May 15, 2012

Drowning in sweat

The temperature in Cleveland for the marathon on Sunday just keeps climbing...
I know, I know, some of you think it's funny that I consider 80 degrees to be hot. But Michigan 80 and, say, Arizona 80, are totally different. When I was in Arizona last year, it was 110 degrees--and it felt more like 90 degrees to me. Michigan is VERY humid, so 80 will make me drown in sweat.

I ran four miles today and it was 73 degrees--I was drenched in sweat after just 2 miles. I know that worrying about the weather isn't going to change anything, so I will try to just let it be. I just hope that over the next 5 days, the forecast will come down to about 46 degrees and overcast. That's not asking too much, is it?! ;)

I forgot just how terrifying it can be to run in the springtime. Last year, I was attacked by a blackbird! It was the scariest moment I've ever experienced while running, and that includes being hit by a car and being bitten by 3 different dogs (not all at the same time, fortunately). The birds must get really protective of their babies, because they pitch a big fit at me while I run.

I had forgotten about it until today, when I ran onto the peninsula and the birds started making all kinds of noises and one swooped down very close to my head. I have no idea what a pissed off bird looks like, but these birds definitely looked pissed. I spent the next two miles jumping at every tweet I heard. I remember watching the movie The Birds when I was kid, and my parents talked about how scary it was when they first saw it. I kept thinking it was dumb, and not scary at all--they were just BIRDS, after all. But now I know just how scary birds can be!

I tried to take it easy on my run today, to save up my energy for the weekend. It wasn't too hard to hold a slower pace since I was constantly looking over my shoulder head for angry birds. I was glad I put sunscreen on before I ran, because I would have been burnt badly if I hadn't--there weren't any clouds today. My skin is so pale that I burn after just 10 minutes in the sun. Ever since I visited my friend Sarah in the hospital, I've been religious about wearing sunscreen, however.

Just FYI, starting tomorrow, I think I am going to start writing my blog posts later, and having them go live at 9 pm EST instead of 5 pm--not that you're all on the edge of your computer seat, waiting for my blog posts or anything! ;)  Since summer is right around the corner, the days will be longer, and I'm going to be spending more time outside--especially in the evenings. My very favorite part of summer is sitting on the back deck with Jerry, drinking a cold beer, and watching the kids play outside. What's your favorite part about summer?

What a whiny post today! Anyone else feel like letting it out and being a crybaby? Go ahead! ;)

(Oh, and for those of you that were curious how Jerry and I met... you can read about that here. Not super interesting, unfortunately!)


  1. My fav part of summer is the smell of fresh cut grass..its so soothing and relaxing!

  2. I hear you regarding the heat! I hate it and will usually run early or late to avoid it. Last year I ran my first 5K at 3pm under the full sun and I thought I was going to die!

    My favourite part of summer is our backyard patio / gazebo - it's like another room has been added to our house. We eat all our meals out there and I don't have to worry as much about the crumbs and mess!

  3. Yikes, your weather sounds like mine. I was hoping for cooler temps to run Pasadena, too. But like you wrote, we run in the weather we get. Good luck!

  4. We are outside all the time. I am never without some kind of sunscreen to slather on the kids, me, my friends, their kids....I'm a bit compulsive, but better safe than burnt or skin cancer!

  5. I ran 6 miles in MN today, not a cloud in the sky and 71 degrees...yeah, felt more like it was in the 80's. I was so wiped out when I was done. I am running the Minneapolis half marathon on June 3rd and am worried about how hot it is going to be. I was tempted to do the Women Rock half but the idea of it being Sept 1st freaks me out...I can't imagine long runs during August. Yuck! Wow, I am very crabby today it seems.

  6. I'm getting so excited for you, Katie! You will do great! I'm glad you told us that you are moving your blog post time because I DO look forward to your posts every afternoon! :)

    My favorite part of summer is very similar to yours: sitting outside with the hubs, drinking a cold bev, and watching our little lady run around. The house we recently moved to has a fire pit so I am also looking forward to some campfires and s'mores!

  7. I'm excited for you, too - you're gonna rock this!
    I also love sitting on our back deck with a nice cold beer (along with my husband) watching the kiddos play, and seeing some wildlife come back to our pond after a long winter!

  8. hey there! totally been a lurker but i have got to tell you how inspiring you have been to me. back at the beginning of april my sister challenged me to a 10k next year. a bridge run at that. i decided i needed to get off my fat hiney and do something for ME! i have run faithfully 3-4 times a week since then. and i do look forward to reading your blog! i have now reached the point that i clearly lost my ming last week and signed up for the st. jude half marathon at the end of the year. gulp. but im gonna do it and im gonna still lurk around here for inspiration! so go rock that marathon!

  9. I think the best run I ever had was at about 80 or maybe a little under. It helped warm my muscles up and my lungs didn't burn or my ears hurt like they do when it's cold, but it wasn't at all humid so there was no sweat to drown in :)

    Long summer evenings are in my Top 10 Favourite Things EVER. I can't say I blame you for wanting to post later!

