January 08, 2015

My race shirt quilt!

I almost decided not to write a post today. I feel so strange now that I'm not running. My whole identity seems to be based on running/weight loss, and now that I can't run because of my ankle, I just feel like a completely different person.

My ankle doesn't feel any better, so I think I'm going to make an appointment with a sports med doctor soon. I dread doing this, because the last time I went (for a knee injury), the doctor told me "Well, just don't run!" I need to find a doctor that is also a runner (or an athlete, at least) so he or she will understand that NOT running is not an option. I am totally fine with giving it up temporarily to heal my ankle, but I don't believe there is any reason to give it up permanently.

My days just feel so strange without having a morning run built in. Normally, I get the kids off to school, eat breakfast, do some email/blog stuff, and then go for a run. Without that, I feel like my whole day is kind of thrown off. And then, considering my blog has been mostly about my running/weight loss for four years, I feel like I shouldn't write anything if it's not about that. But considering this blog is basically a journal, I'm going to just keep writing, regardless. So I apologize if it's totally irrelevant!

Yesterday was Eli's 9th birthday. I thought it was so funny that he decided he wanted to go to La Pita for his birthday dinner! He told me he wanted to go there "for the garlic sauce", haha. Definitely his mama's kid. Jerry and I picked him up from school (along with Noah) and we went up to La Pita. My parents, along with Brian and Becky, and Nathan and Kendall, met us there, so we had a pretty big group there for dinner.

I was thrilled to see that Brian and Becky remembered to bring my quilt! I wrote about this a long time ago, but if you don't remember, I had cut up my race t-shirts and sewed them together into a quilt top. I had never done an actual quilt before, so I didn't want to ruin my quilt top by practicing on it, and I just left it alone. Then, Brian and Becky were dating, and Becky said that she and her mom loved quilting, and she offered to help me finish it.

I sent the quilt top to Minnesota with Becky, and totally trusted her to do whatever needed to be done.  She told me that she and her mom had finished it, and I was dying to see it. So yesterday, I finally got to see the finished product. It was AMAZING.

They used shoe patterns for the quilting, and I thought that was so clever! Becky's mom has a long-arm quilting machine, so she used that for the quilting, and then she did the edge binding by hand. I am just SO amazed at how perfect it turned out! I love it.

Last night, there was a lot of talk on Facebook that school would be canceled today. And sure enough, we got the phone call (last night, thankfully, and not at 5:00 this morning!) that school would be closed due to the cold temperatures. When I got up this morning, the wind chill was -29 degrees. I was just glad it wasn't on Eli's birthday! Last year, on Eli's birthday, it was the coldest day on record since the 1800's, and Eli told me it was "the worst birthday of [his] life". (He's a bit dramatic, haha)

Since school was canceled today, Jerry went to the store to get the stuff for mimosas (sparkling grape juice for the kids), and we had a mimosa-pajama-movie day. At first, we put the juice and wine on the porch to stay cold, but it actually froze pretty quickly, so we had to bring it in. It's so weird that last week, it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt while running!

Tomorrow is supposed to be really cold again, so I'm not sure if the kids will have school. But I hope it's not too bad, because Eli is having his birthday party in the evening!


  1. Well I for one enjoyed reading this post! You're a mom, wife and sister, in addition to being a runner. I enjoy reading about your kids and the rest of your family. That quilt is AMAZING! Love the shoes!

    But I know what you mean about not being able to run. It happens. Hope you find an understanding doctor this time.

  2. I love your quilt! That shoe pattern is perfect for it! Good luck at the doctor. Hopefully you can find someone who is a runner and can give you some good cross training ideas to do while your ankle heals.

  3. Just as a suggestion since I know it would suck to have a doctor who doesn't run to tell you "Well quit running" - maybe contact a local running store to see if they have anyone they recommend OR ask your friend that was a race director for one of the races you did last year and see if she knows of anyone.

    Love the quilt!!

