October 13, 2012

Playing dress-up

Last night was my monthly Winers meeting. Renee hosts every October's meeting, and it's a Halloween theme. We have a bonfire, and everyone wears Halloween costumes.

I looked online for days trying to think up a good costume, and I finally decided that I'd like to go as Medusa. The main (and most important part) of the costume is her hair made of snakes. I went to the dollar store and bought a few packs (about 40 individual) little snakes and a couple of bigger ones. Then I got some plain barrettes, and I spent a few hours hot-gluing the snakes to the barrettes so that I could arrange them in my hair.

I also got face paint (to do a grayish face and dark circles around my eyes), and a tunic with some netting stuff to go over it. I was really excited about my costume once I got it all together!

Yesterday, I told Renee I would come over early to help set up. At around 4:30, I decided to get ready, because it would take me a long time to get all the snakes in my hair.
When I picked the first one up, the barrette fell off. I tried another, and the same thing happened. The barrettes came off of each one that I picked up :(  I was so bummed. I am definitely going to figure out how to make it work for next year, though. I really want to go as Medusa!

I started wracking my brain to come up with a last minute costume. Searching through my closet, I saw my "fat clothes" from my before photo, and I even entertained the idea of dressing up as my before photo, by stuffing the clothes with pillows:
It was pretty funny, but it was nearly impossible to walk around like that. I texted Andrea to see if I could borrow a costume from her, and thankfully she was home and had a Supergirl costume! Jerry picked it up on his way home. I was planning on leaving the house at 6:30. By the time he got home with the costume, it was 6:45. I threw it on quickly, and thankfully it fit!

I went to Renee's to help set up, and everything looked great!
(Photos from Winers are all courtesy of Stephanie)

Before I left, I made a plan to have only wine, and no food there. While I was losing weight, that's how I always handled Winers meetings. The food is always fantastic, but it's usually very caloric and I have no idea how to count it. So I ate before I left, and just stuck to wine--I had about 6 oz.

I enjoyed seeing the girls, because I don't usually see a lot of them unless it's at a Winers meeting--and I haven't gone to the last few meetings, so it's been a while.
The blonde wig and poodle skirt is actually Jessica! Doesn't she look awesome? I think the blonde suits her well ;)  Stephanie (far right) was wearing a costume that her mom made in the 60's. Stephanie said even at age 13, it was super tight, and she was never able to wear it. Since she recently reached her goal weight, and is super petite now, she was able to wear the costume!

By the time I left, at around 11:00, it was 37 degrees outside. And my bare legs were completely frozen. When I got home, I crawled into bed under the electric blanket and snuggled up to Jerry, but I just couldn't get warm. I was completely chilled to the bone. But I had fun, as expected! :)

The winner of the True Citrus package is:
Congrats Rachel!! Please send me an e-mail at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com within 48 hours, including your shipping address so that I can pass it on to True Citrus. Enjoy!


  1. I was Medusa one year, and it came out awesome. I had braided my hair the night before, so it had thick crinkles in it (you have curls and wouldn't need to). And I doused it with about half a can of aqua net and teased it a little. Then I wrapped chunks in pipe cleaners so that they stood out in all directions. ( I left enough of my teased and sprayed hair out of the coils that they nested the coils in place). Then, around the chunks, I coiled the little rubber snakes. It was time consuming, but with all of the hairspray, the snakes lasted the night at a halloween party. They even survived the dance floor. (And I may have woken up with a few strays in my head the next morning.... )

  2. Katie...is it possible for u to ship internationally(like India)

  3. Katie...is it possible for u to ship internationally(like India)

  4. I remember you saying you were making your costume and I thought with your sewing schools you knocked out a great Supergirl costume!

  5. LOL, I LOVE the idea of you dressing up as your former self. That is too funny! It's also something I hope to be able to do one day. You are amazing Katie!!

  6. I think the Super Woman worked out better. Can I just say I am jealous of your winers group? It always looks so fun!

  7. I use hair clips like that when I make bows for my girls...what about hot glueing the snakes to the barret (sp?) and then wrapping a small portion of wire around them? Just under their heads...with bows I stitch through the center of the bow to make sure it's good and stuck...not sure if you could get a needle through the snakes though. Good luck!

  8. In a pinch, I'd say zip ties would hold your snakes onto the barrettes. Jeweler's wire would work really well, unwaxed dental floss might work, and fishing line would probably work, too. Have you considered painting them so they are uniform in color? Another thought is to buy a hair net & secure them to the hair net & pull hair through the net, too. And my final suggestion is to do it now, while you're thinking about it. If you're anything like me, you won't think about it again until it is too late for next year. Or, even more likely, I'd just forget all about it in time ; )

  9. Try another type of glue next year...I'd suggest something like superglue or gorilla glue. It's very hard to find adhesives that work with some types of plastic (I'm a materials engineer...this is my job), so without getting into great detail, some glues work and some don't. I think Medusa is an awesome costume idea by the way! =)

  10. A different glue Like E6000 or Gorilla Glue will work better for the barrettes and snakes. Unfortunately hot glue isn't great, because once it dries it is easily peeled off of surfaces :( At least you got to dress up still!!


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