August 18, 2014

Motivational Monday #74

Happy Motivational Monday! Can you believe summer is coming to an end? We have one week until vacation (!!) and then a week in Punta Cana (!!) and the day after we get home, the kids start school. I did all of their school shopping last week, so hopefully it won't be too crazy when we get home.

This summer has gone by ridiculously fast. At the beginning of summer, I had planned on getting back down to my goal weight by the time school started, but that didn't happen. Summer has always been an extremely hard time of year for me to lose or maintain my weight. However, I am very happy to say that I didn't continue to gain weight all summer long--my weight has actually be bouncing up and down by about two pounds since March. I wish it were bouncing up and down closer to my goal weight, but regardless, I'm happy that I haven't continued to gain.

I've still been doing really well with intuitive eating, and I love it. I'll write some thoughts on it soon, and some things I've learned or struggled with. As far as Motivational Monday goes, this week, I am proud that I am still binge-free :)

What have you all done lately that makes you feel proud?

Dani is both proud of and inspired by her husband, Scott--he has lost 110 pounds since January! He's also become very active, and just completed his first 5K race in 28:32. Seeing Scott's progress, Dani was inspired to become more active as well, and now they go for family walks and ride bikes together. She is excited to lose the weight to become a healthier wife and mother!

Teresa began a weight loss journey on April first of this year, and has recently reached the 20-pounds lost mark! She is 59 years old, and is working on losing 60 pounds before her 60th birthday. She completed her goal of walking a 5K, and hopes to run one someday! (Teresa's blog)

Mara just completed her first 5K! She'd set a goal to walk it under 60 minutes, and she blew that time right out of the water, finishing in 42:06. She had a big incentive to finish under 60 minutes, too. The race finish line is inside Target Field (home of the Minnesota Twins baseball team). As a huge Twins fan, Mara was really excited to receive her medal from one of the players and to have her bib signed. The catch? The doors to the stadium close 60 minutes after the race starts, so she trained hard to walk a sub-60 5K, and was rewarded at the finish line :)

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  1. i'm really proud to say i've lost 15 pounds since the beginning of spring! these next 2 weeks will be a challenge with the minnesota state fair starting thursday, but i think i can manage to have some fair food and stay healthy at home. i'm excited to see how many more steps i can get on fair days on my fitbit!

  2. Ok so ive agreed to do a 5k walk with my daughter on thanksgiving. Im out of shape but have a membership to a gym, what do you suggest I do to train, Ive got 14 weeks. I feel like this will be a goal for me to work at and get me back on my weightloss journey, any feedback would be appreciated!! Robin

    1. Hello "anonymous" I did a 5k walk a few months ago & would never have dreamed I could do it. I followed a 12 week walking programme which I followed to the T & I'm sure it was a huge factor in my ability to complete the 5k. I've signed up for a 10K walk in October & am training for that event over the coming weeks.

      You can do it!!

  3. Your boys start school late! All the kids are back in school here and some have been for a week now! Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  4. Three awesome stories this morning. Thank you for the motivation to keep going!

  5. I'm proud that I ran 5 miles for the start of my 1/2 marathon training and I was brave enough to just park my car in a new neighborhood and just run. it was great and I'm proud that I didn't wimp out and run my usual routes! it turned out to be a great run.

  6. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the intuitive eating. I too am a WW lifetime memember who has struggled with my weight all year. I'm not over goal but i'm also not where i like to be. I feel like I run all the time and eat pretty well but the scale will not budge. I went out of town the end of April and gained a few pounds and have not been able to lose it since. I've been a WW lifetime member for 10 years and i think i just need a change and though maybe the intuative eating might just be the change i need. So i'm very curious to hear your thoughts.

  7. What great stories! Much needed motivation!

  8. Oh my. I just had to tell you this. I started reading your blog three days ago because I started Couch to 5K long distance with a cousin of mine and wanted running inspiration. I've read a lot of your back posts and just today decided to read some of the recent posts… thus the reason I am reading this today.

    Well, my long distance running is long distance because I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic ad she lives in Colorado.

    Small world news: two friends and I are going on a stay-cation to Punta Cana this week! Monday to be specific… AKA the exact same day you are going to be in Punta Cana. I live in Puerto Plata where I work, but the island is pretty great all over. This will be my first time in Punta Cana. It's been raining down here a lot, but really, the island is great. Have a fantastic time.

    I'm bringing my running shoes to make sure I stay on track. I don't think falling off the wagon in the second week is the best time to fall off the wagon… vacation or no vacation.

    Congratulation on completing your 12 mile run this week and thanks for the intuitive eating advice. I've already started researching it a bit more.


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