March 02, 2012

I know my body well

Jerry called me from work this morning to tell me that he accidentally brought my keys to work with him (along with his own), so I wasn't able to go anywhere today. Not that I had anywhere to go, but I at least wanted the option!

Our new refrigerator was delivered at about 8:30. When they turned the water shut-off valve, it broke off (which I guess is common if you don't turn it for 9 years!) They turned the water off with a tool, but they said we need a new valve for the ice cube maker to work. This caused me bad anxiety, because of my ice chewing addiction.

After the fridge was delivered, I had to sit around and wait for someone to come measure for our carpet. They were supposed to be here at around 1:30. We haven't picked out carpet yet, but it was free to have someone come measure, so it wouldn't hurt to get an accurate price.

At around 11:30, I decided to go to the rec center for my 3-mile run, and it wasn't until after I was dressed for it that I remembered I couldn't drive anywhere. So I figured I'd do the dreadmill with the (accurately calibrated) Garmin foot pod and see how accurate the treadmill is.

I set the dreadmill for the exact same settings as last time, before I calibrated the foot pod. I ran until the Garmin reached 3 miles, which was BEFORE the dreadmill reached 3 miles... meaning I was right. I know my body well! I was running faster than the dreadmill said I was all this time.
Treadmill says: 2.82 miles

Treadmill says: Average pace is 10:31/mi

Garmin says: 3 miles, 9:52/mi pace
So basically, when I run at 5.7 mph (10:31/mi pace) on the dreadmill, I'm actually running a 9:52/mi average. I always wondered why the dreadmill felt so much harder than running outside, and now I know. It's not calibrated correctly.

I'm not saying that the foot pod is 100% accurate, but I definitely think it's more accurate than the dreadmill. I calibrated it on a 400-meter track and it was right on. I'm glad that I bought it!

I designed a tech shirt today on That's what happens when I'm bored! I ended up really liking it, so I ordered it. This is what I wrote (although it's a different and FUN font that my version of Photoshop doesn't have):
It's that pink color (only choices were pink or white), and I put the writing on the back of the shirt. The front of the shirt is plain. CafePress is WAY overpriced, but it's so easy to design things and it was hard not to order it once I was done ;)


  1. Cute shirt!

    I hope you get the valve installed soon so you can enjoy all of your ice crunching glory. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Cute shirt!! Hope your icemaker can work properly asap, sorry you have to get a new valve!! :(

  3. I have always felt like the treadmill is harder than outside, and it hurts my ankles for some reason, so I usually only do incline walking on it. I am not a fast runner and my fast mile is 10:30. Everyone kept telling me I must not be running as far outside as I think I am, but I have mapped it and I use my garmin. I ran 5 miles yesterday and I know if I tried to do that on the treadmill I would feel like killing myself. It's so awful and boring.

  4. I love your t-shirt!! I'm a newbie runner, and I hate running on the treadmill. I live in upstate NY and I can't wait until winter is over and I can start running outside. Your blog is so inspiring to me; after I first found it I went as far back as I could go and read all of your blog entries. You inspired me to enter my first 5k race in April, so thank you!

  5. Great shirt! Love it!
    I'd love to get a Garmin. Not a runner yet but I'm planning on doing lots of walking, then jogging and then...running? Does it have a heart rate monitor on it because I want one of those too!

    Thanks for the running inspiration. I spent the day looking up 5ks, 8ks, 10ks, and YES, even half-marathons. I called my sisters up asking if they wanted to do the craziness with me. Let's hope!

    1. Yes, it has a heart rate monitor. It makes the number of calories burned much more accurate than what a treadmill or other exercise equipment will tell you. I used my Garmin for walking for a few years before I became a runner.

  6. If you were selling the t-shirt you made, I'd buy one! I love cute and interesting t-shirts for working out in. So how much?

    I used to have a t-shirt with an owl on it that said "Algebra is for Lovers". Completely random but I loved it!

