May 04, 2012

Henry Ford Museum

For the first day of our little "staycation" break, we were gone ALL day. And I only have a few moments to write this post before we head out again (to a movie). We woke up and got the kids ready for school. I actually would have liked to keep Noah home today (he still wasn't feeling great), but he begged to go to school because he had a field trip at the recycling center today.

After the boys got on the bus, Jerry and I ate a quick breakfast and then headed out for the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn. We looked around the museum a little before checking out the Titanic exhibit. There were some fun things to look at!
This was just begging for a photo

This was a cool kitchen from the 1950's

TV's have come a long way!

This is an old-fashioned baby swing/jumper. Pretty cool!

Stuff from MY generation... or maybe slightly later ;)

Remember Simon??

A school desk from the 1950's
Remember: Duck and cover.
Because "duck and cover" will protect you from a nuclear blast...

These were some old car seats. They looked more dangerous than the seat of the car!
The museum was really fun. Then we "boarded" the Titanic. I was given a ticket with the name of a woman, and her story. Then at the end, I could see whether I survived the sinking of the ship.
My ticket

Jerry's ticket
 My person was named Elizabeth, and she was 29-years old. She was a widow, traveling alone. We walked through the Titanic exhibit, and it was REALLY neat to see all the artifacts that were collected from the ship. But I liked reading the personal stories on the wall the best. It was so sad to read about the real stories of real people that were traveling on the Titanic.

The exhibit had a huge block of ice that we could touch to see how the temperature of the water felt to the people that were exposed to it that day. I had tears in my eyes more than a few times as we walked through. We weren't allowed to take pictures in there, otherwise I would have. They had a replica of the famous staircase (seen in the movie) and it was AMAZING.

At the end, there was a wall listing the "saved" and the "lost" of the Titanic. Elizabeth's name was with the saved. Benjamin Hart (Jerry's man) was lost. Seeing the numbers of people under the "lost" sections was heartbreaking--and it was even sadder that as the class went up, so did the number of survivors. The crew lost the most, then the third class, then the second class, and the first class lost the fewest people.

We looked around the museum a bit more before heading to lunch.

We went to a pizza place called Pizza Papalis in Dearborn. We ordered a deep dish Chicago-style pizza with green peppers and feta cheese. It was AMAZING. And of course I had a beer with it...

I had two pieces, but I wish I'd only had one--because after we left Pizza Papalis, we went to Whole Foods for dessert. I got a turtle brownie, of course! But I brought it home with me to eat at the movies. I think I might just call that dinner, because I'm really not that hungry after such a filling lunch.

Sorry this is so hastily written, but we have to head out to the movie now! Not sure what we're seeing yet.


  1. Glad you're having fun on your STAYcation!!

  2. Enjoy your weekend!! Off to a good start :)

  3. Those museums sound like so much fun! You and Jerry are super cute together too!

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun!

    I remember my dad talking about the duck and cover thing, he said the purpose of it was, "to bend over to kiss your ass goodbye."

    Have fun at the movie!

  5. So awesome!!! And incidentally, I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!! Couldn't believe it when I read Jerry's ticket. :)

  6. Have fun at the movies...and thanks for the review of the Henry Ford Museum and the Titanic exhibit. I think I'm going to find some time to go see it for sure. : )

  7. I went through the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas, and this seems really similar (the "boarding passes" are the exact same as the ones we have). I think the only difference in the exhibits is that the one in Vegas has the piece of the hull that was recovered. That thing was MASSIVE. I, like you, had tears in my eyes many times throughout the exhibit.

    I'm glad you had an amazing first day of your staycation. Have fun at the movies!

  8. I just told my hubby we need to make it to the museum!

  9. They did the same thing with the passes when I went to the one in Denver. They had a piece of the hull that you could touch. It was kind of eerie touching it to be honest!

  10. That throwback museum is so awesome! The crazy part is that those car seats and baby bouncers must have been sooo cool and high tech at the time, haha! The Titanic exhibit there sounds just like the one in Vegas, my bf and I tried to see how long we could hold our hands on the ice but we both wimped out after not too long!

  11. sounds like the same Titanic exhibition we had in London last year too, we had those same tickets and the hunk of ice to touch.

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  13. The Titanic Exhibit sounds amazing! When I was a kid I was kind of obsessed with Titanic. Not just the movie (although of course I loved that too) but everything. This makes me want to dig out my old books about it because I think I'd have a difference appreciation of it now.

  14. ^^ Apparently at 1:30 in the morning I can't spell. I removed the first comment I left because of a spelling error, commented again and I've just realized I messed up AGAIN. Time for bed..

  15. I would have been bawling my eyes out throughout the exhibit, too.

    Why does your beer look so much bigger than Jerry's?

  16. I went to that museum in 1976, haven't been back since! (Mainly because I moved from Northern Indiana to Florida- it's a bit of a drive from FL to Michigan! Lookalike u had a great time!

  17. It sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for the's hard to believe that I remember those desks, duck and cover, the car seats etc. first hand. Thanks for a terrific blog!

  18. Pizza Papalis - Is the best pizza!

  19. So much fun! My husband just went to the Titanic exhibit in Fort Worth (Texas) in January of this year!


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