February 02, 2014

The story of my life

Ah, the Super Bowl. As someone who is not a fan of football (honestly, "despise" would be an appropriate word for how I feel about the sport), I never watch it. In 1982, the Super Bowl took place on January 24th. My mom was pregnant with me, and she went into labor that morning. She and my dad drove (along with my sister, Jeanie, and my brother, Brian) an hour to the birthing center, only to find out that she was barely dilated. The doctor told her to walk around, so my parents, along with Jeanie and Brian, went to the mall across the street and walked around for a few hours.

My dad was 30, and my mom was 29 in this photo. Good grief, I feel old!

Meanwhile, in Pontiac, Michigan, a very exciting kick-off was happening for Super Bowl XVI.

As you can imagine, my dad and the doctor were beyond thrilled to spend the afternoon at the birthing center waiting for my arrival, rather than watching that game! ;)  Eventually, the doctor sent my mom home because she wasn't progressing, so my parents made the hour-long drive home. Later that night, my mom went into hard labor and went back to the birthing center. I was born at 1:45 in the morning of the 25th.

Because I was born in a birthing center, my brother and sister were allowed to be there and watch the birth. That was much more exciting than the Super Bowl. I figure that I hated football while I was in the womb, and decided to be born during the Super Bowl just to irritate the doctor (and my dad); or maybe I hate football because I was born on Super Bowl Sunday, and the doctor (and my dad) would rather have been watching the big game ;)

My brother was delighted ;)

My fifth birthday took place on the day of Super Bowl XXI, but I was too young to remember that. My "Sweet 16" birthday happened to fall on the day of Super Bowl XXXII. Secondary to planning a wedding, a Sweet 16 birthday is a big deal to teen girls! I remember really hating football for ruining my birthday that year. ;)  The Super Bowl has been in February ever since 2004, though, so it's only been on three of my birthdays--1982, 1987, and 1998.

For the past several years, I've spent a few hours on Super Bowl Sunday doing something useless that I enjoy, and not feeling guilty for it. Since we don't have cable, Jerry took the kids to my parents' house today to watch the game over there; which meant I had the house to myself! I made a yummy dinner that I normally wouldn't make for the family--sauteed shrimp (my kids don't like it, but I love it). I took a hot bath, and then had a glass of Chardonnay to chase the Oreo ice cream while watching an episode or three of Flashpoint. It turned out to be a very nice, relaxing evening!

Tomorrow is Motivational Monday, so if you have a photo of a health/fitness accomplishment that you'd like to share, you can e-mail it to me at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, subject: Motivational Monday, along with a brief description, and I may include it on tomorrow's post!


  1. I despise football also. Actually I don't like to watch any sports. Something about sitting there and watching other people exercise doesn't sit well with me. I don't have a dramatic Super Bowl story except that I once went cross country skiing on Super Bowl Sunday when I lived in West Yellowstone, Montana. I fell on a hill and couldn't walk when I was pretty far back on the trail and not dressed very warmly. My friend was going to ski out and get help, which would have taken her several hours. I heard some snowmobiles nearby and crawled through four feet of snow to flag them down. I got a ride out which was terrifying, the guy went fast and I had no helmet! It was Sunday and it cost $100 for the doctors to open the clinic on a Sunday so I waited till Monday to go in. Turns out my ankle was broken.

  2. Here is my Super Bowl story. My husband & I attended SB 4! I am from northern MN & the Vikings were playing. They got beat by the KC Chiefs, tho. The tickets price was $15! I still have the stubs.

  3. I don't mind going to live sporting events, but watching sports on TV is my absolute definition of boring.

  4. Our anniversary is today and my husband is a huge Broncos fan. I don't enjoy football. The day pretty much stunk for us both.

  5. My birthday falls on fishing opener weekend which is a big deal in MN lol (and sometimes Mothers Day) :)

  6. Haha, cool story. Although I could do without the football bashing. :P

  7. I don't despise football. I just don't like it. Do you want to talk about mother's guilt? My oldest son plays footballs and I don't like going to the games. I use the excuse that the games are to long for the little ones. I get to stay home and watch high lights that hubby taped.

    I got married opening day of deer season. I had a few grumbles from relatives on the maternal side of the family.

  8. I loved the old pictures of you and your family--so darned cute! My middle son was born the day Nebraska played Oklahoma in 1977, a very old and intense rivalry--Nebraska lost yet again, so Du didn't mind missing the game too much.
    I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. The atmosphere there reminded me of how it is before a huge holiday--CRAZY! I am a football fan, but had little interest in either team yesterday, however the commercials are such fun to watch.

  9. My daughter was born on Superbowl Sunday too, February 1st 2004 & next year her birthday will be on Superbowl again. I got a lot of grief when I scheduled her first birthday party on Superbowl. Let's say I didn't have a lot of visitors that day because of the Superbowl, which kinda sucked :( I only watch it now for the commercials and half time show, but could care less about the actual game.

  10. I could care less about football, but I love the old pictures of your family :) Thanks for sharing - glad you enjoyed your day!

  11. Love the matching mother-daughter bowl cuts!

  12. Aww, I love this story! And I can completely relate to having Super Bowls interfere with birthdays. Mine is Jan 23 and for a while when I was younger it seemed like all my birthday parties fell on the same day as Super Bowl parties.
    I watched this year, but more as a social thing. Couldn't care about the game, but love the commercials (not as much this year) and I love the tweets/online action even more!


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