July 06, 2015

Motivational Monday #114

Happy Motivational Monday! I hope everyone had a great Independence Day weekend. I had a really fun day with Jerry and the kids yesterday, which I'll write about tomorrow. I had another good week on Weight Watchers (today marks 47 days binge-free!). It was kind of difficult a couple of times this week--I was getting thoughts of, "I can just do one MEAL without counting points..." or "It's a holiday, I don't have to count for a holiday...". I know those statements aren't true, though. I've used that sort of reasoning several times in the past, and it always leads to getting way out of control.

I know that one meal isn't going to make me gain back 100 pounds, but it most likely will make me lose control and eat poorly over several days or weeks (or even months). Anyway, as tempting as it was to throw my Points to the wind, I stayed on plan. The scale rewarded me by being UP a pound today, but my official weigh in isn't until Wednesday, so hopefully it'll be back down by then.

Today, I had three miles on the schedule, and the kids were asking to go swimming at the rec center, so I decided to run on the indoor track while they swam. I did 2:00-run and 0:30-walk intervals for the first two miles (each mile split was EXACTLY the same, at 10:21.2), and then for the third mile, I just ran the entire thing. I was really thrilled to see that I completed that last mile in 9:36. Last week, I did it almost a minute slower, at 10:35. (Granted, I can't really compare indoor track vs. outdoor running, but I am still happy with it.) It's fun to see my running improving after my stress fracture!

Here are a few stories for Motivational Monday. Enjoy!

Liz used to hate running, but in March, she decided to start doing it for any weight loss benefits she may receive. Not surprisingly, she became completely addicted to it. She had her first race last Sunday, and PR'ed her 5K time, finishing in 39:05! (Liz blogs at Running for the Weekend)

Staci had to stop running for most of this year due to illness, but she is proud to say that she is back to training! She is going to be running the Race for a Soldier Half Marathon in Gig Harbor, Washington this September. She is especially excited about this race, because the proceeds go toward supporting soldiers who are returning from service. She is fundraising for the race, and here is the link to her donation page. (Staci blogs at Panorama Runner)

Margaret tends to set "safe" goals, which she realized is holding her back a little in her running lately. She participated in the Elmhurst "4 on the 4th" race this weekend, and at the starting line, she chose to line up between the 9:00 and 10:00 pace runners--although she had a secret goal to finish at or just under 34:00 (which is an 8:30/mile pace). She pushed herself hard, and ended up finishing in 33:38 (an 8:25/mile pace)! Her kids also did very well, and had a little bit of competition at the very last stretch--her daughter (11) was ahead of her son (9), when he passed her with just yards left in the race. Then her daughter pushed past her son, to finish just two seconds ahead of him! Margaret is now training for a Labor Day Half. She blogs at Running Through 4th Grade.

Renee ran a Fourth of July 5K this weekend, and PR'ed by over two minutes! It has been her goal for over three years now to run a sub-30:00 5K, and she was finally able to do it. She finished in 29:29! She gave it everything she had, and was left with nothing in the tank when she crossed the finish line, but she has a shiny new PR to be proud of. Renee blogs at With Brave Wings She Runs.

Congratulations on some great accomplishments! You can read more stories on the Motivational Monday Facebook post.

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  1. How exciting to read about these great accomplishments. Liz--great job with your 5k. Staci--it's great that you are back to training. Enjoy your runs! Renee--WAY TO GO on your PR. How exciting to work toward a goal and reach it! I love these motivational monday posts. Thanks, Katie, for sharing them!


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