February 23, 2024

My Huge Thrift Store Haul

It's been a long time since I went a little nuts at the thrift store and bought (too many) clothes. I only went there to look for sewing patterns, but I couldn't help browsing through the clothes--especially sweatshirts. I love cozy sweatshirts and I have a few that I should probably replace. (I won't, but I probably should, haha).

Anyway, I haven't done one of these posts in a long time--pictures of the clothes I bought. I actually didn't even *look* at jeans or other pants because I don't need any. I've already altered my jeans to fit the way I like them--even though they are on the tight side now, yikes--and I don't want to start all over.

But I am very excited about my finds yesterday! Here goes...

I LOVE this jacket, even though it's much too big. And the arm stripes are my favorite part, so I had to show those off ;)

With a word like "cozy" embroidered right on the sweatshirt, I just had to get it. It's super soft!

On the left is just a very old (probably 80's) Tahquamenon Falls t-shirt. And on the right is a t-shirt with cactuses (I wasn't sure if the plural was "cactuses" or "cacti", and apparently, both are correct).

The shirt on the left is SO ME--I love dark humor. It says, "When you're dead inside but it's still the holiday season". And the other shirt just looked kind of retro (I *love* retro anything) that says "Dream Big"

On the left is naturally a Detroit sweatshirt. There is a period in the shape of a heart, but you can't see it in this picture. On the right, I actually bought that tunic for the fabric--I thought it would make a cool lining for a bag. But once I tried it on, I actually kind of like it! What kind of pants would I wear with that, though? Ideas?

An old-school Adidas hoodie (love it!) and on the right, a too-small-to-be-comfy sweatshirt. Probably going to donate it.

On the left, just a cozy sweatshirt. On the right, a rather-unflattering soft long-sleeved shirt.

Again, with a jacket that is way too big but it was too retro looking (and in brand new condition) for me to NOT buy it. On the right is a Janis Joplin t-shirt. I really like Janis Joplin.

On the left, another Detroit shirt (I loved this color of green); and on the right, a short t-shirt that says "You are my sunshine". I really liked this, but I don't wear short shirts. I have a ton of ribbed hems though, taken from other clothes, so I might try to add one to the bottom.

THIS tunic on the left will actually be used for fabric. It's not flattering or comfortable. On the right is just a running top--super cozy, moisture-wicking.

On the left is a t-shirt with the Great Lakes in Michigan spelled out in the shape of the lakes. And on the right, just a very cozy sweatshirt in what seems to be my favorite color shirt to wear.

Since I'm always talking about being kind to people, I thought this sweatshirt was highly appropriate for me! And on the right, I actually bought the dress to refashion into a shirt--but I kind of like how it looks as-is. Even if I wear jeans under it!

On the left is pretty much the softest shirt imaginable. On the right is my favorite find of the day! It is the coolest shirt--I've never seen anything like it. You can see the texture below; it's ribbed, but the ribs are very wide. It's super stretchy and comfy!

And that's it for the clothes. Along with my clothes, however, I got some storage boxes, a couple of pairs of jeans for Jerry, a few shirts for Eli and Noah, and a couple of small crafting supplies.

There were some fun shirts I saw but didn't buy--I had to take pictures though!

This one I actually did get for Noah. He's obsessed with cats, probably just as much as I am. 

I SO wish I'd thought of making a shirt like this when I was pregnant. (This is a Friends tv show reference if you're not familiar.)

And this one was just too... interesting?... not to share! ;)


  1. A couple of things - first and most important, to quote Lizzo "ABOUT DAMN TIME" (and I say that with a smile) to have the mental health relief of not having negative, well, truly mainly just mean, comments on your posts. I think of some blog posts as almost being like conversations you might have in your home ... and who would continually invite someone who was rude to come over? If only there was a way to just block those.

    Secondly, what a great haul! I love LOVE the sweatshirt with "cozy" on it - that just looks so comfy and, well, cozy.

    Have a super weekend! We're getting snow tonight and then upper 60s in a few days.

  2. Great decision to not post the rude comments! I read your blog early in the morning so I don't see many comments but you're too awesome to be associated with rude people. Fun haul of clothes!! Love the Great Lakes shirt even though I live in Ohio ❤️.

  3. I would have purchased the "We shall overcomb" one and framed it! Great haul! So glad you felt free enough to do that.

  4. Oops. Hit publish too soon. Good for you for choosing who can comment on your blog. You've invited us into your house, your living room, your kitchen. If we don't behave, it's well in your rights to kick us out!! Huzzah for boundaries.

  5. Wow so many good finds. I just love that royal (electric ?) blue Addidas jacket. Too cool. And that ribbed sweater looks adorable on you!

  6. WOW! Great haul. I adore thrifting, I get the best things and then don't have to worry if they will still fit once i wash them!!


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