  7. Love the shirt you made1 I saw a pic of it on the FB fan page :) It's so true in so many ways, haha. Being stuck without a car is really inconvenient! I sold my car when I moved to Japan, so now whenever I visit home I have to rely on other people for rides. I hate asking and I hate not having my own car. Blah. Hope the carpet guy came with good cheap news!

  8. very cute shirt! I've made a couple on cafe press and even when I tell myself I wont be buying it... well, I always end up buying it!

  9. Now I have to Google 'Yasso!' So cute!

  10. Have a look at They also allow you to design and order shirts!

  11. Love the shirt! It has never occurred to me to design my own shirt! I am totally going to try it!

    I am saving up for a Garmin. From what I read on your site, you adore it and totally think it's worth the money, right?

  12. Haha, super cute shirt!

  13. I actually love the treadmill and hate being outside walking. I am the opposite of most I guess. I like the treadmill for a few reasons. Mostly though I think because it is in my house so it doesn't matter if it is late at night, snowing or raining. I like that it tracks my pace and keeps me moving at a steady rate. Now of course I am just at the start of losing weight and getting moving. Maybe once I am in a bit better shape and the weather is nicer I will like to be walking (dare I even suggest running :-))outside. I LOVE that you call it the dreadmill!!! It makes me smile everytime I read it. Katie, you are such an inspiration!!! Thank you SO much for this blog!!!

  14. The dreadmill, LOL! Love the shirt :)

  15. People ALWAYS ask when I mention my ice addiction--that's why I linked it to the blog where I explain :) I've had my iron levels checked every year, and they're always normal. It's just an addiction. I wish I could make it go away though!

  16. The Garmin thing (I'm completely a technology ignoramus), it gives you a better idea as to how many miles you've walked than the "dreadmill" computer? I've ALWAYS wondered about that. I do Leslie Sansone DVDs and I always feel like I'm going faster than she is...which would mean I'm walking farther than her calculators show.

    I'm highly curious about the Garmin device you have now! I, too, feel like I'm starting to get a handle on my body. I wonder if your tool would help me out as well. :) Thanks!

  17. I wanted to email you but I don't know where to find your email address..

    I have a quetion for Question Sunday!

    During your weightloss journey.. did you ever have any "bad" days? Like I a currently counting calories and using My Fitness Pal as a tool to help me.. but every so often I have bad days... and I get discouraged.

    You are such an inspiration. :-)

  18. I haven't read all of your blogs, but out of curiosity how is your iron level? I am anemic and suffer from anxiety. When my iron level is low, I chew ice like crazy. It is a symptom of anemia too. Just a thought for you. By the way, you are awesome and such a role model for so many of us. Thank you for being so candid on your successes and your tougher times.

  19. I run a lot, indoors on my treadmill and outdoors when I feel like it. Ha. Sometimes upwards of 90 miles a week. Anyway, my foot pod...when I have the garmin set for indoors is much more accurate than the treadmill...and it is a fairly new treadmill. Two weeks ago I ran 7 miles on the treadmill, and used the footpod. Later that day I ran 7 with a running group, same effort. Almost the same time. But the treadmill said I was slower. I think at high speeds is when the footpod gets starts to measure the higher cadence. Even so, it is more accurate than my treadmill.

  20. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    Finally an answer! Everytime I was running on a treadmill it showed that I am so much slower than when I was running outside. It was so hard on a treadmill and so boring. I thought that maybe it's only psychological effect that it looks so hard to do, but now I know that treadmill might just show the wrong numbers. Thanks!!

  21. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    I know this is an old blog entry but I hope you will get this....I love to chew ice as well, did you know that it is often a sign of an iron deficiency?? I learned that when I was pregnant.

    This doesn't mean you are - you seem to eat well, but if you have other symptoms it is worth looking into.

    Also - I too would totally buy one of those should look into having them made up so you can sell them!!!!


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