March 20, 2016

Reader Questions #28

It's been a couple of weeks since my last Reader Questions post... so here is a fun one! 

Q. You're obviously a big Friends fan based on the names of your pets! Do you have a favorite episode? How about a favorite character? And the ultimate: who is your Favorite Friend???

A. Fun question! I didn't start watching Friends until about season five (maybe six?), when my friend Sarah introduced me to it. I loved it, and decided to start watching all the seasons from the beginning. Jerry loved the show as well. When we got married and moved in together, we adopted two cats from the animal shelter, who we named Chandler and Monica. When the Friends series ended in 2004, Jerry and I would still watch the episodes on DVD, going through all 10 seasons more times than I can count. 

It's hard to pick a favorite episode! The one that stands out in my mind the most is when Phoebe discovers that Monica and Chandler are dating (season 5, episode 14). All of the knowing but not-knowing in that episode was hilarious and I was dying for the secret to just be out already. My favorite line was Phoebe's: "They don't know that we know they know we know!" 

Another episode that I loved was related to the same issue--Chandler and Monica being together. I crack up laughing every time I see this scene where Monica, Chandler, and Joey are in the bedroom. Chandler says, trying to keep his voice down, "It happened in London" and Joey yells, "IN LONDON?!" 

My favorite character (who is also my favorite "Friend") would probably be Chandler. I love his sarcasm and witty one-liners!

I miss that show :)

Q. My husband and I recently (aka today) joined our local gym together. He's a gym newbie. My question is: Do you guys exercise together? Also, does Jerry find that you help keep him motivated? If so, how?

A. I think it's awesome that you and your husband joined a gym together! Hopefully it will help to keep each of you motivated. Jerry and I don't exercise together very regularly, due to his crazy work schedule (he works a swing shift that changes all the time). However, when he has a day off and the kids are at school, we usually like to do something active together. Sometimes we'll go for a run at the State Park, or take Joey for a long walk. He got a bike last summer, so we did some fun bike rides together as well. The difference between us exercising together versus alone is that when we exercise together, it's more of a fun activity to do together than it is "exercise". 

I asked Jerry if he thinks that I help keep him motivated, and he said yes. When he sees that I'm doing really well with my eating/exercising habits, it makes him want to see the same success that I've been seeing. He spectated a lot of my races before he started running, and he said watching me finish a race always made him want to start running. Right now, he's building a running base to start training for the Rock n Roll Half in Virginia Beach this Labor Day weekend! 

Someone handed out shots of bourbon during the Detroit Half...
so naturally, we took one!

I do try to help encourage him, too. I told him he should get a new pair of shoes for training, and he was reluctant to spend the money ($120) on them when he wasn't even sure if he would really follow through with the training and race. My thoughts were that if he spends the money, he'll be MORE likely to stick with it! So we went to the running store, where he got a good pair of shoes. After seeing how much I love my FlipBelt, I bought him one of those, too. When he comes inside after a run, I ask him how it went--and then I get (jokingly) mad that he ran faster than I do, when I've been running for six years! ;)

When we each came in first place in our age group at a 10K!
If I'm being honest, we were the ONLY ones in our age group ;)

I think the best way to get someone motivated to run is for them to see you do it. Watching a race is especially inspiring! If you have a spouse that you are hoping to motivate, ask them to spectate at a race, and they will likely want to sign up that day for the next one. 


  1. I think you and Jerry would be hilarious to hang out with....if you guys are ever in Mpls. area look me running but we could bike, have a drink and eats!!


  2. My favorite line (and one I use a lot, as I do with many, many quotes from Friends) from that first episode you mentioned is "The messers become the messees." I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite episode. Whenever one comes on (in reruns), I always say, "Oh this one is a classic." I miss that show too!!

  3. I'm glad getting Jerry to watch you race got him motivated...I got my husband to spectate ONE of my races, ever, and I think it had the opposite effect! :) Good luck on the upcoming races!

  4. I love those episodes too....when everyone was finding out about Chandler and Monica. Very funny stuff!


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