March 06, 2012

Orgasmic brownies

When I woke up this morning, my feet were killing me. I was really upset about it, because the only other time my feet felt this way, I wound up in a walking cast for weeks. It was after my first time walking the Mini-Marathon in 2008--I didn't train for it at all, and got tendonitis.

After my awful run yesterday, my feet were feeling that same kind of pain, and there was a weird lump on the lateral side of my left food. I immediately thought, "Stress fracture! OMG, I'm not going to be able to do the marathon now!" But I didn't want to jump to conclusions. I took it super easy yesterday and hoped that a good night's sleep would help.

My feet still hurt pretty badly, particularly my left foot. I pray to God that it's "just" inflamed or bruised or something. Today is obviously a rest day, and if I still feel pain tomorrow, I'm going to rest as well. I'm going to ice it and keep it elevated, and hope for the best. I'm also going to switch to my new shoes (they are the same exact brand and model of shoes, just brand new).

Anyway, I had plans to go to Whole Foods with Jessica today for her birthday. We got there pretty early, at around 9:30, and did some grocery shopping. We got coffee to carry with us (decaf for me, of course) and we picked out a treat to have with our coffee. I was going to get gelato again, until I tasted Jessica's turtle brownie. It was seriously the BEST brownie I've ever had in my life!! It was really soft and gooey with caramel. I tried to get a pic after it was half-eaten, but the picture doesn't do it justice:
After that, all the desserts just weren't very appealing to me--which was good, because I usually feel like I could buy and eat them ALL. About a half hour after shopping, I started to get really jittery, and I suspected that my coffee wasn't decaf after all. I started sweating, and feeling crappy and panicky like I used to before I quit drinking regular coffee. I gave the rest of my coffee to Jessica.

After we were done shopping, we got our lunch--I had been planning on getting pizza, but when I walked past the Chinese food, I had to sample the orange chicken and was immediately sold on that. I got orange chicken, fried brown rice, and an egg roll:
It was really good! Jessica got a piece of mushroom/pesto/goat cheese pizza, and I had a bite of it--it was fantastic too:
I've never tried pesto on pizza before, but it was really good. I might have to try that at home sometime.

After lunch (no dessert, since I had dessert with coffee!) we went to pick up our race packets for our 5k on Sunday. We picked them up at a running store. While we were there, I bought a couple more Bondibands in fun colors (those things are awesome for wicking sweat!). I really wanted to get a specially-made one from their website that says "Runs for Cookies" but it's uber expensive to create your own. So these will have to do!
I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I tasted Jessica's Gu while we were on our run, because it was a peanut butter flavor. I thought that there was no way it would actually taste good, but I was in love. It tasted like really sweet peanut butter, so I wanted to get some to try out on our next long run. I bought four of them :)
Peanut Butter Gu
Oh, this is what our race shirts look like:
I think they're kind of ugly. For a St. Patty's Day race, I could come up with a better design, and I suck at designing things. I don't know if I'll wear it to the race or not. It won't look too cute with my sparkly skirt, green knee highs, green nail polish, and green flower in my hair!


  1. I think the shirt actually looks pretty cute! :) (from the picture, at least)

  2. I think the shirt is nice! At least it's an actual running shirt and not an ordinary t-shirt, like most race shirts. I thought the Bondibands were a pair of tye-dyed 70's pants for a second! Do they stay on your head when you wear them? I have a rather large noggin and those rubberband or crocheted headbands pop off the back of my head! I just won't do the regular sweatband- I don't want to look like Paulie Bleeker from Juno!

    1. Linda, I have a big head too, and I can't get ANY headbands to stay in place--but the Bondibands actually do! I wear it low, so it's about a half inch onto my forehead, and it wicks sweat perfectly. Love them!

  3. I am now officially starving dessert and chinese food - my two fav. things (Pizza looked pretty good too!) :)

    I think the shirt is kinda cute as well!!

  4. Can't wait to see your race outfit, good luck on your race.

  5. Yikes, hope your feet start feeling better pronto! Have you tried BioFreeze? I always use it after my long runs and so far, so good.

    Oh my! That food looks fantastic, especially the pizza! I am totally getting a piece of that pizza next time I go to Whole Foods!

