January 03, 2024

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 136

It's been three weeks since my last Wednesday Weigh-In... holy cow. Time is passing so quickly!

Staying on track with my eating habits through the holidays has never really been an issue for me. Other than a couple of days where I might go to a holiday party or something, the season doesn't really change my daily routine. I do, however, tend to eat too much when I am stressed--and December was a pretty stressful month.

The stressors weren't all bad. Jerry's new work schedule is great! It's just been a very hard adjustment because our entire routine that we were so used to had to change drastically. Noah moving out was bittersweet; I'm happy for him, but sad that he's not at home anymore. And worried--always worried. Deep down, I know he'll be fine. As a mom, though, I'll always worry about my kids' wellbeing and I just hope that I taught them what they need in order to make it on their own.

Eli waking up during his oral surgery was a huge stressor for me. It may be hard for others to understand, but I just felt so horrible about the whole thing (I still do). Logically, I *know* that I didn't do anything wrong and what happened wasn't my fault; I just have that mom guilt about making him get his wisdom teeth extracted and having it go horribly wrong.

Anyway, the food I've been eating has actually been pretty healthy, for the most part. There were a few times that I ate junk like Oreos, but for the most part, my excess calories have come from things like peanut butter, nuts, dried cherries, and larger portions for dinner.

Even though I didn't post weigh-ins, I still weighed myself for my own accountability. As I expected, my weight went up and down based on my calorie intake (I'm not counting calories, but I know when I'm eating too much).

I don't feel regret, though. Sure, I wish I had more self-control when feeling stressed, but I have been trying to work on being kind to myself and just doing the best I can in each moment. I had plenty of opportunities to eat my weight in things like cookies, but I chose not to; that's meaningful to me.

So, how did it work out as far as my weight goes?

I was at 144.4 today. That's a gain of 3.8 pounds. While that may sound like a lot for a matter of a few weeks, I have gained much more than that before (not saying that's a good thing, but it is what it is). I started eating better after Christmas because I really didn't want to start the new year with a 10-pound gain! So, I am in a good place right now with my eating habits--I've even started eating meals at the table and stopped snacking at night.

I always like a fresh start, especially when we turn over a new year. I have some goals, which I'll write about this week, but a big one is to eat more vegetables. Over the last few days, I've been eating a much larger volume of food but my caloric intake is lower (I actually did log this food because I felt like I was eating too much). I've always preferred to eat a smaller volume of food, so it feels counterintuitive right now. But I know I'm eating very healthy, so I'm just going to trust that the weight will come back off!


  1. I understand the mom guilt thing and you can only hope that you taught them all they needed. And from reading about you and your family I am sure you did!!! ❤️

  2. Happy New Year! I hear you about the stress eating, especially of the Momma Bear variety. Sending lots of hugs.


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