) sweater. The second picture shows the design better. This was $9.99, but it was 25% off and I got 35% off of that, so it was a pretty good deal. I am always freezing in the winter, and I like to have a sweater to wrap up in at home, so this one is perfect for that.

I saved the best for last... I can't even tell you how excited I was to find this!!

A retro Surf Style jacket, just like all the cool kids wore back in the early 90's! I think my sister had this same color, actually, and I used to borrow it all the time. My older brother had a green one. I wore this to cross country practice today, and it was perfect for the weather.

So, I'm pretty happy to have some new stuff in my wardrobe (and I pulled several things out today to make room for the new stuff). I love thrift shopping!

In other news, I got another response from Kroger about "the incident". Someone from the Michigan customer service team in Novi contacted me, and wrote a very kind, apologetic email. She said it was handled wrongly and that she wanted to make it up to me by inviting my family to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new store that is opening on Tuesday; she also wanted to send me a gift card in the mail!

I thought that was super generous--I never wrote about it to get anything out of it; I was really just venting about the service manager. But I think it's nice that Kroger is doing something about it. I really wish I could go to the grand opening event, but I have our first cross country meet that day. I think it would have been fun to tour the new store!

I'm really happy that Kroger followed up on this. And I'm curious to see how the service manager reacts if I should ever have to encounter her again!


  1. Katie, I love your pillow find! I had a cow one of those when I was a teenager. I also got my friend's daughter a Scooby Doo one about 15 years ago when she was little. (I tried to find photos to share with you, but they aren't actually good enough to bother sharing.)

    Good job on the clothes shopping. Your photos all look super cute and you look great.

  2. All of the clothes look great on you, Katie. You have a super cute figure and wear the jeans well.
    For some reason when I comment it says, "Northern Europe." Oh well, if that's Irvine now how can I disagree?

  3. What amazing finds!!! You look great in both V-neck AND scoop-neck. You may or may not have inspired me to go thrifting tomorrow after work--don't tell John! ;)

  4. Gotta love thrifty finds! You can get whole new outfits for the same prices as a single piece of clothing in some stores.

  5. LOVE the skinny black jeans on you! It makes you look at least a couple of inches taller and makes you look like you have endless legs.

  6. I'm SO glad Kroger did a better job. For some silly reason, this really bothered me and I'm happy they restored my faith in customer service :)
    PS. you look great in skinny jeans

  7. Great finds! My sister and I are going thrift shopping this weekend and I'm hoping to find some good buys since I need to update my fall/winter wardrobe bad! And I'm also so happy Kroger contacted you! I think that whole situation bothered me more than it bothered you hahaha. That manager was so wrong in the first place! Glad that's resolved now and I hope that tell that manager what she did was very wrong.

  8. Love this post...and love the new direction of your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Clearly I am not a fashionable person, because I had to read some of those brand names/styles twice or three times to understand the sentence, lol! ;) All great stuff, but I really like the "Silver" brand jeans and the top you're wearing with them...really cute!

  10. Love the finds you shared.That pick striped shirt looks great on you because that next line cut really accents your shape.Great job on being both frugal and fashionable at the same time.
    Oh and glad to hear Kroger stepped up. Good job taking the time to let them know of the experience. That store manager needs to remember that customers come first ALWAYS.

  11. I know you prefer thrifting but Target and Old Navy have a pretty good selection of graphic tees right now. Since everything 90s is back in fashion. You might see if you can get a deal with them through some email coupons.

  12. If you want some great graphic tees, try 6 Dollar Shirts. They have a huge variety, and a lot of them are hilarious, or super cute, or combinations thereof. I do prefer their unisex shirts over their women's just because of the thickness of material (I thought the women's one I got was a bit on the thin side, though not too thin to wear- but I've only ever ordered one women's shirt, so it may not be all of them).


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