November 19, 2021

Friday Night Photos

This is going to be a quick post--well, I'm going to try to make it quick, anyway--because Luke and Riley are here for a sleepover. Riley is three and Luke is four years old, which means it's crazy busy at my house right now! Haha. (I'm not going to proofread this when I'm done, so excuse any typos.)

Can you believe this is a single serving of cashews?! It's 160 calories for this tiny little amount. I usually have an ounce of cashews and an ounce of almonds in the evening (along with some vanilla wafers!) and every time I measure these out, I can't believe how few cashews you get in a serving.

I took out some old clothes to try them on (I also moved my mirror temporarily to my bedroom, so I wouldn't have to walk back and forth to the bathroom). I tried on these pajamas that the kids got me for Christmas a few years ago--there is a cat pouch on the front, and the cuffs even have little toe beans. Estelle actually really likes being in there! Haha.

It's funny how the cats all like to sleep right up against the heater vents. They each have their favorite spot. This is where Duck has been hanging out.

Noah had some friends over and he asked me if I had any ideas how to keep everyone off their phones so they could actually interact (it drives him crazy when everybody is on their phones). So I went old school and made a game that I used to play in college--we called it "The Forehead Game" (yes, we were drinking when we made it up!).

We wrote a famous person or character (someone that everybody would know) on a post-it and then put it on someone's forehead without them seeing it. Then we went in a circle asking yes or no questions to guess who we were. (I wrote out a bunch of the post-its beforehand so that the kids wouldn't have to think of people on the spot.)

The bonus? I told the kids that they can't use their phones at all because then they might accidentally see their reflection and know who was on their forehead! It actually worked. Afterward, I busted out some Shrinky Dinks and the teens loved it! It was so fun to see teens doing something that I used to do way back in the day. They made several of them and we watched them shrink in the oven. Then I added keychains to them.

I have been SO TIRED this week. I had an appointment with my rheumatologist and she prescribed a new medication to try. I had a couple of side effects--dizziness and exhaustion. The dizziness was weird--I would turn my head and it felt like it took my brain a moment longer to turn with my head. (Yeah, that sounds ridiculous.) Thankfully, that only last a couple of days. The tiredness is getting better, but I'm still feeling it. This pic was from Day 2 on the med and Chick curled up on my chest. We laid like that pretty much all afternoon. It was so hard to keep my eyes open.

I didn't get any runs in last week--I was just too tired and dizzy. Hopefully back to it this week!

The doctor also ordered an MRI of my cervical spine and my lumbar spine. That's on December 2nd, and it's pretty much my last hope of finding answers. I really hope it shows what's going on.

Phoebe has made a new friend... she loves lying between the skeleton's legs for her naps! She's so funny.

This has been my favorite lunch for weeks now! Toast (on good bread) with butter and peanut butter (it has to be Smucker's Natural--that's my favorite). And fruit--right now, I have lots of raspberries because they were on sale this week.


Riley actually asked me if she could sit next to the skeleton for a picture to send to my mom! Hahaha. 

Riley found my giraffe hat and looked adorable in it!

Noah has a pretty extensive computer set-up in his bedroom for gaming, and Riley was fascinated with it. She basically became a podcaster as soon as she saw the microphone.

Here is a video, too--so cute!

Finally, here is a funny video of the kids playing with Chick. Chick loves to be covered with a blanket and then for someone to poke the blanket--he grabs at your fingers and it's always startling even when you're expecting it.

Okay, I'm going to play with the kiddos some more--have a great weekend! xo


  1. Those kids are just too dang cute!! I love Riley with the skeleton!

  2. My daughter takes a med that causes a bit of tiredness. She started taking B12 with it and that helps a lot with that side effect. Just a thought!


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