June 03, 2016

Our own little field trip

Noah's last track meet was yesterday, so things should be calming down a bit for the summer. It was kind of crazy for a few weeks, with both track and baseball going on. I managed to get an awesome picture of Noah at his meet yesterday. If he would just wear running shorts, he'd look like an elite in this photo! ;)

He was running the 70-meter dash here, and he finished in 11 seconds--which means he was running about 14 miles per hour. I honestly don't think I could do that, even if it was for just 70 meters!

Noah said he doesn't want to do track again next year, because he likes running on the road and grass better than on the track, and he likes the longer distances (at a slower pace). I don't blame him--the track meet is a LOT of just sitting around and waiting for his events, and then it's over in (literally) 11 seconds.

Noah did say that he wants to run the Rock 'n' Roll 5K in Virginia Beach when we go down there for Labor Day. Jerry is going to run the half-marathon, so I think it would be awesome if Noah wants to do the 5K. Noah even set his alarm for 5:30 this morning so that he could get up and run two miles with Jerry before school. He hasn't run long distances in a while, so I wasn't even sure he'd make it two miles--but when he got home, they'd not only finished, but at a 10:00/mile pace!

I headed out for a run as soon as they got back, and for some reason, I decided to wear shorts (actual shorts, not my tight running capris) this morning. I've only ever run in them one time (the loose skin on my thighs makes shorts uncomfortable). I figured since I've been running really slowly for heart rate training, maybe I could wear them without any issues (less jiggling).

This was a more flattering angle than from the front! haha

Wow, you can really see the under-pronation (supination) of my left foot in that photo! It's something I'm always conscious of when I run, but I can't seem to correct it. It doesn't physically bother me, so I'm not really worried about it. Anyway, the shorts weren't too uncomfortable, but I was very self-conscious in them. I feel much better in my tight capris.

Noah had a field trip today, and Jerry was chaperoning. Eli was bummed out because he didn't get a single field trip this year (usually, they have two or three). I told him that he could stay home from school today and we would go to the dairy farm to see the animals and get ice cream--sort of a field trip of our own. We made this plan before our no-grocery-shopping challenge, so the ice cream today didn't count against us! ;)

I asked a friend of mine if she and her son wanted to join us, and they did. It was a gorgeous day to go to the farm! We got there just as a school bus was arriving (it's a popular place for a field trip). Eli and I both like feeding the goats.

We usually avoid the pond with geese when we go, because the geese can be really mean, but Eli's friend wanted to feed the fish. I had no idea there were enormous carp in the water, and that ended up being Eli's favorite part of the farm.

It was a fun day with Eli, and Noah had a blast with Jerry on his field trip. Next week is the kids' last week of school! (I cannot believe they will both be in the middle school next year--that is just crazy).


  1. I'm so jealous of Noah's form! Great job!

  2. Feeding carp is lots of fun-- they get so big!

  3. My oldest runs track too and loves the longer distance running. The track club out here in Ca has long distance events. In fact, tomorrow he has a meet and will be running the 3000m! He's also found a love for the javelin (at age 12 and up they use the real one) and hurdles!! Check out the local track clubs to see what they're all about. Noah might enjoy knowing that there are longer running events. The only downfall is the traveling but its been fun checking out new towns around us. ;)

  4. The great thing is, he likes running. i think it's great this is turning into something y'all do as a family.

  5. I think the shorts look good. They are tight right? I have yet to figure out how to run in shorter shorts (loose or tight) because they ride up between my legs. I wish I could find some that worked so I could tan more of my legs!

    The Rock and Roll runs are so fun and the medals are nice. Awesome that Noah wants to do that.

  6. I was looking forward to meeting you when you came for the VA Beach rock 'n roll (I live in Norfolk, next city over) but we'll be at my husband's family's place on Lake Erie that whole week!


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