March 28, 2013

First time in St. Louis

St. Louis is amazing! Jerry drove me to the airport yesterday afternoon for my 3:12 flight from Detroit. I got there really early and had no problems getting through security or anything, so I walked around the airport a little bit to get in some activity (and work off my nerves). The flight was only a little over an hour, so I didn't want to take a Xanax and be super tired when I got to St. Louis; and I didn't want to spend my PointsPlus on wine before the flight, so I just decided to tough out my fear and fly completely sober.

I was in a window seat, which is what I prefer if I must fly, and once we got close to St. Louis, the ground actually looked pretty awesome with all the snow. We didn't have any snow when I left Detroit.
We arrived in St. Louis uneventfully, thank goodness. I was told to meet my driver at the baggage claim. I looked everywhere, but didn't see him. I noticed on Twitter that a few bloggers discovered each other at the airport, and that a couple of them were even on my flight from Detroit! I met up with them, and we waited for the rest of the bloggers and the driver.

I felt SO out of my element while chatting with the other bloggers, because they are all "professional" bloggers--as far as I know, my blog is the only very personal one. I have no idea why I was asked to go on this trip--the others have hundreds of thousands of followers! One girl even has a Facebook page for her cat, and her CAT has more Facebook fans than I do--BAHAHA. But everybody was super nice, and it was interesting to hear about the different blog niches that everyone comes from.

When we checked into the hotel, I went up to see my room. We were given a goodie bag from Purina ONE, so I dumped that out on the bed to see what was there. I scarfed down the banana immediately, because I was starving.

I looked out the window and was amazed at the view!

I had about an hour until I was supposed to meet everyone for dinner at the hotel, so I took full advantage of the small amount of time I had, and I walked to the arch. I tried to get a picture of me with the arch in the background, but it wasn't nearly as easy as it sounds ;)

I went for a quick walk around the park there, and then went back to the hotel to change clothes for dinner. Dinner was at Three Sixty, a bar at the top of the hotel. You could see a 360 view of the city from there, which was pretty awesome. Dinner was very light--lots of little finger foods. I took two very teeny slices of margherita pizza and two skewers of chicken in a spicy sauce. Everything else looked very caloric, so I decided to skip over it and get frozen yogurt afterward, hahaha. I also had two glasses of Merlot, and a couple of bites of a cheesecake dessert (not very good--the fro-yo sounded much better).

After chatting with the other bloggers for a while, one of the girls and I went to the lobby for the self-serve frozen yogurt shop. We don't have these anywhere near my house, and the only one I'd been in was in Chicago, so I was super excited for it. I definitely went overboard--three flavors of fro-yo (cake, wedding cake, and red velvet cake), and three toppings (cookie dough, crushed Butterfingers, and crushed Oreos). The fro-yo was only 2 PP per half-cup, and I probably had a cup and a half (6 PP). Then I estimated the toppings at 6 PP, so 12 PP for this big old mess was totally worth it...

I went back up to my room at around 11, and tried so hard to sleep, but was tossing and turning all night. I got up and starting typing this post at 5:00 AM, because that was an acceptable time to get up!

This morning, I'm going to the Purina ONE headquarters to learn about the "True Nature of Cats", and then I'm headed to the airport this afternoon. Such a quick trip!


  1. I hope you enjoy your short trip!

  2. Great shot with the arch! I love fro-yo! We have a local one open up in my area called Mickey's. They are busy all year long. It's a great family treat.

  3. We have 3 self serve yogurt places in the Metro Toledo area if ever you are down here :-) LoLa's in Perrysburg and Bowling Green are amazing!!!!

  4. Now I want buttefingers ;)

  5. I love tart frozen yogurt with pom seeds and gummy bears! I also don't get it often :( Have a great time learning about cats!

  6. What a great view you have from your hotel! I think your blog is just as good as the "'Professional Blogger' Blogs". You definitely belong in that group, maybe not by the money you make, but definitely by quality. I read your blog and "young house love" (which is what they do for a living) everyday and there are several similarities, mainly I think you're just honest and real. Keep it up and have fun tomorrow.

  7. Awesome picture of the snow from the plane. I've never seen anything like that! Self serve froyo is the best... mine always ends up looking like a 6 year old made it. :)

  8. So glad you got to go to the arch!! We live about 3 hrs from St. Louis and are HUGE Cardinals fans, so we love STL!

  9. Glad that you're enjoying STL! You're in my stomping ground!

  10. Hey--the view is so amazing, keen to learn about what all you learnt about cats!

    PS- I checked your FAQ's, and read about the question regarding social situations.
    I can totally relates to have 'just a bite' or its 'Christmas'.
    My question is--did you ever give in, and if you wanted to avoid eating the 'party' food did you say you were on a diet?


  11. Oh boy, we have that same froyo place in my town. I am seriously obsessed with it! They are building another one too, i'm in trouble.

    Really excited to hear about Purina One. As a cat fanatic, I find it so cool!

  12. I hope you have a great time Katie! If you have any extra time you should visit the St. Louis City Museum. It's really cool...there's a giant slide and a ferris wheel on the roof. There are enchanted caves in the basement to explore too. Super fun!

  13. We went to St. Louis last April--of course we had to go to a Cardinals Baseball Game. We just walked over to the stadium from the Arch--by the way--GREAT pictures of you, I can't believe you were able to get such a good picture of yourself in front of the
    Arch! We took the tram up to the top of the Arch--quite a view--but I mostly did it because I could fit on the very tight tram now. We also toured the Budweiser Brewery--can you tell my husband was with me on our trip? And we made a special trip to Tony Roma's, it's a great barbecue chain restaurant that used to have a location close by (Omaha, NE) but they closed it a few years ago, so whenever we get close to one, we make sure to have a meal there, even though it was kind of hard to find in an obscure shopping center on th4e edge of St. Louis! We sure used my new (at the time) iPhone and Google Maps on that trip!

  14. The arch picture came out really cute!

  15. We were there a few months ago and it is hard to get a picture in front of the arch! I actually filmed my Missouri workout there at a park on the other side of the river with the arch in the background but like I said I had to go all the way across the river for a good view! One of our favorite stops so far was in St Louis...The City Museum. It's amazing!!! Hope you had fun!!!!

  16. Glad your flight went well! And the trip sounds enjoyable! Love your blog- even more than someone's cat. :)



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