July 24, 2015

A new training plan

I got an email back from my physical therapist, and he okay'ed my plan to gradually switch over to the Hansons Marathon Method. I didn't feel like two short runs and one long run per week was really preparing me for the marathon, so I hope that by gradually adding running days, my legs will get back in shape to run long.

I left the four S.O.S. workouts on the schedule (Hansons call the key workouts "Something Of Substance", or S.O.S.). After five weeks, I'll add in a fifth run. And a few weeks after that, I'll add in a sixth. For now, on Mondays and Fridays, I am going to do cross-training (biking or deep water running, most likely) until I swap it out with a run. Wednesdays are rest days.

Modified Hansons beginner plan

I still plan to do run/walk intervals, because adding in the extra mileage means extra stress on my legs. I am sure that my fracture is healed now, and I'm still doing the PT exercises to hopefully prevent another recurrence, but I'm doing the run/walk as extra insurance against an injury. Now, I've been doing 2:30 run and 0:30 walk segments, but I may start to slowly increase that as well, depending on how the extra mileage works out.

The runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are done at a particular pace, depending on your goal for the marathon. I don't have a time goal for the marathon, but I think as of right now, it's looking like I could manage sub-5:00. A long way off from a PR, but I'll be very happy just to finish this thing in decent shape ;)  A 4:59:59 finish would be a pace of 11:26/mile, so with run/walk segments, that sounds pretty realistic for me.

My training paces up to now fit in with the 4:45 finish time. That means my easy runs should be a pace of 12:05-ish, long runs (on Sundays) should be 11:41, marathon pace run (on Thursdays) should be 10:52, speed work (on Tuesdays) should be 9:34-9:58. Hitting a 9:34 pace while doing run/walk intervals is actually pretty challenging for me (I have to run at a sub-9:00 pace to make up for the walking). I'm just using those paces as guidelines, though--I'm not going to focus too much on the pace for this training.

I finally got a new battery in my heart rate monitor! I had to buy a Philips size 0 screwdriver to open the HR monitor battery compartment (I can't remember who it was, but someone left me a comment with a link to the correct screwdriver--thank you so much!!). I wish I had my HR data from the past several weeks, so that I could compare and see if my fitness is improving. I have data from my first two run/walks, and comparing them with today, my HR is down over 10 beats per minute at a similar pace. That's a good thing! It means I'm able to do the same pace without working quite as hard. I'm curious to watch it as I continue training.

Working out this plan has helped get me excited to train for this marathon. I was feeling nervous about it, because I just didn't feel like the three days per week was preparing me well. Now, I just feel like I can do it, and I just have to be really careful and smart about my training. As tempting as it is to jump right in with both feet, I am going to be cautious.

Well, I have to get ready for a party tonight. The kids' baseball coach is having an end-of-the-season party for the team, and it's a potluck. We're also going to be playing baseball with the kids, so it should be a fun time! I wish it wasn't so humid today, but the party is in the evening, so hopefully it won't be too bad.


  1. Your new plan sounds great. Excited for you. Hope tonight's potluck was fun! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yay! Glad to hear you are switching to the Hansons method. I was scared for you--the Galloway plan just didn't sound like enough training to do a marathon. Best of luck continuing to ramp your mileage back up injury free.

    I'm coming back from a 15 month hiatus from plantar fasciitis. I'm currently doing 2-3 miles, 3-4 days per week. Hoping I can safely do the Mackinac bridge fall color run in October, which is 5 miles--plus the 5 degree incline for 2.5 miles up the bridge!

  3. I'm excited to follow your training! I am doing the Hanson's Half Marathon plan for my fall race. First time I've tried Hanson's and so far I really like it.


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