February 03, 2013

Great weekend!

What a great weekend! Friday, I went to lunch at La Pita with Renee, Jessica, and Amy. Yesterday, I had SO much fun with my old friends from high school. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Toledo called El Camino Real. They are known for their amazing margaritas, so naturally, I had to get one (okay, I had two...). I wanted to share a dinner with Jerry, but he wasn't in the mood to share, so I ordered chicken fajitas. The plates (yes, that's plural) that came out to me were enormous!
I made up one fajita, then ate some of the filling--the tortillas really aren't worth the PointsPlus to me. I ate about half of the dinner, and skipped over the chips and salsa entirely. It was so great to be able to chat with my friends! It's been way too long since we were all together.
The only problem with a rectangular table like that is that we couldn't talk with the people on the other end. So after dinner, Eric and Maris volunteered their house for all of us to go hang out. I was definitely up for that! We went over there and chatted for a long time--it was after 1:00 when we finally left.

When I got home and logged all my food, I saw that I had actually gone OVER my allotted PointsPlus for the week--I've never seen a negative number on there before, but it read -6 Weekly PointsPlus. To get it out of the negative, I just have to earn 6 activity PointsPlus before Wednesday.

This morning, I started that off by going for a run. I was planning to run 5 miles in order to earn 6 PP. It was FREEZING outside, and the roads were covered in snow, but I decided to run outside anyway. I dressed in some warm pants, an Under Armour Cold Gear long-sleeved shirt with a fleece jacket over it, gloves, a balaclava, and my shoes with IceSpikes on them so I didn't fall on the packed snow.
It was just 10 degrees outside--the coldest temp I've run in this year, I think. Anyway, I ran out to the road that I usually run on, but it was clear of snow, and I didn't want to run on dry road with my IceSpikes. So I just ran through the neighborhoods instead, because the IceSpikes work best on about a half-inch of packed down snow. Instead of running five miles, though, I just did 3.3--it's hard to run far when you're running the streets in neighborhoods.

I also learned that it's nearly impossible to get any oxygen with a balaclava covering my mouth. Shortly after I started running, I had to pull it down to my chin, which was kind of uncomfortable.

I thought my pace would be super slow, since I was running on snow, but it wasn't bad!
The tags were still on this balaclava this morning--this was
the first time I wore it, and I bought it two years ago!

Because I don't have any weekly PointsPlus to fall back on for the next few days, I have to be extra careful about what I eat. I decided to make it a mission to get in all of my Good Health Guidelines:

For breakfast, I made a protein shake with a cup of milk and a cup of berries; then for lunch, I got in some veggie servings by having spaghetti squash. I topped it with spaghetti sauce mixed with ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil. Those two meals alone got in almost all of the healthy guidelines today!
It tasted much better than it looks. ;)  It was so good that I'm going to have it again tomorrow.

This evening, my little brother Nathan came over to watch the first half of the Super Bowl with Jerry. I was excited for him to come over, since I don't see him too often. It was a great day!


  1. I have a spaghetti squash on hand... will need to do this for lunch tomorrow... yum!

  2. Interesting meal. I will have to try that. what do you think of weight watchers do you like it better than spark people?? I have a lot of weight to lose and wonder if i would be better off doing weight watchers. Thanks! i will have to use your search bar and see if i can find comments on it! :)

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  4. I need some of your dedication to get my ass back into running! Good on ya!

  5. What a great weekend! That restaurant makes me hungry for mexican food instead of my usual Mediterranean fare. Mmm!!

  6. Today i made your crockpot italian chicken penne....it was yummmmy. But you didn't have the calories listed. Do you happen to know them....thanks

  7. I agree --- running with a balaclava is awkward! Even if I am able to breathe, the part in front of my nose and mouth gets wet with snot, condensation from my warm breath, or spit from going into my mouth! Or all of the above! Gross! I saw these yesterday: http://coldavenger.mybigcommerce.com/ Like a balaclava with a built in respirator! Haha! Luckily it's not cold enough for a balaclava to be required very often here, otherwise I might buy one!

  8. Try the spaghetti squash with peanut sauce. Divine.

  9. I think the squash meal looks really good!

  10. Love the guidelines in this post! Reading that makes me feel like I really am being healthy... I like little confirmations like that every now and then.

    I'm going to have to try that sauce - sounds yummy! I love spaghetti squash and am kind of on a kick with it right now.

  11. I have never had spaghetti squash. I dont like regular squash. That sauce (minus the mushrooms) sounds yum!

  12. I absolutely love your dedication! You had complete control with your food choices and you made it sound easy when you decided that a certain food wasn't worth the points.

    I've tried weight watchers a few times but it seems like I always pick the worst and most stressful times to try the program. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. So proud of you that you braved the cold temps to get a run in!!! I am not that brave yet!!! The spaghetti squash looks so good...I'm gonna try that!!

  14. I keep seeing the spaghetti squash in people's posts. I guess that means I should frickin' try it already!

  15. I can't run with something covering my mouth and nose either but having my neck completely covered and just my chin when it is really cold, as in single digits and negative numbers, really helps. Good winter running gear is so worth it!!
    You went into negative points for a special occasion and I don't think you've had that happen since I've been reading your blog so you have this under control!!
    I made the single serve no bake cookie from your recipe section. It is really good! When frozen for a couple hours, it even seems more like a "real" no bake cookie!

  16. Brrr, that looks ridiculously cold. On days like that, I'd opt for the treadmill (with an incline to make up for the lack of wind resistance.) Good for you that you toughed it out.

    Yeah, I've had similar experiences with Mexican food. Some of it's pretty tasty, but soo high calorie. You'll get there by Wednesday!

  17. Good for you for getting out there in the cold! That's crazy! Love spaghetti squash! :)

  18. Love spaghetti squash. We brown some lean ground beef, or chicken breast cut in chunks, in our really big, deep frying pan. Then add the cooked spaghetti squash to the pan and some salsa (don't measure it, just whatever looks like enough!). Stir it all together and then sprinkle some grated cheese on top and let it melt. Delish!


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