March 05, 2013

Lots of activity

I've gotten in a LOT of extra activity this week! Tuesdays are the last day of my Weight Watchers week, so tomorrow it will be interesting to look at the extra activity PointsPlus I earned this week, and how it affected my weight. Yesterday, I got in a ton of walking.

I ran intervals on the treadmill in the morning--I did four 1/2-mile repeats at a 6:58/mi pace. I despise doing intervals! I really wanted to skip them and just run a few miles instead, but that's what I did last week, so speed work was overdue.

I watched Sons of Anarchy while I ran, and then I actually walked 1/4 mile in between each repeat... usually I just hop off the treadmill and rest for 90 seconds or so. After my intervals were done, I wanted to finish out the episode of SoA, so I just walked for a while until it was over, getting in another two miles.

Then in the afternoon, the kids were at school and Jerry was sleeping, so I decided to go for a walk after lunch. I dressed really warm because it was freezing outside, and set out for a two-mile (ish) walk. I brought my iPod to listen to a podcast, and just strolled around the neighborhood and through my parents' neighborhood.

There is a spot on the nuclear power plant property where you can always see deer, and now the deer have become pretty tame from people feeding them all the time. There is a small gap in the gate where people toss food inside, and the deer are always there, eating.
I've seen as many as 14 deer there at once. Sometimes people just pull up and park there, and watch the deer eat. I don't really find them that interesting ;)

I continued the walk along Lake Erie, and the lake was gorgeous! The ice went out pretty far from the shore...
I stopped there for a couple of minutes to take a few pictures and then made my way home. I thought I'd probably been gone a half-hour or so, but I was gone for 45 minutes!

After the kids got home from school, and we ate dinner, they were asking if we could walk around the neighborhood again. I was tired, but of course I said yes--I love that they enjoy going for walks. We stopped by the liquor store again, and I decided that if they had Cadbury Cream Eggs, I was going to buy one. They didn't have any... bummer. I took this picture of Jerry and me on our way back home:
He was jealous that the kids and I all had character hats, so he wore one of Eli's.

By the time I went to bed, I'd actually earned 8 activity PP for the day! Normally, I would have given myself just two--for the intervals. I love wearing this ActiveLink! I'm constantly looking for ways to add more activity.

Today, I just had three miles on the schedule, so I did the treadmill. I wanted to watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy ;) I cranked out the three miles...
...and then I walked for a mile so that I could watch the rest of the SoA episode.

The kids were off school today for a teacher in-service day, so I made the kids read books for an hour. I sat with Eli and helped him (he desperately wants to be able to read by himself, but since he misreads a lot of the words in chapter books, he doesn't comprehend what he's reading). Then I read a book for a while, because the kids were asking how come they have to read if I never do--oops!

I like to read, but I have to be extremely interested in the book, otherwise I lose interest really quickly. Also, I'm a slow reader. So it's rare that I actually get through an entire book. But I'm going to make it a point to read while the kids are reading, at least.

This afternoon, I was feeling really snacky even though I wasn't hungry; so I decided to go for a walk. I've read that tip a billion times, and always think, "Yeah, yeah--just go for a walk when you feel like eating--whatever." But it works! I made a big mug of Buttered Rum tea and took that with me while I walked around the neighborhood (about a mile).

I have to say, all the extra activity has me feeling really exhausted at the end of each day. It's nice! And I haven't felt bored at all, because I'm always looking for ways to move. I'm sure it will grow old after a while, but for now I'll embrace it ;)


  1. The lake does look beautiful! The year we lived in Michigan it was a mild winter, and we never got to see the lake (Lake Sinclair) frozen.

    It;s great that you are getting all this extra activity. Send some of that motivation this way!

  2. Just wondering if you eat your AP every week? I usually don't but this week I'm down to 5 WP and they don't reset until Friday. I know everyone is different but just curious. I really enjoy reading your blogs. They're really helping to keep my butt moving. :)

  3. sooo... where did you get the Perry hat??

  4. Love the lake pic...I've never seen a frozen lake before! That's neat that you are getting all that extra activity!

  5. MinnesotaKellyMarch 05, 2013

    Thanks so much for the SoA recommendation. I started to watch it ONLY when I'm on the treadmill and it's been miraculous--I now look forward to treadmill runs (and I really, really hate running on the treadmill normally)! I get so many great tips from your blog--thanks for all you do :)

  6. I love your blog Katie ! I am always looking forward to a new post. You have done amazing job and you are very inspirational, and obviously a very good writer.

  7. That Butter Rum Tea is AMAZING! I can't wait to try a few others. Thanks for writing about David's teas/

  8. I am curious if all this extra activity is helping you sleep better/longer?

  9. I didn't realize you lived so close to the lake. Beautiful!

  10. more activity-more points-more food? I am curious if having more activity points which allow more food are actually going to show on the scale? Will it be a gain? A loss or holding steady? In theory the more you move the more you can eat--now to see if that holds true for you!!!!

  11. is a great place to find books and such. I use it all the time.

    The ice on the lake looks so beautiful. And PS your blog has totally inspired me to take up running. I read it every day, but I'm not much a commenter. But I post a book a week (usually) on my blog, always linking it back to Good Reads and I'm like you too. I read but it's gotta suck me in or I'm done with the book.

  12. I also used to watch TV series while exercising on the stationary bike. I can tell, it made me more motivated. I love how you got addicted to being active, I am happy for you! :)

  13. Super inspiring. I've heard the wall when you are hungry thing too. I think I might actually try it now. Thanks!

  14. Funny to read about you being by Lake Erie. I live right near Lake Erie too, just the far other side of it! :)


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