  10. One of my good friends just ran the Boston in extreme heat and humidity. The medics told him they saw just as many people for over hydration as dehydration. He said their main advice was drink when you are thirsty and be sure to get enough electrolytes/sodium. Pedialyte is better than Gatorade (unfortunately it taste terrible!).

    Good luck!

  11. I've had to deal with a bird family living in a tree/bush near my front door. Every time I had to go in or out the mamma bird would freak and try to attack me! Silly birds didn't understand that it was MY house :p

  12. Oh my gosh! I think about the movie "The Birds" often while running on my gravel roads this time of year. They dive bomb at my head and freak me out!


  13. What do you mean you aren't sure what a pissed off bird looks like? Haven't you ever seen "Angry Birds"? ;)

    I have a bird nesting in the floral wreath right outside my front door. Every time we go out the front door she swoops out of her nest suddenly and scares us half to death!

    My favorite part of summer is.......drum homework for the kids! Other than that, hanging out on our boat on the lake nearby.

    1. Lol to your comment! A friend of mine had a robin build a nest and lay eggs on her door wreath! It was amazing.

  14. You're going to do awesome, but yeah -- 80 degrees is H-O-T, hot!

  15. teachpsychsoc - KimberlyMay 15, 2012

    I agree .... 80 makes for a HOT run in NC ! Thanks for the heads up about changing the posting time.... I do look for your post before
    I go to bed, which is usually around 9:00. I'm up at 4:30, yes... 4:30 AM to get my run in before my commute.

    Thanks also for the chance to "crybaby".... found out yesterday that the "ping" in my right hip is a deep hamstring tear !!!!! I've been fighting it for a couple of weeks and the pain just got too much so I went to my sports otho MD.

    At 45, he says it'll be 6-8 WEEKS before I can run again !!!!

    He claimed my stride has been too wide & bouncy :( Well heck, I was trying to increase my speed...

    Please.... someone tell me something good ! Any advice.... will it really take 6-8 WEEKS !?

    Many Thanks,

  16. AnonymousMay 15, 2012

    Just so you know... I really do wait for your blog posts, haha! Everyday at 5 o'clock I think oh! There should be a new post up on Runs for Cookies! But I'm pretty obsessed with reading blogs so maybe that's just me.

  17. 80 degrees is hot and I live in Georgia and it is miserably humid here too. Just drink plenty of water and keep using the sunscreen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a cold front to move in for you. Good Luck on your first marathon!!! I'm excited for you and I don't even know you!!! Your enthusiasm about running is infectious!!

  18. I know how your feel about running hot weather. Today i did 4.5 miles and it was 78 degrees. I feel like I was going to die of heat stroke toward the end. I'm hoping weather for your marathon is cool. I can't wait to bear how you do!!!

  19. i really hope it's not that hot for you this weekend. i have the same fears for my marathon next only reprieve is that it's in traverse city along the water, so hopefully there will be a little bit of breeze from that. It's so hard because you've been training in much cooler weather. Crossing fingers and toes that it isn't unbearable for you. Remember no matter what, you'll, even if you walk a ton, go slow, you'll still be finishing a marathon!!

  20. I have a fear of birds, I always think they're going to attack!

  21. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

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  22. LoveAnAnimalMay 16, 2012

    Hopefully your race day weather will be overcast.

    Bird diving/bombing your head would be scary! Think its the male protecting the nest, and I believe that I read if you bark like a dog, they will leave you alone. Though that would be rather humorous or alarming to other people in the area, you may want to carry a mini air horn and horn the birds..probably scare it so bad, it will poop on you. It appears to be a no win.

    My big baby complaint today is plantar fasciitis of my left foot. I need to get rid of this so that I can get back to my working out. Scares me that I will not be able to cure it in two days (I know it takes much longer) I'm impatient and want it gone now!

    I now remember reading your blog about how you and Jerry meet. That blog made me LOL when you wrote about the "raccoon" under the outdoor plant! Funny!

    I enjoy a warm evening of having absolutely nothing to do and no plans for early the next day so that I will have plenty of time to just relax in my zero gravity lounge chair admiring my landscaping/gardening and watching the birds eat from the feeder and bathe in their bath. And if I'm lucky, we will have a fire to enjoy as it gets dark as I have more than my share of wine. And if the fireflies/lightening bugs are out...even better! As long as they don't fly into my glass of wine. ; )

  23. I have a pretty bad "case" of Vitligo (if you can call it a case?) Anywho, because of that it has kind of made me dread Summer. I used to love Summer but now I can't go outside without sunscreen. It gets old, but I guess life could be a lot worse so I shouldn't complain. However, you did say we could be cry babies so there you go. My favorite part of Summer must be watermelon, I LOVE watermelon and during Summer it's always available! Yay! I'm going to pray for cool weather for your marathon, I'm sure God has better things to do than listen to me gripe about the weather in another state but hey, it's worth a try right?! Ha ha. Have a great week! : )

  24. My car thermometer said 93 degrees here in Utah today (uhh, it's not even technically summer yet)! I don't love the high heat partly due to the huge a/c bill. But what I do love is a big summer storm. I wish they happened on a daily basis, smells/feels so good in the dry air.

