February 20, 2014

A humbling track run

Lately, my cats have been like magnets to me. Even if I just plan to sit down for a minute or two on the couch, it's like they can sense it, and they come running to sit with me. It used to be just one of the cats (either Estelle or Phoebe). Lately, Paolo has been glued to my side for some reason. And then this morning, all three of them fought for space.

(Chandler was hiding under my bed, because we had a thunderstorm--not that there was room for him next to me!) Paolo looks terrible right now, because I shaved him a couple of weeks ago. His fur was still getting matted (even with the "Fur-minator", which I ended up returning, because it didn't work any better than the regular brush I use). I really need to go get him a proper hair cut, so he doesn't look so homely. My dad came over and said, "What you'd do, put your cat in the dryer?" hahaha

Since the kids are home this week from school, and we didn't have anything going on today, I decided to take them to the rec center this morning. They could swim in the pool while I ran on the track upstairs. It took forever to get everything ready to head out the door (bathing suits, towels, swim masks, extra clothes, etc). Once we got in the car, Noah realized he forgot his gym shoes at my parents' house (he was wearing boots), so after a stop there for his shoes, we finally made it to the rec center.

The boys went into the boys' locker room to change, and after I changed into my running clothes, I met them in the pool area. Just after I saw Eli jump into the pool, Noah told me that he forgot his bathing suit. He had taken it out of the bag and forgot to put it back in. *sigh* Thankfully, I have really awesome parents that live very close, because I called them and my dad brought Noah's suit to the rec center. While I waited for my dad, I ran up and down the steps of the bleachers--might as well get in some altitude on my Wii Fit U challenge ;)

The lifeguard said it was no problem if I went upstairs to run while the boys swam, so after they were happily playing in the pool, I went up to the track. I had four miles at half-marathon pace (8:20-ish) on the schedule, but after the last HM-pace run I had at the indoor track, my plan was to just run in heart rate Zone 4, regardless of the pace.

I noticed that there were some kids (maybe early high school-age) there with a coach, who was holding a stop watch. I started my run, and almost immediately, he had them start running. Holy crap, they were fast! Usually when I run at the indoor track, I'm the one passing people. I'm not uber-fast or anything, but most of the people there are walkers, and when I do come across someone running, it's usually at a pretty slow pace.

When I saw the kids with the coach, I started thinking that it would be fun to keep up--me, at 32 years old, with them, at 15/16? Ha! These kids were flying past me, and LAPPING ME every quarter mile or so. The first couple of laps, I tried to keep up with the first girl to pass me, but I just couldn't, especially when I had four miles to run.

The inside lane is reserved for runners, so that's what I always run on, but once it was clear that I was going to be eating these kids' dust, I moved on over to the middle lane, so I didn't hinder their speed ;) It was humbling, to say the least!

The only moment that saved my dignity was when one of the kids stopped to walk about a mile and a half in, and she stopped running completely after that. Then at two miles in, another girl stopped. Once they were done, I still ran, getting lapped by the remaining boy every so often. He was flying. Finally, I was the only one still running, and I finished out my four miles. My heart rate showed that I was working much harder than reflected by my pace (with the foot pod), but who knows.

Yeah, looking at those splits, and considering my heart rate was about 160 the entire time, I really don't know how accurate the foot pod is on the indoor track. Usually, that would translate to about an 8:15 pace for me. Unless all this treadmill running has just really slowed my pace this winter! ;) I guess I'll find out when I finally run outside again.

It's kind of strange--I used to despise the treadmill, but all the running I've done on it this winter has actually made me appreciate and kind of like it! I definitely miss the outdoor runs, but I don't dread the treadmill anymore. Tomorrow is my long run, so I'll be running nine miles--likely on the 'mill!


  1. Your kitties are so precious as are your boys. Savor every moment with them all as it goes by way too fast.

  2. I live right near a high school with a great track. Problem is that I know if I go, I'll be surrounded by youngers passing me by! I once ended up out on a run at the same time as some of the track kids... you're right. It's a very humbling experience.

  3. We don't have an indoor track near me (that I know of) but sometimes I will head to the HS to run on the track but I refuse to do it if there are any kids even just playing football or anything. LOL there are 2 HS's near me and one the track and the field are not nearly as new or nice as the other so it is usually empty so I go there. It took me long enough to feel OK running on the streets even though cars and people could see me I am not sure I would ever be OK with sharing the track with fast kids.

    Oh and I am sure you know this but I love your cats <3

  4. I have been trying to improve my pace this winter. My last 5K pace was a little over a 10 minute mile. Those kids would have eaten me alive!

  5. Hmmm, did you count laps or just rely on your foot pod for distance? Would be interesting to see how well the two of them synced up.

  6. My track has been plowed in and gated all winter. I can't wait to get on it and work!

  7. I was literally cracking up at Paolo's haircut. I didn't notice until I read your dad's comment and then I went back up. It reminds me of the cats on cartoons when they get frightened. They're all super cute though :)


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