May 24, 2020

A Huge Collection of My Crafts Through the Years (Part 2)

This isn't a very exciting series of posts, but it was fun going through photos of crafts I've made. I've always been a crafter, but didn't start taking photos of things until I joined Ravelry, an online knit/crochet community.

I think that was in 2007. From 2007-2010, I did a LOT of knitting and crocheting. I liked to do it at night while watching TV because it kept me from binge eating (this was when I was losing weight from 2009-2010). In 2007 and 2008, I did it while sitting with the boys playing outside or when they were napping. Anyway, almost all of the photos I posted in part 1 were knitting/crocheting, so in this post, I'll just share projects that I've sewn. I love to sew!

Up first... I loved these jeans so much! They were bell bottoms so I made them look a little retro by putting fabric patches on them and scuffing them up a little. I love how they turned out! They are too small for me now, unfortunately, but I saved them in the hope that I'll be able to wear them again someday.

This is an apron that I made for my sister for Christmas one year, and her husband modeling it :)

I used fleece to make covers for these cat pillows (which I also made). The covers are orange on one side and gray on the other. I got tired of a cat tree taking up so much space and being an eye sore, so I made some little shelves for the window to place pillows on for the cats to sleep. They love these!

When Jerry and I first moved into our house, I made valances for the windows. This one in the dining room always bothered me, because there are two red stripes on the far left!

One year, the kids were young enough to let me make costumes for them. I made a dog costume for Eli out of a faux fur fabric and I made a Batman costume for Noah...

These are some of the masks I made and shipped to blog readers all over the country.

This is a "gocket". I hate the name I came up with! It is goal + pocket = gocket. I made these and sold them on my blog way back in the day to earn money for my skin removal surgery. Basically, you write down goals and put them in this pocket (a magnet or a keychain).

When I was at the Purina headquarters, we made blankets to donate to an animal shelter. This wasn't exactly "sewn", but a tied blanket.

When I was losing weight, I saved my old jeans as they got too big so that I could cut squares out of them and turn them into a quilt to remind me of my weight loss.

This is incredibly ugly but super comfy! It's just a quilt made out of my kids' sweatshirts. Sweatshirt fabric is so comfortable that I wanted to make blankets out of them.

I made some orange throw pillows with fabric that I bought from Salvation Army. I just covered the pillows we used to have.

This is a race shirt quilt that I made out of lots of shirts I got from races that I did. I made the quilt top and then my sister-in-law, Becky, asked if her mom would do the quilting. She used a running shoe pattern for the quilting, and I LOVED how it turned out!!!

This is a sparkle running skirt that I made. I wrote up a tutorial for how to make it on this post.

This shirt has the CUTEST story behind it! Here is the post where I wrote about the story behind this shirt.

Jerry gave me a sweatshirt that said "Cookies" on the back with my favorite number (11). It got to be way too big when I lost weight in 2017, so I cut it up and turned it into a pillow.

This is a walker caddy that I made for Mark when he was in the nursing home. It doesn't look like anything without the walker! I don't know if he made use of it, but I wanted to make him something useful!

I wanted to make a Runs for Cookies shirt, so I wrote up a tutorial for how to add lettering to a shirt like this...

This is a "tea wallet"--you slide tea bags (in their wrappers) into the pockets, and then you can carry around the tea in your purse. That way, you'll always have your favorite tea whenever you are out and about.

Finally, this is a cover that I'd made for my Weight Watchers food journal. I included pockets for my required materials, like my weigh-in booklet.

Again, I still have a ton of pictures of crafts I've made throughout the years... so I'll post them here and there. I really miss sewing! Now that I have some cute fabric, I've been looking on Pinterest for things to sew. When I'm done drywalling the garage, I can't wait to start working with fabric!


  1. What a fabulous collection!

  2. This is a wonderful collection indeed. What great creativity!


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