    I think the race shirt is cute too!

  6. I love your blog, you are adorable.
    Hope your feet feel better tomorrow (and for your race).

  7. I need to try Bondibands. I keep seeing them everywhere, but I've never worn them!

    I had a period of about two weeks last month where I was convinced I had a stress fracture. I had serious pain in my foot, especially the top part (like where the laces of the shoe are). But it turned out just to be a bruise, but I have yet to know what it was from! Good luck on your feet! Maybe they just need a rest. :)

  8. Have you tried the shirt on? You might like it better on. I think it is cute.

  9. I love the shirt! Way better than a Shamrock! The trinity knot is cool - our wedding bands have running trinity knots on them.

    Hope your feet are doing okay now.

  10. I dont believe in wearing the race t-shirt until after I've completed the race so I wouldnt wear it. Also, I have an aversion to certain textures and cannot stand Gu. Putting it in my mouth literally causes a vomit reflex (same with Jello and other gelatious textures).

    I also need to try bondi bands. My head seems too small and I cannot keep headbands on!

  11. When I first saw the shirt I immediately thought how cute it is.

  12. Hey Katie! I was cruising Pinterest and I saw a recipe that TOTALLY reminded me of you! Since I know you are an avid homemade meal cooker, I figured you could tweak this and make it more Katie-like! I hope you enjoy it!

  13. That shirts not too bad. But I think your black shirt would look super cute with your outfit!! :)

  14. I actually liked that shirt LOL! Man I love brownies like that, dense and ooey gooey :) Your lunch looks awesome too, I love chinese food!

  15. Sounds like you're all set with your Bondibands but just in case .. I'm a fan of SweatyBands ( (I am not affiliated with them in anyway.) Found them in my local running store. They actually stay on my head when I run (amazing) and soak up a lot of the sweat (ewwww but better on the band than on me!). Hope your foot feels better - quickly!

  16. Maybe you could do a giveaway of bondibands on your blog and "earn" a customized bondiband that way. On their website, it says they do giveaways on blogs. :)

  17. Hi - I've been reading your blog a couple months now and loving it! I joined SparkPeople and have lost 25 pounds in just under two months. I have about 130 to lose so it's great to see someone who has been successful at significant weight loss. I was in a walking boot last summer for tendonitis (hated it!) and stayed in it a week longer than prescribed but it never felt totally better. I started working out the beginning of the year and it's been tender but not bad. I recently purchased a compression ankle band ($9.99) from Dick's. It generates heat as you work out to protect the ankle. I only wear it as I work out and it has helped a ton. I tried wearing it just during the day but it was causing the arch of my foot to hurt. The tenderness I was feeling in the ankle is totally gone. Maybe that would be beneficial for you, too. Good luck with your run this weekend. I plan to start running next week - Spring Break here in central Iowa!

  18. Wow, I'd love a brownie right now! I'm visiting the states from Tokyo, currently in Hawaii, and this is the first vacation of my life I'm exercising while away. Just ran a 10k!! Those bondibands are awesome, I want to try to find one. Love the patterns you picked out. Not sure about the race shirt. It looks like really nice quality though! But maybe they were trying to do a celtic irishy design? I would wear it anyway because I always try to wear the race's shirt for race day, but just be comfy so you'll be happy! :D

  19. I like the shirt, too. The Celtic knot in the background is nice.
    But you should wear whatever makes you happy!I'll be in Chicago for St. Patty's day - no running for me - just parading,drinking and eating...everything in moderation!

  20. You have to try the mocha-flavored Gu. It tastes just like chocolate icing!

  21. The chocolate GU tastes just like brownie batter...yum

    And I'm another person who saw the shirt and thought "Awesome!"...not sure why you don't like it, but to each her own ;)


    make your own! :)

  23. I love pesto pizza. We make it at home quite often. Pesto, sliced chicken, sundried tomatoes and cheese. So yummy!

  24. Love your new Bondibands, Katie! I love them, too! I have a breast cancer ribbon one, one that says breathe. & one that says suck it up, cupcake. They stay on my head great (big head & alot of THICK hair for anyone who is wondering about checking them out... definitely DO!!!!!!!!) Can't wait to see the pics of your outfit on race day.! You're going to do great!!


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