June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend, part 2

...continued from Father's Day Weekend, part 1...

Yesterday morning, the kids gave Jerry their gifts, and he loved the books! It's fun to see what kids think about and what they remember. The kids went to church with my parents, and when they got home, we headed up to White Lake, Michigan for an event at Pet Supplies Plus. This sounds like a totally odd thing to do, especially on Father's Day, but Jerry was really excited about it. Purina has a new line of cat food called Muse, and Muse was hosting an event in the store parking lot called Natural Nirvana that was all about cats. As you know, we are huge cat-people, so this sounded like fun for us ;)

They had a trailer set up with "cat space" (little cubbies and scratch posts, etc) and there were three adoptable cats in there. We got to go inside and play with the kitties.

We all fell in love with a female tortoiseshell named Olivia. My kids were begging to adopt her (I knew that would happen!).

I ended up taking an application to foster her. I don't know how receptive my cats would be to a new cat (especially a female), so I think fostering with the potential for adoption is the way to go. She's 8 years old, which is perfect (my cats are 13, 9, and 7). She's also really great with dogs--they've even been using her as a way to test how the adoptable dogs are around cats, because she's very chill around dogs.

To showcase the "bliss cats feel when dining on Muse", that had a little booth for free manicures and massages, along with the adoptable cats. Again, sounds like an odd choice for Father's Day fun, but we really enjoyed it! The boys all got their nails filed and buffed, and I got mine painted. We each had a massage (except for Noah, who didn't want one, silly kid).

Then we went inside the store to play with the other adoptable cats. There were probably about eight cats in a little "cat room", and my kids loved going in there to play. The cats were so friendly! I wanted to take them all home. But I was still thinking of Olivia.

The Natural Nirvana tour ended up being a lot of fun, and I'm glad we did it. (They are going to San Diego next, if it interests any of you--they'll be in San Diego July 8, 9, and 10.) When we left, we had a long drive home (an hour and fifteen minutes!) and then we headed over to my parents' house for dinner. I'd made my dad a pecan pie (something that has pretty much become a tradition with us). Brian and Becky were there, as well as Nathan, who had to leave shortly after we got there because he had to work.

After we ate, we sat outside and chatted for a while. It had been in the 90's earlier in the day, but in the evening it felt really nice. Brian got out a BB gun to shoot at an aluminum can, and I challenged Jerry to a contest to see who could hit the can the most times out of 10 shots.

I hit the can five times, and Jerry hit it four, so I was the winner ;)  I didn't know Jerry took this picture until later, and then I remembered I had a similar picture from when I was in high school. I just found it! So here is a comparison of the two:

Age 16 and age 34... same BB gun

Today marks the first day of summer! It's the "longest" day of the year (most daylight). If you're doing the Runs for Cookies Summer Running Checklist, it starts today with the Solstice Run! Despite an exhausting weekend, I set my alarm to get up and run at 5:30 this morning so that I could do a sunrise run, and I'll run again this evening at 9:00, to get the sunset run. By doing both, I'll get a badge on Smashrun--otherwise, I would have loved to sleep in today!


  1. That cat event looked like it was a bunch of fun!

  2. Sounds like such a great weekend! Do you officially get to foster Olivia now? What a cute kitty!

    1. Nothing is for sure yet! We took an application to foster her, so we'll see what happens :)

  3. Really loved the comparison pictures. Before and Afters are my favorites! Noah and Eli are growing up before our eyes! I remember your defining moment was when your son was learning to ride a bike, and you couldn't keep up, so your sister had to push him up and down the street. The books you got for the boys to give to Jerry were a hit, I see he posted a picture of them on FB, tagging you (that's how I got to see his post). So cool! What a busy weekend. If the new kitty is Olivia, what Friends character was that? I know you have a name theme with your pets, did you run out of Friends people? I don't remember any Olivia from the show (and I too am a huge fan of that show)--but I love your new kitty, kind of reminds me of my stray cat that adopted us almost three years ago. Our Neymar has turned into the nicest and best cat we ever had! You never know!!!

    1. We didn't name her, unfortunately--we would have chosen Monica! But nothing is for sure yet--I took an application to foster her, so we'll see what happens :)


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