May 14, 2011

Stray cat

I spent pretty much the whole day today trying to find a home for a stray cat. We found a beautiful Himalayan cat hiding out in our shed about a month ago. I assumed she belonged to someone because she looked well-fed, but when I picked her up, I was shocked at how skinny she was. She felt like a skeleton covered in long fur. I didn't bring her in my house, but I wrote a post on Facebook about her and asked if anyone wanted a cat.

See how beautiful she is?!

A mom from Eli's preschool (Melissa) said that she was looking for a cat, and decided to take her. I was so glad, because the cat was really sweet.

That was a month ago. Two nights ago, some kids knocked on my door holding the cat. They said "This is your cat, right? We found her down the road, and a dog was right by her, so we brought her here."  I said, "No, it's not my cat, but I know who she belongs to. Thanks for looking out for her." 

I put the cat in a cat carrier and called Melissa. She insisted that she didn't want the cat back, that the cat would rather be outside. I was kind of taken aback, like, "Okaaay, so what do I do?"  I was nervous about letting this cat loose in my house simply because I have 3 cats as it is, and I don't want them to get sick if the stray had some sort of disease. I felt awful, but I put the cat back outside, hoping it would run away and be gone in the morning.

Friday, I picked Eli up from school and the cat was waiting on our porch when we got home. We sat outside with her for a while, and I fed her. I was contemplating taking her to the animal shelter, but they closed at 4, and don't open again until Monday.

I let the cat in, against my better judgment, until bed time and then I put her back outside for the night. I put a blanket in the cat crate and put that outside for some shelter, and left food and water for her.  This morning, I opened the door and she darted out of the crate and into the house.

She's the SWEETEST cat. She's a total attention whore, and loves to be cuddled and petted. I think Melissa was making up the thing about the cat not wanting to stay in the house, because I cannot get the poor cat to go back outside now.

She doesn't look sick at all--her coat is beautiful, her eyes and ears look good, etc. But she's SO skinny. Anyway, today I was researching the cost of getting her spayed and her vaccines, and all that. I really wish we could keep her, but I feel like the 3 cats we have are too much sometimes--let alone having a fourth! 

I made another post on Facebook, and I'm hoping someone will want her. If not, I don't think I have the heart to take her to the shelter, so it looks like we'll be the owners of 4 cats.

Anyways, I promised a food journal today (and that I was going to count calories):

oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana, chia seeds  (216)
2 cups of coffee with coconut creamer  (25)   <---I love the So Delicious coconut creamer! It's only 10 calories per Tbsp, and it is creamy... it doesn't turn your coffee that ugly gray color that skim milk does.

baked potato with cottage cheese  (235)

meatball stroganoff with whole wheat pasta  (441)
broiled asparagus  (46)

apple  (63)
almonds  (164)
string cheese  (60)
sugar free fudgsicle  (35)

none today

TOTAL:  1284 calories

I WILL post another food log tomorrow... hold me to it!!


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2011

    The cat is beautiful. You have such a big heart. Keep up your good work with your food... Vanillamama(sp)

  2. I volunteer at our local humane society once a week, and we NEVER get cats that gorgeous!!!.....unfortunately my hubby and I are allergic or else I would be crossing the border to come get that cat's great what you are doing for that got a big heart girl!!!!!

  3. she's beautiful! I'd be over to pick her up but then we'd both be out of a home :( Husband says two is enough! Well, he is allergic so I feel good I've got two.

  4. AnonymousMay 17, 2013

    It's kind of messed up that Melissa took him and then just abandoned him. Bless you for taking that sweet kitty in.

  5. Thank you for caring about animals and for helping to save 4 cats' lives. I'm more impressed by that than by your weight loss!!


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