    As for the birds, I think you should bring a slingshot or something on your runs, go all Xena Warrior Princess on them. I did not know they did that- I'd be pissed!

  25. I ran my first 5k at 9am in 90*, and about 35 pounds heavier. I am a sweater, even after losing 75 pounds. On a hot day, I can sweat just sitting still. And we suffer from the same humidity as you do, living right near the water.

    My favorite part of summer is the lack of schedule. There's no school, dance, jazz band, homework, projects, permission slips, school concerts, etc. I'll still get up early and I'll go to the gym or run, since I still babysit over the summer, but I won't have to be checking the clock, making sure they're up and out the door on time. My OTHER favorite part is after dinner, going out on the patio and making a fire in my firepit and sitting there, talking to Charlie. The kids don't want to be outside anymore, so it's quiet alone time for us.

  26. I will be carrying extra waters for you and Jessica! Remember you are going to great!

  27. How is Sarah doing?
    I too had melanoma and swear it was from the tanning I did when I was in middle and high school. Luckily for me my sentinel lymph node biopsy came back clear but it's still super scarey. I wish people understood how dangerous things are. Stepping off my soap box now.
    Enjoy your summer with the kiddos and all the daylight. I love this time of year even with the heat and humidity :)

  28. Hi! I hope your friend Sarah is fine! My favorite part of summer are the warm long evenings - I love sitting at the Danube drinking wine with my husband.

  29. This Texas girl totally cracks up at your temperature posts. I would DIE running when it's 40 (or 50!) degrees, so I guess it makes sense that the heat gets to you. Last summer's record setting heat here coincided with my first round of C25K. Even at 7am it was 85-90 degrees. And I'm getting ready to shift my afternoon runs to morning to take advantage of a little bit of cooler temps.
    My favorite part of summer is much like yours -- sitting on the back patio or lounging in the pool with something cool to drink.

  30. Yikes! What mean birds! The worst experience I've had with a bird is once one pooped on my head! Haha. My favorite part of summer is when it's lighter later, and eating outside. Sit me on a porch or restaurant patio with a drink and I am set! Bring on summer!

  31. I 100% get your feelings about the heat. I live in NY (Long Island) and the humidity here is the worst! Sea Breeze MY ASS!!! I ran this morning and even at 65 degrees it was a million percent humidity I think and I hated every second of it. I have only been running for a year and I am now remembering how much I hated running last summer as I get to my 5ks each weekend sweating before they start! I do not think it is too much to ask for 46 degrees!

  32. I am SO with you on the temperature! I cringed when I saw that your marathon is going to be 80!!! I was going to get my run in this morning before it hit 70 (cause that is even on the hot side for me) but my footpod was not working (sobs heavily) so I am putting it off until tonight after the sun goes down! Heat and Monica are not good friends!

    My favorite thing in the summer is to go to the beach for the day with my husband and kids! There is something about the smell and feel of the ocean air! I LOVE it! It even makes your skin feel good! My second favorite thing is going on family walks after dinner. I LOVE doing that!

  33. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    I have my first half marathon the same day as your marathon, but in Denver. I've been checking the weather every day with my fingers crossed that it will be nice and cool. It's unbelievable what a big difference the heat can make! Good luck!

  34. I can't do anything in 'hot' weather and I'm from NorCal where 80 is considered chilly by some because we don't have the humidity. Humidity is unbearable! I'll be hoping for cool weather for your big day and stay away from birds.

  35. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    OK, I won't lie! I am having to re-train myself not to expect your fun posts until the evening. :)

  36. I read that the optimum running temp is 55 degrees so 80 sounds VERY warm. I'll be thinking about you this weekend and hoping a last minute cold front moves in (-: Can't wait to read your race report. Take care & have fun.

  37. I hear you about the favorite temp is 40 degrees and overcast, even maybe a light drizzle to cool my face off :o} At the Fargo 5K this last Friday, it was 95 degrees, with no water station! Crazy, right? Fortunately, the Fargo Half Marathon the next morning was overcast and 55 degrees. Much better!

    I am excited for your marathon today (As you can see, I am catching up on your blog posts...I try to limit my computer time like crazy lately). And your posts are NOT whiny. I like to call it venting, which is a great release of stress or anxiety, and very healthy!

  38. Here in Texas, the saying goes that there are three seasons in the state: Hot, Damn It's Hot and Hotter 'n' Hell.

    So you can't complain about heat until you spend three straight months, minimum, at 95+ degrees with 90+% humidity, like it is in a lot of Texas in the summer. It's so bad in places like Port Arthur that I can safely say I'd rather be dead than spend even ten minutes there in July.


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