    1. I think this is a great suggestion for finding a new doctor. Finding one that works with athletes is so important, because they will try to work with you and not just tell you to stop running. My sports medicine doctor works with Olympic athletes, so he gets it. And because he gets it, I know if he tells me not to run that means I really shouldn't run.

  4. Laney StrangeJanuary 08, 2015

    Hey, if you keep writing, I'll keep reading! I hope you're still inspired to continue the blog, even if it's not about running and weight loss every single day. It's you and your personality that make your blog compelling.. (And if I were in your place, I'd be worried so hard about gaining weight during the injury. I'm sure you'll handle it better than I could, though!)

  5. Love your shirt/quilt!!!
    Sorry about your ankle - definitely try to find another DR if you can. I used to see an orthopedic that all he did was tell me to quit running - it was awful! Now I have one who knows that running is a key part of my life and he works with me to get me running as quickly as possible when I have problems.

  6. I love everything you write, you keep writing whatever you feel!

  7. Ditto everyone else! I love the posts about you, Jerry and the boys. I also enjoy reading about the antics your kitties get up to!

    Hang in there on the injury. I've had recent back and wrist injuries that have thrown off my training schedule.


  8. Sorry about your ankle. I get that same weird feeling when I'm tapering before a race. My doctor told me I run too much (25 miles a week is too much???). I'm going to find a new GP.

    Love the quilt!

  9. First thing i do in the mornings before i get out of bed is to check if you posted something new....please don't stop writing your blog....YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD AT IT! even if you don't run as much/ at all anymore....you still have knowledge that you can share being it weight loss, diet, weight watchers, etc.
    I am sure that there will be a dr that will be able to help you though.

    ps the quilt looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Much love

  10. Don't feel bad one bit about blogging on subjects other than running. This is all part of your running life - the moments you have to heal and recover. It is very strange how much our lives are similar though because I'm also healing from a foot strain and subsequent runner's knee pain. (I had a death and 20-Lb weight gain last year) I wish you quick healing!!

    Your quilt is awesome! I love the shoe pattern.

  11. Injuries are part of running and I think how you deal with an injury is as much part of a running/weight loss blog as how you run!

  12. The quilt looks amazing.

    On a side note. Keep being positive. Your ankle will heal in time and you will be back in no time. Inspiring everyone like you do.

  13. That quilt is amazing. I have seen them in the past but never thought much of them but this one is gorgeous.

  14. I love your blog entries no matter what they are about. I'm always saying "Katie said..." or "Katie did..." to my husband. If you quit writing it would be like losing a friend! That being said, I hope you are able to get back to running soon though since you miss it so much!

  15. While I 100% understand that identity linkage to running (b/c when I hurt myself and can't run it sends me towards depression) I want you to know that many of us value you for the smart, witty, kind, and funny individual you are. Your cat, family, random posts are just as enjoyable (and sometimes informative) as your healthy lifestyle ones.

    As for the doc, many now put online blurbs about themselves, which is how I choose mine, partly b/c it listed her as a runner. I am such a strong advocate for PT, I had to go for 8 weeks which was tough, but now 3 years later I haven't had any reoccurring issues and they taught me additional things to do to help my running form, not just fix my problem.

    Lastly, you may have discussed this so sorry if it is redundant, but what are your feelings on cross training? I know you've got the bike (too cold outside) but a bike trainer is pretty cheap and a great way to keep using it year round. Also, yoga has been SO awesome for my running. I was terrified of going for the longest time, but it really has been a great experience and I can vouch that NO ONE cares if you struggle, b/c everyone has areas of strength and weakness. Just some wordy thoughts for your Friday. Absolutely love the quilt :)

  16. Katie, I agree with everyone above - I always look forward to your posts in the morning! You are so much more than a runner - wife, mom, friend, kitty-lover, etc.! Your identity will never change - you are a runner, through and through!

    By the way, I LOVE the quilt!

