November 23, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 78

This picture cracks me up. I finally started priming the bathroom walls today and to prep them, I had to take off everything that was hanging in there, including the mirror. Rather than try to prop it up somehow like I've done before, I just asked Jerry to hold it up, haha.

The jeans I'm wearing are a pair that I bought several months ago at Goodwill and I put them in my "to mend/alter" stack of clothes. They were a straight-leg cut, and I don't like straight leg jeans--my calves are way too big! So I bought them with the intention of turning them into a flare-leg. They sat there for months, and I finally whittled down the pile over the weekend. I added flares to a couple of pairs of jeans and I took in the waist of a couple as well.

If I look completely exhausted and frazzled, it's because I am! I spent the whole day going between the bathroom and the kitchen--cooking dishes for tomorrow and prepping/priming the bathroom walls. I've made my FOURTH seitan "turkey" roast in three days, trying to perfect it for Thanksgiving. I've tried different recipes and methods, and the one that is on the stove in a steamer basket right now is *hopefully* good enough for tomorrow.

It really doesn't need to be perfect, but we are going to my parents' house for dinner, and if someone wants to get crazy and try the seitan, I don't want to put them off to vegan food! I've learned that seitan is an art in and of itself. There are so many variables that could go wrong.

I *really* didn't want to do a weigh-in this week. I knew the scale was going to be up and I was avoiding stepping on it all week. I was picturing my weight to be in the 140s because I've been overeating. I just can't seem to get it under control! I was so determined last week when I posted my weigh-in.

Anyway, I was glad my weight wasn't in the 140s, but it is over my goal range of 125-135. AND, it means I've gained 10 pounds in like five weeks? 

I know what I need to do to get it under control; I just have this compulsive urge to snack all evening. I'm not binge eating, which is good, but I'm still getting way too many calories.

I talked to my therapist about it yesterday and I think I use eating as a way to relax at the end of a long day. When I spend the day working on the bathroom or something like that, I am exhausted and I just want to get in my pajamas and chill--and eat. So she gave me some "homework" to do this week; hopefully it helps!

Well, I'm going to cut this short since I'm sure everyone has some yummy food to get to. Let's hope that I find my mojo this week and the scale is down next Wednesday!


  1. When we were vegan, we used to buy a Tofurkey roast. Very easy, tasty and I've even seen them at some Kroger stores!

  2. I hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. I hope you share what the homework was. I need to change my snack habits as well.

  4. Wait! You're not going to tell us the homework is? I need to do some homework as well. I just don't know what it is!🤣. It's crazy that once i fall off the groove it's so hard to get back on!


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