September 23, 2017

Jerry's big birthday surprise!

On Thursday, as I sat down to write my Thrifty Thursday post, I ended up having to go to the E.R. because Jerry was sent there from work. We were there until about midnight, so I didn't end up writing the post. (Everything was okay, and Jerry is fine.)

Yesterday, Jerry and I went to a wedding. One of his co-workers got married, and I actually didn't know a single soul at the wedding. I was a little nervous about going and not knowing anybody, but I ended up having so much fun! I even danced, which I never do. Jerry loves wedding dancing, and he thinks people should hire him to go to weddings and get people fired up to get on the dance floor, hahaha.

Anyway, I sat a table with his friends, and I actually felt really comfortable. I was talkative (maybe too talkative) and I danced. And ate a delicious piece of cake! (Well, a piece and a half if we're keeping track.) We tried getting a nice photo:

Oh, well--I always like the candid photos better anyway ;)

I gave Jerry his birthday present on Monday, and he was THRILLED. Remember I mentioned that I'd gotten him something that I was super crazy excited to give him? Here's the story: When we were dating in high school, he used to wear band shirts all the time. He loved music and concerts and he had dozens of band t-shirts. His very favorite was this Korn shirt (the one he is wearing, not me):

korn shirt
Those frosted tips, tho! ;)

My parents are pretty conservative and didn't really approve of Jerry's "alternative" look or choice of music. (I imagine they were thrilled when they saw me wearing his band shirts as well, haha.) Anyway, Jerry and I were serious about each other from the beginning. The day I went out with him for the first time, I went home and wrote in my journal that I knew I would marry him one day. He was the most genuinely nice guy I'd ever met.

Jerry really wanted my parents' approval, so he decided one day to get rid of all of his band shirts. (Knowing what I know now, I never would have let that happen!). He regretted it shortly after, of course, but life went on. Several times over the years we've been together, he's mentioned that he wishes he still had those band shirts. There were two in particular--his favorite, which was the Korn shirt, and in close second, a Rage Against the Machine shirt.

Months ago, when I started my new meds and I was feeling much better, I started looking online for those shirts. I wanted to do something really special for him for putting up with all my "issues" over the years. I just couldn't find them! I wanted the Korn one most of all, and I searched a few times a week to see if I could locate one. No luck.

The day before his birthday, I was looking again, and I actually found one on Ebay. It happened to be a large, which is his size, and it had never been worn. It was the exact same shirt, by the same company, that he'd had in 1997! It was crazy expensive for a t-shirt ($135!!) but I just had to get it. I used my allowance that I'd been holding onto, and it was worth every penny. When the shirt arrived on Monday, I was giddy with nostalgia.

I carefully wrapped it, and then I was dying for him to wake up and open it. He knew I was excited to give him something, but he had no clue what it was. He was thrilled when he opened it, and put it on right away. He loved it!! I think he wore it for three days straight ;)

korn t-shirt

On Monday night, Becky asked me if I could want to watch Luke for a few hours so she and Brian could go somewhere to watch the Lions game. I didn't even have to think about it--of course! It was so fun having him over. We made popcorn in the popcorn maker that my kids loved when they were little, and I took a cute "then and now" photo.

Then we spent an hour being ridiculously silly, in order to make Luke laugh. We played with blocks, and then he fell asleep curled up on my chest. Baby snuggles are the best!

Today, we had a cross country meet, and it was NINETY TWO degrees!! I felt so bad for the kids. Yesterday was supposedly the first day of fall, and it was the hottest day we've had, probably all summer. Tomorrow, Noah and Eli have a baseball game--it's supposed to be even hotter. Where is fall?!


  1. I love that you found the shirt...I would call it "priceless". Worth every penny.

  2. What an awesome surprise! Funny story... I was a bit on the goth side in high school (late 90's) and my mom and stepdad were pretty conservative and didn't like my choice in music much. Well, my parents were in Omaha for work and my mom went shopping at the mall there. When she was waiting for a cab to take her back to her hotel, she noticed a few guys who were also waiting to go back to the same hotel. They told her they were in a band playing a show that night and needed to get back to the hotel and asked if they could share her cab. She said sure, and then asked what band they were in. Well, it was a few guys from Korn! They gave her a pick and offered her backstage VIP passes to the show (she declined the passes). She still says how nice they were! I couldn't believe it when she told me. Now I need to see if I still have that pick...!

  3. I know! This heat is crazy!!!!! My middle son had a soccer tournament yesterday and today and I was roasting yesterday!!!!💦

  4. OMG those frosted tips tho!

    So many memories came surging right up after seeing those!

  5. What a great gift!!!! So glad Jerry is ok! Any trip to the ER is always scary!

  6. Fabulous gift!
    I am so done with the humidity! We have it here until Thursday when it drops by half. It's been record breaking heat quite a few times in the past week. I don't deal well with humidity so I am thankful for the gym & air conditioning!

  7. You two don't age. Must be you guys are keeping each other young! Love the candid photos. You guys are so fun!


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