May 08, 2014

New favorite snack

It was such a gorgeous day today! I woke up at 6:00, and decided to get my run in at 6:30 instead of waiting for the kids to go to school. Jerry got the kids up and ready while I was running, so it worked out well.

I had a six-mile run at half-marathon pace on the schedule. I've been super flexible with paces lately, so I was hoping to aim for splits under 9:00/mile. It was surprisingly pretty warm already at 6:30--50 degrees and no wind--pretty perfect for running in a t-shirt. I headed out on an out-and-back route.

The first couple of miles felt kind of tough, but lately, I've been feeling pretty good once I hit the three mile mark of my runs. I'm not sure why it's at that point that I start to feel good, but it at least gives me something to look forward to when I'm struggling through the first few miles ;)

I skipped my warm-up today, because I wanted to get home in time to take the kids to the bus stop. Last week, my run was five miles at race pace, so it bumped up to six this week--but my splits still improved, which was exciting. After seeing my weight climb higher, and my pace get slower for a while, it's nice to see those numbers turning around.

Last week, my splits were: 8:58, 8:51, 8:54, 8:47, 8:45. Jerry came outside when I got home, and he asked me if I ran through a swarm of bugs. I said "Yeah, how did you know?" and he pointed out that there were a whole bunch of little gnats stuck to the sweat on my head and neck. Awesome.

I sat on the front porch for a few minutes to catch my breath, and then walked with the boys to the bus stop. After I got them on the bus, I ate breakfast and responded to some emails. I had another tea date with my friend Andrea at her house, so I headed over there. Because it was so nice outside, we sat on the front porch and talked for a couple of hours.

My mom introduced me to a new snack yesterday, and I absolutely love it! It really surprised me, because my mom is definitely not one to buy unusual ingredients. So when she showed me that she bought fig preserves, I was dumbfounded. One of her friends had told her to try crackers with brie (another ingredient I'd never imagine her eating!) and fig preserves, and she loved it. Lately, instead of buying brie, she just uses a wedge of light Laughing Cow Original cheese.

She said it was important to use these specific crackers (Crunchmaster brand), because they're really crunchy and good:

I think she got the crackers at Sam's Club. She gave me the ingredients to try it, and I was amazed at how good it was! I used 7 crackers, a wedge of Laughing Cow, and a tiny amount of the fig preserves on each cracker.

Those crackers really are amazing, and I love the fig preserves. This is definitely my new favorite snack!

Anyway, I have to keep this post pretty short, because I'm going to a basketball game tonight with the kids. My little brother is playing basketball on a team (I think most of them are policemen) against the Detroit Lions at a local high school. Yes, the Lions are a football team, but this is for a charity, and my brother said the kids would like it. I've never been to a basketball game in my life, so this should be interesting!


  1. Omg I love those crackers! Super good and the perfect snack. I'm going to have to try them with the fig preserves. I love reading your adventures in running today's actually made me laugh out loud. Awesome swarm of bugs trapped on your neck. ;)

  2. You should try frozen bananas! They are a godsend for me. Just stick them in a baggy in the morning, and have one later in the day or after dinner when you are feeling particular snacky. Kills my sweet cravings instantly! soooo good. :)

  3. I got a bee trapped under the tongue of my shoe the other day, but I thought it was my sock rubbing against my ankle. Nope, I was being stung until it eventually got smashed.. Bugs are the worst!
    I love the idea of using preserves on a cracker with laughing cow! I will definitely be looking for these.

  4. I love those crackers and eat them with hummus.

  5. My favorite new snack lately has been semi-soft goat cheese with dill, spread on a Wasa crispbread. It's a nice little 2 point snack that makes me happy when I get home from work and need a bite.

  6. I had a chicken sandwich that used fig preserves and brie on it, I was surprised to find it was yummy. I will have to try this cracker snack, I love salty and sweet together.

  7. A round of brie covered in apricot preserves, craisins and slivered almonds wrapped in puff pastry dough or crescent rolls then baked (served with crackers or crostini) is AMAZING! One of my family's favorites for family gatherings.

  8. way to go I cant wait to build myself up to run more miles!!!!

  9. AnonymousMay 09, 2014

    Yum! We do crackers with goat cheese and red pepper jelly. It's da bomb.

  10. nicely done with the run!!! I have a question for you...well two haha...what kind of gps watch do you have and do you ever notice that paces are off (but the final is right)? my nike+ is driving me insane...the current pace is always off. average pace is right. final pace and time always right but when im doing a pace run, intervals, WHATEVER- its hard to judge!!!!

  11. AnonymousMay 10, 2014

    Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. By the way Thomas bagels has a new one out limited edition that is Maple French Toast. I had it with pure irish cream butter and a slice of thin swiss cheese on each half. It was well worth the calories to me. I love sweets and that really hit the spot.

  12. I'm a basketball mom and both of our girls started playing basketball when they were each 5, so we've been to 17 years of basketball games. I'm just shocked you've never been to a basketball game ever, that doesn't seem possible! lol glad the game was a good one! (I read your next day's post first - oops)

  13. Use jalapeƱo jelly, it's not spicy.


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