  17. That quilt is seriously rad!! I am very jealous, and it makes me wish I hadn't blown my mom off when she wanted to teach me to sew and quilt when I was younger! So many shirts (both concert and race shirts) that I'd like to do the quilt thing with. And I will just echo everyone else, I like when fitness bloggers are well rounded and write about everything in their lives. It makes you human, "normal" and approachable. Keep doing you, we'll keep reading. :)

  18. My two cents is that you could take this time to show people how to stay healthy when you can't work out regularly. If there are things you can do like yoga, some light weights, maintaining your diet etc. I know there are days where I just physically can't get on the treadmill and I have a hard time thinking of other things to do to stay healthy. Hope you heal soon. Also, that quilt is amazing.

  19. Dearest Katie

    I feel your frustration... but KNOW that running is something you DO, it isn't WHO you are.

    You also do a million and one other things...like be an amazing Mom (to kids and kitties), manage an incredible blog, be a friend, cake baker, sister, ETC .... !!!

    I understand the frustration because I've lived it often.. I'll be 48 in a matter of days and this old body isn't what it use to be. As much as I resisted and resented it, I've learned to accept the things I can't change about my often broken body.

    I agree 110% with the cross training idea.... your bike might be a great option ! Cross training is how I fell I love with spinning...it has also helped develop muscle groups I never had when solely running AND I've made some amazing friends at my local YMCA : )

    Maybe try some weight training...just a couple of dumb bells and some great music is all that's needed.

    I'm slowly branching out into yoga... I think I really stink at it but I do enjoy it and can deal a major difference in my flexibility .. and AGAIN have made a new group of amazing friends : )

    I hope your Aqua Jogger arrives soon and that you LOVE it...let us know how it goes!

  20. It sucks that you can't run! I hope your ankle gets better. I strained a hip muscle when I was just starting as a runner, and it took a good six months to feel completely normal again. (Not 6 months without running, but I did have to stop for four weeks.)

  21. I love love LOVE your quilt!

    I feel terrible that you won't be able to run for awhile. I am only 8 weeks into running and I know how frustrating it would be if I couldn't do it any more, so I can't imagine how you must feel right now.

    But, I will say that I doubt you will lose any blog followers..I've only been reading for about 6 weeks or so and I'm hooked, so you GO GIRL!

  22. Oh wow! That is so cool! I love the layout and the stitching.

  23. I think a part of your success as a blogger is because you don't just blog about running --- you are very real and honest when you blog about your feelings about it, your struggle with weight loss, fluctuations in weight and speed in addition to balancing all of life. People (like me) relate to that and enjoy it. Struggling with injuries - both physically and emotionally - are very much related to why people enjoy your blog. Which is why what you do with an injury, how you feel, and how life goes on are very relevant to why I visit your blog. And perhaps the journalling and reflection will help you revise your identity in ways that make you feel healthier both emotionally and physically. :) Usually it is the harder things that we experience that help us become the people we are and while they suck going through them, afterwards we often reflect on how we wouldn't want to lose the perspective we gained from the "sucky period." Sorry to wax all philosophical but I have felt inspired by you and can imagine how I might feel unsure of things in your situation so I wanted to let you know that we all appreciate all of what you choose to share so don't let it stress you! There may be some readers that feel differently but you can't please everyone and you are the only one who gets to define you!

  24. I love reading your blog...running/weight loss/wine/whatever you have to say! that quilt turned out so good! What an awesome piece to have.

  25. I can relate, Katie! I stopped running once I got pregnant this Spring. I miss it so much! It took me a while to get use to the "new me". I didn't realize how much running became apart of me until I couldn't do it anymore. Looking forward to starting over in the future!

  26. You should really look into Airrosti if you have it in your area. It worked wonders for my knee injury and insurance covered the therapy.

  27. Please keep writing! I enjoy your posts, and although you're a great runner, you are more than that! You write and we'll read! We all have struggles...thanks for being brave enough to share them with me (us). You continue to be an inspiration on this journey... and thank you for being real and sharing the hard times, too. I worked hard to lose weight in the Fall, then I gained a lot back over the holidays. Disappointed in myself. Back at it tomorrow.

  28. I love love love your quilt. What a perfect way to celebrate your achievements. I'm all about up cycling stuff like that.


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