January 09, 2015

Spontaneous visitor

I don't have time for a proper post, because I have a very exciting (and totally spur-of-the-moment) weekend ahead. This morning, I finished up my new puzzle:

This was 1,000 pieces of confusion, but I love it. I think I may frame it and hang it in the guest bedroom.

Anyway, after I finished the puzzle, I was feeling a little bored and lonely. On a whim, I decided to text my friend Andrea to see if she had plans this weekend. Andrea is from Kansas, and was on my From Fat to Finish Line Ragnar team when we ran Key West in 2013. The last time I saw her was in Key West, so it's been a while!

Andrea and me at the Ragnar awards ceremony

We keep in touch, and I thought I'd throw the idea out there for her to come over for the weekend.

I believe I just said, "Would you want to come over this weekend? My brother will let you use a buddy pass, so you can fly in tomorrow morning--or even tonight!" and about a minute later, she said, "Sure!" Haha, that was at about 2:30 this afternoon. After my brother listed her on the flights, she had 15 minutes to pack and leave for the airport. Eli's birthday party is tonight from 6-8, and Andrea's flight arrives at 8:37. So I'll just leave the party (it's at the bowling alley) and drive right to the airport to pick her up.

I think we'll probably go play Keno or something tonight so we can talk and catch up. I'm super excited to see her! What a spontaneous trip ;)

Thanks so much for all the kind words on yesterday's post. Not being able to run and being over my goal weight right now make me feel like I've totally lost my identity. Just when I felt like everything was getting really good again (depression and anxiety were bad last year, and toward the end of the year, I was feeling back to my old self), I got injured. It's going to be hard to deal with, but I'm glad to know that I have such great support from all of you!

In good news, I didn't feel a single twinge of pain in my ankle today. Normally, I would have thrown on my shoes and gone for a run right away, but this time I'm being super cautious. I'm going to wait AT LEAST until February 1st before I try running again. I want my ankle to be pain-free for at least a couple of weeks before attempting to run. I'm still waiting for my AquaJogger belt to get here, but when it does, I'm going to take it to the pool ASAP. I'm excited to give it a try!


  1. Hey Katie, why not try your bike for some easy on the ankle cross training? Or maybe some indoor spinning at the gym you mentioned.

  2. Hi Katie! Have a fun weekend. Hopefully you will see this post. I've been trying to comment on your other posts but they don't show up. Maybe i'm doing something wrong…..

  3. Wow! You finished that puzzle fast! I am not a puzzle person. My four year old brother is far better at finishing puzzles than I am. Haha. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Spontaneous visits are so fun! Hope this gives you a little "lift" that you need and deserve! Enjoy!

  5. I love spontaneous events!!!


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