November 09, 2015

Motivational Monday #128

Happy Motivational Monday! I've had a few NSV's this week (non-scale victories) that have really made me feel good. When I went swimming with the kids on Saturday, it never even occurred to me that my bathing suit would be too big... but when I put it on, I realized it was actually kind of baggy! Early this year, when I started doing deep water running, the suit was really tight, and I was afraid I'd have to get a new one. Now, it's really loose, and I do need a new one ;)

Also, today on my TimeHop was a photo of me before I did the Monroe Half last year. I had just gotten those clothes from Eddie Bauer to review, and I loved them. So today, when I was getting ready for my run, I decided to wear the same clothes. I was excited to see just how much roomier they are! Here is a comparison from a year ago and today:

Running tights are running tights, and they'll always look tight. But the shirt and jacket were very form-fitting last year, and now they are both baggy. I remember loving the zippered pockets on the jacket, because I could easily carry my phone with me during runs and not have to wear a belt. I didn't have any trouble with the phone bouncing around, because it was snug against my body. Today, however, the phone was bouncing all over the place! I'll consider that a win ;) It feels really good to be back here, where I feel really good about my body!

Here are a few stories to motivate you this Monday. Enjoy!

Christina recently hit two major milestones: running a mile without any walk breaks, and completing her first 5K race! She started incorporating running intervals into her walks earlier this year, but wasn't following a specific schedule, so she wasn't seeing much progress. She decided to sign up for a 5K, and in mid-September, was able to run a whole mile without stopping! Her 5K was on October 31, and she and her husband ran/walked it together (with kids in strollers!). They had a great time, and she already signed up for another 5K next weekend. (Christina blogs at Love Yourself Healthy)

Amy completed her first half-marathon! She did the Gobbler Grind in Kansas City, and crushed her goal of finishing under three hours, crossing the finish line in 2:26:27. She even wore a shirt that said "My First Half" on it--a great idea! You'd be surprised how many people encourage you when they realize it's your first.

Julie's new year's resolution was to "be brave", and it's been her mantra all year. Last weekend was a huge test, and she nailed it--she got on a plane for the first time in 10 years, and ran her first half-marathon in a city she'd never been to! She trained hard for it, but actually going there and doing it was crazy for her. Julie reached a peak weight in December 2012, and is now down 80 pounds!

Congratulations on all of your hard work, ladies!! Keep it up :)


  1. It's great to see all these accomplishments. Julie, you are so BRAVE! Way to travel and run in a new city. Amy, the shirt is great but even more impressive is your 1st 1/2 finish. Enjoy this recovery week. Nice work, Christina. I'm looking forward to following your blog. Thanks for the motivation this week, ladies!

  2. Wasn't sure if I should say you looked so skinny in the pic you posted yesterday -- definitely wanted to mean it as a compliment! -- but since you mentioned it today I wanted to say you look great. I'm just a few lb away from the 130s and am so jealous -- but I'm so glad you feel good about your body and I do too (not quite where I want to be, but miles away from before). :)

  3. I love Julie's mantra "be brave", it really strikes a chord with me. Well done ladies :)

  4. Congratulations to everyone! So inspiring to read about so many sucesses :)

  5. Julie certainly was BRAVE! I did the Savannah course last year but did not have to contend with the heat / humidity this year; I'm glad she was safe. Many others had heat related issues and they diverted the course!!

  6. I am finally back on track after a 50-lb. regain this year. Down 6 pounds so far, and looking to drop it all by my original goal anniversary--April 15. I am looking forward to fitting into some of my clothes many pretty things hanging in the closet that are now too tight. You look great Katie and remain my #1 inspiration.

  7. Katie- I am so proud of you. You’re taking hold of your health once again, and that makes me beyond thrilled for you and your family. <3

    Thank you for sharing all of these stories! Christina, Amy, Julie- you all are wonderful!


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