May 02, 2014

Busy morning

I was really looking forward to using today to catch up on everything I'm behind on--namely, e-mail, laundry, and writing a new training plan for my sister. I didn't have any plans today (other than a six-mile run), so I was ready to get stuff done. And then today ended up being super busy, and I didn't even get a chance to sit down until now (almost 7:00 pm).

We've been having some issues with Eli, and after poking around online, I decided I wanted to take him to the doctor today. He has a pretty bad snoring problem, and I was thinking that the snoring meant he didn't get any quality sleep, and therefore, was very irritable.

Before taking him to the doctor, I had to take care of an issue with our health insurance. I wanted to get this done today, because I didn't want to be thinking about it all weekend. I took the kids to the bus stop, and then right after that I went to the office where I could speak with someone about the insurance. Right after that, I sat in my car in the parking lot and called the pediatrician to see if I could get Eli in today.

They said they could see him in an hour. His school was about a half-hour away, so I immediately went to the school to pick him up. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and I was starving, so I stopped at a gas station and got a granola bar. Then I picked up Eli, and drove another half-hour back to the doctor's office. Eli was due for a regular check-up anyway, so they did all of that poking and prodding along with checking him out for his snoring issue.

The doctor said that his left nostril is completely blocked, so he can't get any air through there, and that was likely the cause of his snoring. His tonsils weren't too large, so she didn't mention removing them or anything. She gave him a script for a nasal spray to try for a couple of weeks, and if that doesn't help him breathe better, she'll refer him to an otolaryngologist (wow, I spelled that right on the first try!).

He had to get blood drawn, so I took him to the lab, which is next door to the pediatrician, and then I took him back to school. I realize this is a very long and drawn out story, and there really isn't a point to it--I just ended up having a very busy morning ;)

I ate lunch, and then did my run in the afternoon. I just did a six-mile out-and-back route. During the last mile, I decided to throw in some strides, just for the heck of it. Strides are very short (about 50-100 meters) bursts of speed. My legs felt springy, and it felt good to run hard just for a moment at a time. I looked at my Garmin and actually saw a 5:22 pace for one of them! Granted, it was for all of 10 seconds. And then it took me a good 3-4 minutes to recover from it, haha.

I took a little detour on the way home, because there was some traffic and it was hard to cross the street where I normally do, so I just kept going straight. I ended up doing almost an extra half-mile.

My splits were super consistent until I did the strides. I didn't even realize it at the time, because I was trying not to look at my watch.

This afternoon, I was putting away some clothes when I realized that a lot of the clothes in the kids' closets are too small now, and that led to me sorting and organizing their dressers and closets. I wound up with a few garbage bags of clothes to donate. It always feels so nice to get rid of stuff.

I never did end up getting to my email, but hopefully I'll catch up this weekend. Day two of no dessert went well. I was tempted to get an ice cream cone from McDonald's while I was out (I love them, and they're only 5 PointsPlus); then after dinner, I (once again) wanted something sweet. I've realized that after dinner is when my sweet tooth starts nudging me to have dessert. I decided to clean out the litter box--which never fails to make me lose my appetite! Phoebe was grateful...

I just love it when the cats roll onto their backs and practically beg me to pet their bellies :)


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2014

    My son had a horrible snoring problem and seemed to be gasping for air. I brought it up with his doctor who put him on nose spray and allergy medicine for children which didn't do much. I took matters into my own hands and scheduled him to see an allergy specialist. Turns out he was allergic to pollens, grasses, etc. The allergy shots made a huge difference in his snoring and quality of sleep. He no longer needs the shots.

  2. Pretty kitty! Sounds like you had quite the busy day. Those strides sound fun. I've done short bursts of speed like that before for funsies, but I never knew they were called anything special. I learned something!

  3. Cute cat pic... And I'm sure she appreciated the litter box attention (I know mine do).

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2014

    How odd. Usually you are only allowed to use nasal sprays for a couple of days at the max, because of the rebound effects.

  5. Hello Katie ...I enjoy reading your posts. I am almost finished my 12 week walking programme & am thinking/dreaming about starting a Begin to Run 5K session in a few weeks. I love the picture of your cat ....I miss my orange boy.

  6. Aww that picture of Phoebe is so cute. Hope everything works out with Eli's nose!


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